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Hi Everyone

I think most of the major changes are done, I think. Now I will be just doing small stuff to improve security and hopefully make everything look better. :)

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Parkan The imperial Chronicles



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    Since I had some free time today I took a closer look at the russian (Gold re-release) and english (3dsl beta) PARKAN.EXE via HEX-editor. While i found most of the english text in there, the interface text seems to be somewhere else (an encrypted image file package perhaps). I briefly tried to insert the english text into the russian version but stopped since it would be way too much work (different string sizes mean I can't simply copy & paste and would have to edit the text strings manually - a gargantuan task even WITH knowledge of the Russian language (which I don't have)).

    I really don't know why the english exe can't open the russion .nav files, as the my HEX-edit showed that the two exes point to the same filenames (intro0,nav, etc.), and I couldn't find a way to make it open them. It's twice as odd when you consider that enabling english VA in the russian ver by copying over SPVOICE.LIB and renaming it to SPVOICR.LIB actually works. At this point I think that the german version wouldn't have been of much use to me anyway.
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    I desperately seeking German version of Parkan. I doubt, I can buy this game copy-protected in any way?
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    I think it does as I tried to copy the files to the harddrive and I was unable to copy them.
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    Gosh...this game come from 1997, which one copy protection can it be? PINBACK, if you don't speak German, why you bought German version of this game, and...FROM???
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    This German version is later as the manual has a copyright of 1999.

    I collect space trading games and have a few non English language games in the collection.
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    Can you tell me, is this German version in fact in English - only manual is in German, like German version of Battlecruiser Millennium Gold?
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    Sorry for the late reply, I not tried the game out on the new computer yet.

    As I said in an earlier post the screen shot of the game in the manual are in English but the manual itself is in German.
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    Have you checked the Parkan download section, in the download area, lately? ;)
    edited 2:53PM
    Yes. Thanks CaptainKal!

    PINBACK: but I want know, is this game in English or in German. If the screenshots in German manual are in English mustn't mean, the game is in English itself. Can you install it, and simply run?
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    OSH wrote:

    PINBACK: but I want know, is this game in English or in German. If the screenshots in German manual are in English mustn't mean, the game is in English itself. Can you install it, and simply run?

    I Will have a go at it and see if I can get it up and running.
  • sscadminsscadmin DarkOne
    edited 2:53PM
    Yes it is in the download section for now, but I would like to find out if I can legally host this download. Just don't know who to contact? I know a lot of the russian titles are hard to validate whether your pirating it or not when you can no longer buy it and publisher/developer are no longer in existence. So any help is welcomed in this search for the truth.
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    No joy getting the game to work OSH, I have another go with my old laptop.
    edited 2:53PM
    PINBACK, have you tried some of VM? It should work...
    edited 2:53PM
    OSH wrote:
    PINBACK, have you tried some of VM? It should work...

    Not tried it yet OSH not sure how it works.
    edited 2:53PM
    I want only to know, is the game textes English or German...if you can't set-up your computer to run this game, maybe I can? I nedd only game files without audio and video - and I will check. Can you send me this?
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    I can tell you that the german version is definitely fully translated. If you just want to play the game (in English) and don't care about the videos, you could always try the ripped version I uploaded a few days ago (Parkan_S in the download area).
    edited 2:53PM
    No, I want full German version...I wrote to two shops, but no-one has replied me...I love German language, although isn't my native language...


    Topic can be closed. I have yo..erm it now!
    edited 2:53PM
    Does the German version have any English in it.

    Tried copying it the hard drive again but it still won't copy one of the files over, Window say it will take 14 minutes to copy but an hour later it sill has not copied it.

    Guess I will have to wait till I get the old 98 computer out of storage.
    edited August 2012
    PINBACK, definitely it's copy-protection issue. You have to make an 1:1 cd image. But I have German version now, and I will try it to instal under VM or real XP.

