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      Weรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve just launched the re-release of 3030 Deathwar!


      3030 Deathwar is an Open World 2D Space RPG


      Similar to games like Escape Velocity Nova and Elite/Privateer, the game features Open World exploration, boarding stations and derelicts, many diverse NPCs, tons of missions and an exciting plot!


      The new release is called version 1.1 and adds higher resolution, massive balance and gameplay changes, a smoother tutorial and many other improvements!


      You play John Falcon, a rogueish space adventurer, down on his luck, who gets involved in uncovering a huge conspiracy that will determine the future of mankind.




      • * Open world space exploration
      • * Board and walk on space stations
      • * Large variety of missions
      • * Different ships and classes to fly
      • * Upgrades to equip to your ship
      • * Buy weapons, missiles and data discs
      • * Goods to trade between systems
      • * Board, loot, mine Asteroids and Derelicts
      • * Find hidden wormholes and other secrets
      • * Intriguing main plot line
      • * And much, much more


      2014 Version Changes

      • * Better visuals with increased Resolution
      • * Redesigned, modernized combat system
      • * Rebalancing of all ships, upgrades, weapons
      • * Overhauled and improved tutorial
      • * Rebalanced Open World Missions
      • * Improved useability with autosaving and simpler controls
      • * Tons of fixes and other improvements


      You can download and play the game for free at




      Developed by Matt Griffiths and Mic Newsam

      Additional Design by Max Dohme

      Published by Crunchy Leaf Games




      Screenshots ( scaled 75% )




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      Many thanks!!!!!!

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      Nice :good:will have a download at the weekend, anyone know if the old save games will work?.

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      Generally old savegames should work fine.  You might have issues around the Megaball Droid.


      That being said, we strongly encourage you to start a new game. The tutorial and beginning of the game have been heavily modified. The game’s pricing structure has been totally redone for ships, missions and upgrades.

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      Can I play it, in full screen? (Because game starts in  window mode).

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      Hey CaptainKal,


      we removed fullscreen for this release, as it was behaving buggy and also difficult to test.


      We’ll try to add it again in the next release, along with more resolution options.

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      Hmm, 1.04 works fine, but this version doesn’t seem to run on my system. Looks great though! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Hmm, 1.04 works fine, but this version doesn’t seem to run on my system. Looks great though! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Same here. The latest version keep refusing to run, no error message or whatsoever.

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      PMs sent.


      We will look into this asap and try to figure out what the problem is.


      For anyone else with these problems, please share all the information you can. What exactly happens when you launch? What are your system specs, what OS?


      We tested the game on about 20 systems before release, and never had any trouble. Hopefully this issue will be something we can easily fix.

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      Thanks to MV2000, we figured out the problem.


      It seems to be an issue with resolution. On monitors below 1280×800 the game won’t start in it’s default setting.


      For anyone else with this problem, you can download this alternate settings file, which will set the resolution to 1024×768:



      Copy it to your “/3030 Deathwar/data/” folder and the game should start with the lower resolution setting.


      The issue will be fixed in the next version!

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      Hmm, 1.04 works fine, but this version doesn’t seem to run on my system. Looks great though! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for the fix! It works fine with the new .ovl file

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      Thanks to player feedback, version 1.12 is out now!


      As well as making some visual and gameplay changes, the new version should fix these resolution issues. Anyone having problems can now use the “Safe Mode” shortcut.


      Download as before at:

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      Quick Update: Version 1.13 is out and fixes a lot of the resolution and fullscreen issues.


      Download at:

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      Hey guys,


          I have been playing 3030 DeathWar for a while and it is fun!


      i have found a bug with the photo capture system. Apparently If you take on multiple photo capture missions and complete one, taking another photo crashes the game.


      Good thing I had multiple game saves. This did happen multiple times, so i am just wondering if anyone else got the same bug.

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      Hey Fronzy,


      thanks for letting us know about the bug, we’ll add it to the issue tracker!

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      There is a Let’s Play for 3030 Deathwar over at Action Soup Studios



      Space Game Junkie plays 3030 Deathwar

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      And well deserved too! Its high time 3030 Deathwar got some attention. :girlcrazy:

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      Is there a game manual or a tutorial somewhere?

      I tried playing it, but had no clue what the controls were.

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      Is there a game manual or a tutorial somewhere?

      I tried playing it, but had no clue what the controls were.


      Are you running it on a Win8 system by any chance? There are some issues with Win8 and potentially Win7 Ultimate as well.


      If you are having these problems, you will probably often run into difficulty when playing. Text will not appear or get scrambled, and the buttons might not do what they are supposed to. That is why you may not be seeing the tutorial when starting a new game.


      You can however check the readme file in the /3030 Deathwar/ folder named: “Windows 8 notice” and try to find your way around with those hints!


      It would also help if you reported your OS and resolution, as well as whatever issues you are having at our forums:

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