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    batmump wrote:
    So when I look at the new 3d map, then I know why at that time at Frontier and FFE this concept was rejected (it was also planned). It has no usability and much too cluttered. There helps a search function any more.

    Do you really honestly believe that?

    When Tomm first posted some shots and pushed the code to the 3d galaxy, I was completely amazed.. I loved it. There are many reasons why its an improvement.

    Think about it. It’s not always about finding a target. It’s also about exploring everything. Well now many systems by the broad representation of 3d are not at first visible.

    We love exploration, this is one of the reason we now have over 1000 times the number of stars we had before… thats right Pioneer is now magnitudes.. literally massive magnitudes bigger than it was before.

    Also you don’t lose any range when viewing stars, IIRC the visible range was always 2 sectors as it is now, although I could be mistaken its ages since I played with the boring 2d galaxy 😉 But with 3d you also get 2 sectors up and down as well.

    Name me one advantage of this new star map, the reason is that they will now into the game. Says not now, “it is more realistic!” Sometimes they just such a reason is too thin

    I’ll name several for you 😉

    * Its more realistic. (Ha I said it)

    * Its more fun.

    * You can actually get lost.

    * Pioneer is fucking massive now.

    * It is beautiful, although I think we can get it looking nicer. (Although I have plans which will frighten the other devs 😉 )

    * Another realism thing, but it means we can have a more realistic distribution of stars and still find all the star-types within a person’s life-time.

    * There’s a search function. Those wishing to play a game of ‘where’s wally’ or spot the tiny detail among thousands can still do so if they choose to 😉

    * Did I meantion how bloody cool this is? We’re space fans we’re supposed to love shit like this!


    In my opinion, requiring buttons like pgup and pgdown is unsatisfactory; not all machines have these on their keyboards—for instance, many Apple computers.


    S2odan goes out and buys a lovely new Mac. He then finds out to his horror that the mouse only has one button. He is then absolutely disgusted and appalled at the use of the right mouse button in other people’s games. “How unfair” He yells, “How inconsiderate” he says. S20dan should have bought himself a better mouse 😉

    For now you can either not use those keys, or use a program to simulate those key presses. Rest assured that in the furutre all keys will be remappable.

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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