    So, I've installed it under XP...and it works!!! sadly, in German version I can't see an intro which is in Russian version. Only a short intro message....
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    Hello. I'm from Russia and this is one of my favorite games.

    Most of our fan sites and forums are dead and gamefaqs even don't know about this game. What a pity...

    Is anyone still working on translation? Is it finished? If not, I want to create full english version (with videos, original music tracks and such) or help with translation. As you see, I can speak english a bit.

    Here is the deal:

    Russian version is full.

    German version is full.

    Exe of english beta version can't play nav files.

    So, it will be easier to translate russian version than to make english beta version open nav files.

    And don't tell me about download section. It's not working normally for regular (non-Gold) members. I request a mirror link if translation is complete
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    You are all in luck, as I am currently playing the English Beta with working videos under Windows 7 - and the solution is so simple I could slap myself for not having tried it earlier. The short version is: Parkan.exe can't detect the english .iso (I'm guessing it's missing subchannel data or somehing) but CAN detect the german one. So here is what you have to do to:

    1. Mount the English .iso and copy all the files to a folder of your choice.

    2. Mount the german .ccd image.

    3. Create a textfile in the folder you copied the english files to.

    4. Write the path to the german CD-image in the textfile (in my case I wrote 'G:\' [without the quotation marks, of course]).

    5. Rename said textfile to 'Cd_rom.cfg'

    6. Set Compatibility of Parkan.exe to Win95 and run it.


    Ad JAM: I, too, have difficulties with the downloads on this site. DarkOne was nice enough, however, to put up a direct-dl section with some of the most frequently requested files (Parkan being among those). You can find it under

    Edit: After messing around a bit more (after all, while this solution does give you all the transition videos, you are still missing out on the intro videos beyond the first one), I found an even simpler solution: Just convert the English .bin to .ccd, .img and .cue and mount those and you will be able to play with all the videos and subsequently find out why the English version is called a "Beta" - all the voices in the intro are untranslated :yes:. I assume the same is true for the ending but I haven't tried that yet.

    So there you have it: Play Parkan in all its original goodness or enjoy the time-saving ripped version, it's all possible now!
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    D-d-d-double post time!

    After having some problems with the german version images (data track playing over the intro) I noticed that it worked fine with my original cd. So I re-ripped the cd and now it works just fine.

    Since not everybody has CloneCD at home, I thought I could put both the english and the german version + mount and cfg instructions into zip files, upload them somwehere and pm the links to DarkOne, so that there'l finally be working non-russian versions available on the web for everyone. So how about it - anybody interested?
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    Nice work Fadrad I will have to have another go at getting it to work.
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    You can look for some help at bay12forums and post (that particular post from russian forum is about adger44 hex modifications of his patch of 2005, but the whole thread is about running game on present-day computers). Also there is list of key bindings in russian. You can find disc images and music from different Parkan games at dht torrents if they are legal at your country or ISP.

    Google translation of some faq about Parkan Imperial Chronicles:
    Answers to frequently asked questions about the game «Parkan. Imperial Chronicles»

    Setting Parkan disk-to-date versions of Windows

    Most often, when we insert into your good old Parkan: Chronicle of the Empire in order to install it, and click the button "Install PARKAN» in the game menu, the screen resolution is changed to 640 × 480, begins to play elegant music Chistyakov, then after 2 seconds setting displays mistake or just ends before it began. It's frustrating, and enters into despair if you do not know what to really manually install Parkan easy. Below are instructions for installing the game from the disc manually, without having to run an executable file PINST.EXE.

    Open "My Computer".

    Right-click on the drive with the disk Parkan: Imperial Chronicles and click "Open."

