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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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      I know there is already some threads about this game. But thought I would make this one official, since I got permission too host the game files here.

      3030 Deathwar is a top down 2d space adventure similar to Elite/Privateer. You play John Falcon, whom gets mixed up some conspiracy. A short while ago the developer (Matt Griffiths) released 3030 Deathwar as a free game. So you will now be able to play the whole game with all features unlocked. Enjoy and please comment on the game good or bad. But since 3030 Deathwar is free that’s a big plus already…


      * Top down 2D space exploration.

      * Walking on space stations.

      * Talking to station dwellers.

      * Pirate bounties, courier jobs, passenger jobs.

      * 27 different ships to purchase and fly.

      * Over 60 upgrades to purchase and equip to your ship.

      * 17 weapons, 20 data discs with background info, 46 news reports.

      * Megaball

      * 30+ Goods to trade between systems.

      * Derelicts to board and loot.

      * Asteroids to mine for goods.

      * Hidden wormholes to travel between great distances.

      * Unearth the hidden cleaner plot.

      * And much, much more.

      Download the game here:   – (latest mods added)
      Mod Tools:

      Use this info to unlock the full game:

      Name: free

      Code: 229F2-FDFHF-JHH4J-H2JJU


      1 GHz Processor

      512 MB RAM

      At least a GeForce 2 speed graphics card

      Windows XP (Tested on Vista Ultimate)



      This bundle expires on 3/25/2019

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      Played for an hr and found it entertaining. Would not play it often because of the flying. I suck at it hehehhe. Story line was interesting may have gotten better but never got that far to really keep my interest that would be needed.

      For a 2D great job on the scripes.

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      Hey Everyone

      Well I asked Matt (the developer) if there was a way to mod 3030 Deathwar and why yes there is. You cannot mod everything but you can add new people to the station, new conversations, edit ship stats and edit/add equipment. There might be more I would have to look closer.

      Inside the attached file is all the files and help info you will need to modify the game. So have fun with it and please do post your creations. I will probably repackage the game itself to include this file. Guess SSC got some special treatment because this is the first time these tools have been released to anyone. And are only available here ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks again Matt and hopefully some people can create some nice things for 3030 DW.


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      got them will have a go lol

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      I can’t get the Compile Weapons part of the Mod to work… Any ideas?

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      No Luck with the Compile Weapons part of the mod. Compile Data Works, tho…

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      I would have to play with this myself and see what is going on. But any tips or edits you think people should know about please post them and feel free to show off your mods for 3030DW

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      Well looked into this issue this weekend and had some problems with trying to create new weapons in 3030DW. After contacting Matt (developer) he said the fmod.dll is flaky on newer operating systems and that 3030DW was never tested or developed for Windows Vista or higher since they were not out when game was being developed. So we will need to use most of the mod tools on WinXP to have them work properly.

      There was some good news in my communications ๐Ÿ™‚

      Looks like Matt will start developing 3030DW again soon. So we might get an update or a new re-worked game. So we’ll see what the future brings. If anyone has any knowledge not in the docs for modding 3030 please do post your examples or thoughts on it.

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      Hello i really like 3030 deathwar but i reformated my pc and have lost the files to the game, your download link doesn’t work help please

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      That file must have been lost during the switch over to a new server, anyways here is another link ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Thanks for the link, sadly it’s only the 1.03 version i need the one spacesimcentral has with the 1.04 patch for bugfixes please

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      Mmmmm that’s annoying, perhaps Darkone still has it. If he has I am sure he can put it back up there and if not perhaps someone else might?

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      This is my favorite 2D Elite clone.

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      I emailed the developer because I cannot find 3030DW on my pc. If someone does have it please let me know, I will create the folder for it in the download area so someone can upload it.

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      Participant … lv1.03.exe

      Is this what you are looking for DarkOne?

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      Hi Madtoaster

      Good link, but that is the 1.03 version, toupz is after the 1.04 version. I dont recall ever downloading it. Does anyone out there have it?

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      I actually packaged the patch and v1.03 in the same archive. So if someone downloaded it from here then they have it. I have uploaded both v1.03 and the modtools to the DL area.

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      Hi guys,

      Max from CrunchyLeafGames here. I think I have some pretty good news for anyone still interested in this great game.

      The first good news is for people waiting for mods of the game. After discovering the game here on SSC and being blown away by just how awesome it was, I immediately downloaded the modding tools and got started on a balance mini-mod.

      My main goals were to speed the game up a bit and make it a little more accessible. I also wanted to make the mission rewards more fair, and try to make the cooler missions, like photographing planets or finding lost persons, more attractive, while reducing the huge rewards for the simpler courier type missions.

