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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    Looks like there is going to be a little delay to the Squadron 42 beta, this link has more info as to why:


    I am kinda numb to the delays now, so I will play this when it is done I have been waiting since 2012 whats a few more months/years 🙂

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    Same here, have given up with it.


    I think it will be delayed even longer than that D1. I even remember us three all backing it in 2012, hoping for a new Wing Commander or Privateer game. Seems so long ago now.

    Still have my 300i by the way, although it looks a bit different these days. Being original backers, when this game does finally come out, we will have a range of perks the later backers wont get. Stuff like a free repair bot (R2D2 type of thing?), an exclusive equipment pack and free hangar fees when starting out. Others will need to rent their hangars or buy them in game.

    The prices of some of the bigger ships are crazy tho. Just this week the 890 Jump went on a limited sale for nearly a 1000 bucks and they sold out in short order. Incredible! Also that ship isn’t even the most expensive one. A Javelin Destroyer is $2500 last time I checked and yes, they always sell out too. Really puts my $50 kickstarter pledge in perspective! 😮


    Hahaha I remember those days…. I loved playing all of the Wing Commander and Privateer games I just wanted a successor to that… I didn’t really want all of this that is being created. I wanted them to tell me a good story and have it change depending on my success or failures. Yeah of course having all this scope in the game will be great when it is done…. but if its void of real content or narrative it would be many year wait for nothing.

    Would I have purchased one of those expensive ships…. Nah, I am old school like most of us here. If I cannot touch it in real life I am not paying hundreds of dollars for it. I will earn any ship I have in game.

    RSI/CIG in a way should treat us special we backed this game 7 years ago and are still waiting patiently for what we paid for. I load up the game like once a year to see how its progressing and if I need to upgrade my machine hahaha

    They should have focused on Squadron 42 first and put out some great content and built out a solid base and then start building on the open world portion of the gam (SC). So now we are stuck in pre-beta hell with two games being worked on in parallel, where possibly a snag in one can slow down development of the other.

    I can’t wait to finally play SQ42 I just hope I can see it before I turn 50 🙂 thats in about 2yrs hahaha come on RSI grant me a birthday present.


    If I cannot touch it in real life I am not paying hundreds of dollars for it

    +1! Also IMHO such sizable investments should buy real shares of the company, not virtual ships in the game!

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