    Highlight all the files on the disc (or press Ctrl + A), then click on the dedicated right-click and select "Copy" from the list (or press Ctrl + C)

    Go to the hard drive of your computer and create a folder Parkan The Imperial Cronicles where you want to install the game, then go to this location

    Click on the empty field the new folder, right-click and choose "Paste" (or press Ctrl + V) to copy all the files from your computer

    When you are finished copying, click on the empty field, right-click the folder and select "New> Text Document"

    Enter the name CD_ROM, open the file using "notepad" and enter the name of the drive in it, in which the drive Parkan: Imperial Chronicles (eg unquoted English characters «D: \»), and then save the text file and close it

    Change the last three letters of the file extension, a «. Txt» on «. CFG» (if those three letters at the end of the file is not visible, it is necessary to go to the Control Panel in Windows Folder Options and put in the parameter list box next to "show file extension and in Windows XP is configured separately for each file type, as far as I remember)

    Then create and place it on your desktop shortcut file PARKAN.EXE, go to its properties by clicking on it, right click and select the appropriate item, and then click the "Compatibility". In the tab "Compatibility", check the box next to "Run the program in compatibility mode for:" and choose from the list below Windows 98/Windows Me, and then select the check against the item 'Use 256 colors "," screen resolution of 640 × 480»

    Click "OK", start the game and enjoy it.

    Method is widely used, working, tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.

    What if Parkan «slow»?

    In the "Interior" to switch the screen resolution mode 320 * 240 pixels by clicking on the gray button "-". In addition, when you install the game to minimize the size of textures and sound.

    Where to find the jumper and it looks like?

    Device for interstellar hops Jumper is one of the planets, which - on the computer indicated the transport ship that appears at the beginning of the game. Jumper may be in sight, and can be well hidden in one of several secret places, so search for it, you may have to connect all the combat suit, namely the ability to climb vertical surfaces with magnetic grip (gray Ins), the ability to creeping into the cracks on their bellies, after sitting down (Ctrl), and the ability to do that, and another at the same time, that is climbing in bent condition. The jumper looks like a normal rotating container, but with a special marking. Appearance jumper shown on page 92, attached to the game manual. If you can not immediately find a secret place, try to take off from the world and make a re-fit (s), the robots tend perepryatyvat containers.

    Parkan not install on my computer with a video card Matrox Millenium PowerDesk Edition. What to do?

    On some computers with a video card Matrox Millenium PowerDesk Edition found unresponsive system when you install version DirectX 3.0a. If you encounter this problem, install, please, Microsoft DirectX 5.0. dx5eng.exe (English version, 5.5 Mb) and dx5rus.exe (Russian version, 5.5 Mb).

    PS Similarly solve the problem with video Tseng. (Thanks to Ruslan Kurepin from Moscow for the information.)

    Enemy ships slightly bleary-eyed and did not have the proper amount of intelligence.

    It's true. Enemy ships are controlled by robots acting fairly straightforward manner. However, during the game, more types of more powerful and maneuverable fighters.

    How to remain in the mode of 3D-Action?

    You do not. Save before landing on the planet, and during the battle, if the enemy is clearly stronger than you think, can your goal was not to kill all? Also advise not to forget more often to restore their health.

    Will the patch («patch») for the 3D-accelerator?

    Yes, it already is. Patch support 3D-accelerator-based chips 3Dfx Voodoo and ATI Rage, the basic functions of all joysticks also added dynamic lighting and full screen mode of flight.

    The game sounds are lost with time, what to do?

    This can happen if you have a sound card Sound Blaster, SB models from 16 and above. This bug fixes "patches" to the drivers for Windows 95 SB sbw95up.exe .

    How to find the Wanderer?

    Assembled on a holographic projector shows the point of color and quantity. This star cluster in the unfolded state. Sector need to find the color that matches the color of the points in that sector of the cluster, where the number of stars with the same number of points. These clusters are interesting only those stars that do not have planets. Then it is necessary to switch the power to the radar and gently fly around besplanetnye star. If within 5 seconds after the jump on the field did not appear radar ship, the star can be deleted from the list. For example, if the projector shows the 6 points is green, it means the search besplanetnyh stars in the green, in clusters, in which the number of stars is 6.