      Here is the mod’s change list:

      ## clgMod v1.0

      ## by Max Dohme / CrunchyLeafGames

      ## 2011/09/19

      # Major Changes

      + Complete overhaul of all ships' stats, generally upping turn and engine speed and spreading price range more evenly

      + Fixed multiple mission types assigning currently docked station as drop-off

      + Halved most upgrades' mass, some more, some less

      + Increased rewards for both person and planet foto missions, also takes drop off system into account

      # Minor Changes

      + Reduced modifiers and reduced time limits on timed courier and passenger missions

      + Lowered amount and upped reward for junk missions, also upped time limit for timed version

      + Made find person missions' reward take into account how many stations the person's system has

      + Lowered rewards on passenger1 missions, added 50% for additional passenger

      + Lowered rewards on courier missions, especially simplest Courier1 type

      + Minor changes to police dialogue when docking for first time, added hints to jobs to earn money

      + Fixed rewards for 2nd tier passenger missions with and without time restriction (by switching them)

      + Fixed spelling in act3b cutscene text “the our” to “our”

      + Added hint that camera is given for planet missions. Fixed some spelling in both photo missions.

      + Increased pay for both cargo missions and made more similar

      + Set lower time limits on local transport missions

      # Known Issues / Caveats

      – Occasionally job consoles are not refreshed from last station, resulting in infinite insta-completable missions; load game to fix

      – Could't find a good spot to insert hints about fuel and nebulas

      You can download the modded files from the SSC download section or from the link provided below, just place them in the game folder and run the “utils/Compile Build Data.exe”.

      The other good news is that the 1.04 patch is now available, either from the DL secton or from the link below. While working on the mod I got in touch with the game’s developer, Matt, and, on top of sharing the patch with me, he has hinted at the possibility of making the source code available for modding.

      3030 Deathwar v1.04 Patch

      clgMod v1.0

      I would greatly appreciate any feedback about the mod! Let me know what you think about it, good and bad, or if anything is not working!

      I am hoping we can reignite some interest in this wonderful and singular game, so please tell all your top-down shooter loving friends about it!

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      Great! Thanks for that Max. The files will be put safely in the 3030 Deathwar archive in the download area…just to be safe ๐Ÿ™‚

      EDIT: Ah, someone beat me to it. No worries then ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Nice work Max. And thanks for re-uploading the patch. I will re-edit my first post to reflect that and point to the mod as well.

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      Excellent work CrunchyLeafGame will try it out this weekend ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜€

      Will the old save game still work or will I have to start a new game. โ“

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      Your old save games will be loadable, but I can’t make any guarantees for the balance.

      I’ve adjusted all the mission rewards and also all the ship prices. Especially the courier and passenger missions now pay a lot less ( I remember seeing a 1M reward on a ~5 minute mission once ).

      I would encourage you to start a new game and see how you like the new balance. Your feedback and opinion on it would be greatly appreciated!

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      Hey guys,

      I just uploaded a complete v1.04 + clgMod download (65mb) of the game. Just unzip and you’re good to go!

      And here are some nice screenshots to whet your appetite.

      Matt has also informed me that the source code should be available sometime later this week. So if you have any ideas for changes or improvements, fire away!

      There is also now a reddit thread for the game!

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      Just had a quick go through the opening again, much better having the shuttle going faster and turning faster. Although having said that it may be just a tad too quick.

      As for improvements canรƒยขรขโ€šยฌรขโ€žยขt really think of anything off hand apart from having some variation in the station background when you are on-board the stations.

      Also maybe some way to call a fuel tanker if you run out fuel or have the ship towed back to the nearest station.

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      Hey there everyone!


      Max from Crunchy Leaf Games here again. I just wanted to let you know that there is some exciting stuff coming up for 3030 Deathwar very soon!


      Together with the original developer we are preparing the release of a new version of the game. It’s going to be called v1.05 and will include a whole bunch of fixes and changes, making the game more balanced and more accessible.


      We would like to treat this as a sort of re-release and use it to spread the word about the game as far and wide as we can. For this purpose we are preparing a new trailer and gathering potential press contacts to get in touch with.


      If anyone is interested in doing pre-release testing or has any tips on who in the press might be interested in this sort of game we’d appreciate it a lot!




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      Great news to see the game return will you be adding any more station background to the game?.

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      Nice “comeback”. Love SpaceSims from the Hauptstadt …

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      The next release of 3030 Deathwar is now called v1.1, and it’s going to launch tomorrow!


      Announcement Post on Facebook:


      Matt and I have been collaborating on this new version, and we’re very happy with the results.


      Version 1.1 boasts a complete overhaul of the tutorial, it has massive balance changes and tons of other improvements!


      The launch is going to be tomorrow at noon!

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      Nice and congrats, the download area doesn’t support pay what you want. But if you want to charge a small fee for 3030DW then upload the file and go ahead, up to you.


      Do you want me to rename the current 3030DW file in the download area because it might cause confusion for some folks? And I will redo the first post in this thread or you can make an official DW 1.1 post, this way it gets posted to the main page.

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