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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    It’s 2019 and theirs no flying cars, replicants or off world colonies as in Blade Runner, but at least you can find some of these thing in the following 10 games to keep an eye on in 2019.

    Beyond Good Aad Evil 2
    The game takes place in a single solar system with a number of planets that the player can vist, and what will be the biggest draw is the ability to fly from space seamlessly down to the surface. get out of the ship and walk or fly around a GTA style city. Some thing we have not seen since the old 8/16 bit Mercenary games in the 80s and early 90s.
    From what has been shown sofar looks very promising, but as with all open world games a lot will depend on what the player can do in the game.
    Single player/multiplayer
    Platforms TBA

    Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
    Double Damages follow up to Rebel Galaxy and very much a spiritual successor to Privateer, although it can be said that the game is just an Elite clone,it will throw in a number of its own features into the mix, including mini games on the stations, the ability to have home base and customised paint jobs on the ship along with a GTA style radio stations
    Has caused some controversy as the PC version will be an exclusive to the Epic store for 12 months, otherwise it’s on course to be one of the best examples of genra.
    Single player only
    Platforms Windows, PS4 and Switch

    StarFighter Inc
    After a second successful Kickstarter this hard scfi multiplayer game may finally see a release but could well drag into the following year as they have been pretty silent on what they are doing.
    As they are going for a realistic shooter a lot will depend on how well this translates into the gameplay and weather their is a audience for this sort of game
    Multiplayer only
    Platform Windows/TBA

    Brick building game in which you construct a starship, then explore a procedural generated galaxy, heavily inspired by Elite, Minecraft and Lego. The game will feature realistic scales for stars and planets along with seamless planet landings and living planets to explore.
    After a successful Kickstarter the game has gone into a closed Alpha with a possible release on Steam in 2019.
    Single player/Multiplayer
    Platform Windows

    Between The Stars
    A 3D space action RPG where you chose a captain to command you starship and crew, the game will feature managment and rogue like elements to it which will randomised the adventure each time the game is played.
    You will have the ability to board other ships in the game, although it will not be in 3d as they have elected to use a fighting fantasy book style discription and then you given a number of option to chose from.Due out in Q1 and an old demo of the game can be found on the Steam page.
    Single player
    Platforms Windows, Mac and Linux

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Welcom to the Future
    Open world game set in our own solar system in which you are tasked with growing your delivery company. You will be able to vist citys and explore space station and race across the surface of planets.
    the game has a number of social links but no website or Steam page and although it looks to be quite well advanced, it may just be a number of unconneded demos of proposed game features. No news on which platforms of a release date but it will be one to keep an eye on .
    Link to Discord server:
    Link to Facebook page:…
    Link to Twitter page:
    Link to Tumblr:

    Space Haven
    A isometric tile based game where you build your starship and create an optimal atmosphere for you crew, then explore a ramdom generated galaxy where you can trade, fight or negotiate wer human and aliens for resources.
    Will be running a kKickstarter around Feb/March 2019.
    Platforms Windows, Mac,Linux and Steam Os

    Intersellar Prime
    A merger of an RTS,RPG and simulation games taking place 150 years into the future, with a main goal of reaching Alpha Centauri. The game is going to place an emphasis on scifi realism, which will be based on real science.
    Big draw here will be the ability to walk around you ship and interact with the crew, although how well each of these different types of games are implemented will be key to the success of the game.
    they are going for a Kickstarter in mid Jan 2019 and an updated demo should be released around about the same time.
    Platform Windows

    Orange Cast
    Strange name for a game but it discribed as a Mass Effect style game with inspiration from the Expance and Firefly, other than that not much is know about it. Should be out at the end of 2019 in Russia with an English version following in 2020.
    AS with pervious Russian/east european games I think we can expect some intresting gameplay with a unique look and plenty of bugs.
    Platforms TBA

    Industries of Titan
    City building sim/strategy game set on Titan in which you will grow your city, set up production lines, balance your economy, design your battleships and fight the other great houses of Titan. The game is played in real time with a pause button to help you with your strategy.
    Platform Windows/TBA

    That’s a good bit of digging you did there Pinback! 🙂
    Oh! And happy New Year to you too! o7


    Indeed happy new year.

    Will be be intresting to see what happens to the games over the next 12 months.


    I will investigate a few of these, the rest have been talked about here. The first two look really good, I showed my son Industries of Titan since he liked the Simcity type of games and he excited to see more…. maybe I can turn him into a nerd 🙂

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