    What to do in Wanderer?

    In the Wanderer has to find a computer. Computer is located under the center post (the room with icons "Helm", "Computer") in one of the rooms of the terminals. That is to go to the control room, go down to any of the elevator down one level and go to the three doors that lead, respectively, in three rooms. In one of the rooms (farthest from the entrance to the left) is working terminal. The trick is that the terminal monitor is turned to the wall. Come, join, read the information, press the button "Unlock the door." The door opens, the icon labeled "Red exclamation mark in a red circle", which had previously been closed. We go into it further up against the door that does not open and has a hole pretty ragged (not to be confused with a half-open door). This door must be overcome by the ventilation system. Login is located near the ceiling near a broken door. Attention! "Nearby" - is not above the door, but not far. According to the ventilation system go around the door and get punched in the reactor compartment. It is necessary to find device "Superdzhamper." Then return to the raider, sail, buy new information. Will receive new data, you can access the red zone, we will know about the betrayal on the "Argus."

    What to do after a time machine?

    After activation of the Time Machine requires anywhere without stopping to fly to the star, where Gegemaunt appointment. There discovered a planet with the clan "Anomaly" - this is the base gegemaunta. For landing on this psevdoplanetu needs power punch. Gegemaunt located in the world-class "World of Jordan" - a high-tech globe, formerly a small planet, equipped with motors and drive Hyperspace.

    I got a message about the subject, but the object itself is not found. What to do?

    The subject was originally located on the planet, the coordinates of which are in the information. You almost need to know the name of the star. When choosing her to navigate the map info bubble lights, which is located on the planets of the star and where. The first step is to connect to a PC for reporting the theft of the subject. If such a message is, the planet look meaningless. It should take off and look for a transport ship in the planetary system, which tells of the desire to sell the desired object. And freighter might not offer the first time the device you need. If reports of theft not, should seek in the world. If you experience problems, use the search chance game. Every time after take-off and landing objects are assigned randomly. Times from the fifth can be found easily sought.

    How to conduct neo-colonization?

    1. Destroy all the orbiter pay special attention to the T-Orbiter, if one is available.

    2. To land on the planet.

    3. Destroy all the robots.

    4. Take off from the planet.

    If the take-off of the number of robots and orbiters is zero, then the planet will automatically become yours. If it does not become your ships in orbit and no, repeat from step 2. If the attack is hopeless, it is likely that the planet is protected and can not capture it. This also occurs in order to curb the ambitions of the pilots. If you can not capture the planet without robots, it would be nice to think if there's not robots survived another clan, will survive if your robots.

    Original russian text of the faq above (dont know if you have wise enough fonts to see cyrillic):

    Ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы по игре «Parkan. Хроника Империи»

    Установка Parkan с диска на современные версии Windows

    Чаще всего когда мы вставляем в дисковод старый добрый Parkan: Хроника Империи с целью установить его, и жмём кнопку «Установить PARKAN» в меню игры, разрешение экрана меняется на 640×480, начинает играть шикарнейшая музыка Чистякова, после чего через 2 секунды установка выводит ошибку или просто заканчивается, не начавшись. Это разочаровывает и вводит в отчаяние, если не знать, что по-настоящему вручную установить Parkan очень просто. Ниже идёт инструкция по установке игры с диска вручную, без запуска исполняемого файла PINST.EXE.

    Откройте «Мой Компьютер».

    Правой кнопкой мыши кликните по дисководу с диском Parkan: Хроника Империи и нажмите «открыть».

