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    Antarix is our indie game we are working on since last year. Its a space simulator game with block building features like space engineer but not that advanced level of block building, because main purpose of block building features in this game is to give user creative freedom for ships and bases, if we choose to have ready-made meshes to be allowed as base and ships then their will be very limited variety, and also so much of cost involved that we cannot even afford it.


    main focus of the game is players have to grind in different ways to basically make themselves powerful and get as much xp and power as possible by him, because a great war is to come. and when this happens player will not have much to fight if he does not have enough power. these are the following ways to grow :- 


    1) Resource extraction from asteroids and planets to sell on space stations.

    2) Killing animals and selling their skins etc whatever they give.

    3) farming animals and plants to make specific products that will give much more xp and currency.

    4) taking planets, moons to yourself or your faction by fighting locals or other players. once you take a planet you will be lord [your name]. once you are lord of planet, you will start earning profit from this planet as other players who are mining their have to pay taxes.

    5) bounty hunting for pirates, spaceship fights basically.

    6) looting , if you want to be pirate, however it will really be hard to live like that.


    7) One of the main aspects of game is missions, that will be refreshed each week, that means each week players will have new missions to do, and each mission will provide adequate amount of xp and money. and most of our time will be spent here in coming days, as we want missions to feel awesome.


    this is all for single player experience,  multiplayer is not planned yet.


    we will be updating game information with some images or videos and also share the copy of pre alpha demo game when its ready.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    its a animated gif, i dont know why its not playing. check the gif here to see it playing, if you guys want can follow me on twitter too where updates go first.



    hi all, here is next sector map devlog, video this time.



    comments and suggestions are welcome.




    hi guys, coming back after some time now, working on many aspects of game, here are some updates.


    in next 15 days going to give a pre alpha copy to players before we go to funding and steam, for those who are interested in playing that let us know, will help us to make decisions in what to give in game and also want to open a competition in game for some giveaways.


    upgraded ui to more professional one, not still what we like but budget is stopping us to customize. later when we get funding will put more personalized UI. right now it will work i think.




    just completed the block building system for bases that can be made on planets, on top of asteroids.




    and it took lot of time but now ship building is also possible, thinking to create hovercraft and submarine for the worlds that have deep water oceans and less land.




    so guys please share your comments, ideas etc.


    I merged these threads and placed them in this forum as IIRC the game is an online multiplayer game, If I’m wrong let me know.


    yes, its okay, the game is online, but not multiplayer for some time, multiplayer will be added much later, for some time it will be online sandbox with shared universe. the main objective of this game is to grind with many features like resource gathering, selling resources to get currency and buying things to upgrade/build ships, bases etc and prepare for the final war, when final war will start weak will not stand a chance, only powerful will survive and win the server for that season.


    You might want to just copy and past some thing about the game into your opening post so anyone reading the thread has an idea of what the game is about.


    You might want to just copy and past some thing about the game into your opening post so anyone reading the thread has an idea of what the game is about.


    okay will do that soon, have to prepare some material with good images and videos.


    New gameplay video uploaded ft. a little bit of base building



    while testing internal studio testing build recorded this video, just a strolling in asteroid field near a huge planet, found a nice spot and start building base




    registration for alpha will open soon, stay in touch


    just made site live , go check it out.


    nice questions asked by a player, clears a lot about game:

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