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      Greetings space travelers!

      I’m Marco Cavicchioli from Italy and i’m the game designer of **Astralis: Forgotten Fighters**.

      I came here on this forum because i want to find people that want to help us **playtesting** the game.

      We want to make a great game and we need your help.

      Our team is focused on release the game beta next year BUT we have already the **boardgame** version that we use for playtesting so we don’t want to waste time.

      We want that people ** PLAY THE GAME** and have fun with us while we finish the PC version.

      Only real Space Traverlers could download the game here FOR FREE (it is the print&play version) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xa6x00rbdz078h/Astralis-FF%20v.2.4.7z?dl=0

      If you liked the game or have some suggestion please contact us on e-mail astralisforgottenfighters@gmail.com or discover more on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AstralisForgottenFighters/

      THANKYOU for your time, i hope my game will give you good time while playing it . _ (Because after all i make game for make people happy)_

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