    Выделите мышью все файлы, находящиеся на диске (или нажмите Ctrl+A), затем нажмите по выделенному правой кнопкой мыши и выберите «Копировать» в списке (или нажмите Ctrl+C)

    Зайдите на жёсткий диск своего компьютера и создайте папку Parkan The Imperial Cronicles где хотите установить игру, после чего перейдите в эту папку

    Нажмите по пустому полю созданной папке правой кнопкой мыши и выберите «Вставить» (или нажмите Ctrl+V) чтобы скопировать все файлы с диска на компьютер

    Когда закончится копирование, кликните по пустому полю папки правой кнопкой мыши и выберите «Создать > Текстовый документ»

    Введите название CD_ROM, откройте файл с помощью «блокнота» и введите в нём имя дисковода, в котором находится диск Parkan: Хроника Империи (например, без кавычек английскими символами «D:\»), после чего сохраните текстовый файл и закройте его

    Поменяйте последние три буквы, расширение файла, с «.txt» на «.CFG» (если этих трёх букв в конце файла не видно, надо зайти в Панели Управления Windows в свойства папки и поставить в списке параметров флажок напротив пункта «отображать расширение файлов; в Windows XP это настраивается отдельно для каждого типа файлов, насколько я помню)

    После этого создайте и поместите на Ваш рабочий стол ярлык файла PARKAN.EXE, зайдите в его свойства нажатием на него правой кнопки мыши и выбором соответствующего пункта, и откройте вкладку «Совместимость». Во вкладке «Совместимость» поставьте флажок напротив «Запускать программу в режиме совместимости с:» и выберите ниже из списка Windows 98/Windows Me, после чего поставьте флажки напротив пунктов «Использовать 256 цветов», «Использовать разрешение экрана 640×480»

    Жмите «ОК», запускайте игру и наслаждайтесь ей.

    Метод широко распространён, работает, проверен на Windows XP и на Windows 7.

    Что делать, если Parkan «тормозит»?

    В режиме «Интерьер» необходимо переключить разрешение экрана в режим 320*240 точек, нажав на серую клавишу «-». Кроме этого, при установке игры необходимо минимизировать размер текстур и звука.

    Где найти джампер и как он выглядит?

    Устройство для межзвездных прыжков Jumper находится на одной из планет, на какой именно — указано на компьютере транспортного корабля, который появится в самом начале игры. Jumper может быть на виду, а может быть хорошо спрятан в одном из нескольких секретных мест, поэтому для его поиска, возможно, придется подключить все возможности боевого костюма, а именно: умение карабкаться по вертикальным поверхностям с помощью магнитных захватов (серый Ins), умение проползать в щели по-пластунски, предварительно присев (Ctrl), умение делать и то, и другое одновременно, то есть карабкаться в полусогнутом состоянии. Джампер выглядит как обычный вращающийся контейнер, но со специальной маркировкой. Внешний вид джампера изображен на стр. 92, приложенного к игре руководства. Если не удастся найти сразу секретное место, попробуйте взлететь с планеты и совершить повторную посадку(-и), роботы имеют обыкновение перепрятывать контейнеры.

    Parkan не устанавливается на мой компьютер с видеокартой Matrox Millenium PowerDesk Edition. Что делать?

    На некоторых компьютерах, оснащенных видеокартой Matrox Millenium PowerDesk Edition обнаруживаются зависания системы при установке версии DirectX 3.0a. Если вы столкнулись с подобной проблемой, установите, пожалуйста, Microsoft DirectX 5.0. dx5eng.exe (английская версия, 5.5 Mb) и dx5rus.exe (русская версия,5.5 Mb).

    P. S. Аналогично решается проблема с видеокартами Tseng. (Спасибо Руслану Курепину из Москвы за предоставленную информацию).

    Вражеские корабли слегка туповаты и не обладают должным количеством интеллекта.

    Это правда. Вражеские корабли управляются роботами, действующими довольно прямолинейным образом. Тем не менее, по ходу игры появляются новые типы более мощных и маневренных истребителей.

    Как сохраняться в режиме 3D-Action?

    Никак. Сохраняйтесь перед посадкой на планету, а во время боя, если противник явно сильнее Вас, подумайте, может Ваша цель была не в том, чтобы всех поубивать? Также советуем не забывать почаще восстанавливать свое здоровье.

    Будет ли patch («заплатка») для 3D-акселераторов?

    Да, она уже есть. Patch поддерживает 3D-ускорители на основе чипов 3Dfx Voodoo и ATI Rage, базовые функции всех джойстиков, также добавлено динамическое освещение и полный экран в режиме полета.

    В игре со временем пропадают звуки, что делать?

    Это может происходить если у Вас установлена звуковая карта Sound Blaster, начиная с моделей SB 16 и выше. Эту ошибку исправляет «заплатка» к драйверам SB для Windows 95 sbw95up.exe.

    Как найти Wanderer?

    На собранном голографическом проекторе изображены точки определённого цвета и количества. Это звёздное скопление в развёрнутом виде. Необходимо отыскать сектор, цвет которого совпадает с цветом точек, в том секторе скопления, в котором количество звёзд совпадает с количество точек. В этих скоплениях интересны только те звезды, у которых нет планет. После чего необходимо переключить энергию на радар и аккуратно облетать беспланетные звезды. Если в течение 5 секунд после прыжка на радарной сфере не возник корабль, то звезду можно вычеркнуть из списка. Например, если на проекторе изображены 6 точек зелёного цвета, то это означает обыск беспланетных звёзд в зелёном секторе, в скоплениях, в которых количество звёзд равно 6.

    Что делать в Wanderer?

    В Wanderer необходимо отыскать компьютер. Компьютер расположен под центральным постом (комната с пиктограммами «Штурвал», «Компьютер») в одной из комнат с терминалами. То есть необходимо зайти в центральный пост, спуститься на любом из лифтов на один уровень вниз и подойти к трём дверям, ведущим, соответственно, в три комнаты. В одной из комнат (дальний от входа по левую руку) находится рабочий терминал. Фокус в том, что монитором терминал повернут к стене. Подходим, соединяемся, читаем информацию, нажимаем кнопку «Разблокировать дверь». Открывается дверь, помеченная пиктограммой «Красный восклицательный знак в красном круге», которая ранее была закрыта. Заходим в неё, далее упираемся в дверь, которая не открывается и обладает симпатичной пробоиной с рваными краями (не путать с полуоткрытой дверью). Эту дверь необходимо преодолеть по системе вентиляции. Вход в систему расположен под самым потолком неподалёку от пробитой двери. Внимание! «Неподалёку» — это не над дверью, а недалеко. По системе вентиляции обходим пробитую дверь и попадаем в реакторный отсек. Там необходимо отыскать устройство «Суперджампер». После чего вернуться на рейдер, отчалить, купить новую информацию. Начнут поступать новые данные, откроется доступ в Красный сектор, станет известно о предательстве на «Аргусе».

    Что делать после Машины Времени?

    После активации Машины Времени необходимо, нигде не задерживаясь перелететь на звезду, где Гегемаунт назначил встречу. Там обнаружится планета с кланом «Аномалия» — это и есть база Гегемаунта. Для высадки на эту псевдопланету необходим силовой пробойник. Гегемаунт расположился на планете класса «Мир Джордана» — это высокотехнологичное небесное тело, бывшее небольшой планетой, снабжённое двигателями и приводом гиперпространственного перехода.

    Я получил сообщение о предмете, но самого предмета не нашёл. Что делать?

    Предмет изначально находится на планете, координаты которой указаны в информации. Практически Вам необходимо знать только название звезды. При выборе её в карте навигации в информационном окошке загорится, ЧТО находится на планетах этой звезды и где именно. Для начала следует соединиться с компьютером на предмет сообщения о краже предмета. Если такое сообщение есть, то на планете искать бессмысленно. Следует взлететь и искать транспортный корабль в планетной системе, который сообщит о желании продать желаемый предмет. Причём транспортник может и не предложить с первого раза необходимое Вам устройство. Если сообщения о краже нет, то искать следует на планете. При затруднении поиска следует использовать случайность игры. Каждые раз после взлета-посадки предметы распределяются случайным образом. Раза с пятого можно легко обнаружить искомое.

    Как проводить неоколонизацию?

    1. Уничтожить ВСЕ орбитальные корабли, особое внимание уделить Т-Орбитеру, если таковой имеется в наличии.

    2. Высадиться на планету.

    3. Уничтожить ВСЕХ роботов.

    4. Взлететь с планеты.

    Если при взлёте количество роботов и количество орбитальных кораблей равно нулю, то планета автоматически станет Вашей. Если она не стала Вашей и корабли на орбите отсутствуют, то повторите, начиная с пункта 2. Если атаки безнадёжны, то, вероятно, планета защищена и захватить её невозможно. Такое тоже встречается, дабы обуздать амбиции пилотов. Если невозможно захватить планету без роботов, то неплохо бы задуматься, если там не выжили роботы другого клана, то выживут ли Ваши роботы.
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    Nice :biggrin: Will have to check this out when I get some free time and see if I can finally get the game up and running.
  • edited 2:53PM

    Thanks for that faq, Lenchik. Forcing 256 colors and 600x480 resolution finally made the gameplay-video transitions seamless! I updated my packages accordingly and finally got around to upload them and PM the links to DarkOne. So hopefully, you'll all have an easy way to play these games soon.


    Pinback, since you have the original disc, you can simply copy the files from the disc to a folder of your choice and, after pointing cd_rom.cfg to your physical disc drive, run it with the disc in your drive. Just make sure you don't try to copy Pinst.exe, Parkan.dat and Cntrl.nav, as these are bloated files (copy protection) and not necessary to run the game.

    edited 2:53PM

    My god it seems to be working :O I got past the intro and into the game although it's all in german.


    Did what you suggested Fadrad and left out the three files you mentioned also could not get it to work from the desktop icon as Lenchik suggested but it worked from inside the folder. also I found that I had to leave the file extension on the CD Rom file as CFG and not change it to Txt as suggested.

  • edited December 2012

    Dear Parkan fans,


    It has been a long time where I was busy in a non-space, real world. I'm very sorry for all of you waiting for the...


    ... WALKTHROUGH...


    ...of Parkan, The Empire Chronicles. The good news is: I have worked hard and it's now finished, ready to be submitted. Also the program files together with the in-game videos. Yes, all the game in English.


    The only question is: where and how do I publish all this stuff ??????? 


    I will take a look in the download / upload section here. If I succeed, then you will shortly be able to play the


    *****>>> VERY BEST SPACE SIM OF ALL TIMES <<<**** :santablack:


    otherwise.... I'll have a problem to solve and need your help.


    More news to come soon. Stay tuned and look at the Download section !




    edited 2:53PM

    Excellent news Xenons if you have problems with the download section here PM D1 about it as he may be able to sort some thing out for you.

  • edited December 2012

    I have now polished up for the final release my Installation, Walkthrough & Strategy Guide for the game (English).


    The file is:


    Parkan_Walkthrough_v1_00.txt (92,6 KB)




    The file is now ready for download ! Have fun with Parkan !!



    Guys, you have really made an amazing progress for an English / German release, so this game will have its place in the Space Sims as it deserves. Congrats to anyone :cool:

    Thanks especially to fadrad for making the Beta version work together with the Videos !!!!


    Not sure, but it appears that there's no English game manual, but he he... it's very simple: the manual is IN THE GAME. In your Parkan's computer console! Well, sort of manual, but all essentials are there.

    What is still lacking is a good Strategy Guide for the game, and I hope I have contributed to this one.

    My latest changes in the Walkthrough covers the installation procedure for Windows 7 which should hopefully lead to a flawless installation and gameplay.




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