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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Looks to be a single player space shooter with both 3rd and first views, set for Steam’s early access on April fools day http://store.steampowered.com/app/376880/


    Has a main site for the game http://astrokill.com/ where some more details can be found (posted below) and some annoying gifs can be found, they could do with doing an FAQ on both the Steam page and their site.







    Pilot spacecraft ranging from small, nimble fighters to heavily armed gunships. In ASTROKILL, you will engage in combat against enemy fighters, capital ships, turrets, and even space mines. To succeed in this unforgiving zero-G battlefield, you must master your ship and its weapons. You will blow away spaceships with machine guns, flak cannons, and homing missiles. Your Gravity Shield will protect you from enemy fire and even turn their weapons against them.

    Campaign and Survival mode

    Pick a faction and enter the fray in either a story-driven Campaign mode or an arcade-style Survival mode. In Campaign mode, you will fly missions within the context of a faction-specific storyline. With each passing mission, you will discover new enivornments, characters, ships, and challenges that test your skills as a fighter pilot. If stories aren’t your thing and you just want an endless blood bath, then there is Survival mode. Like an old-school arcade game, you must fight and survive wave after wave of progressively more difficult enemies. Fight to beat your own top score or attempt to dethrone the number one player on the Steam leaderboards.


    In ASTROKILL, battles are fought with conventional weapons, like belt-driven machine guns, proximity-based flak cannons, and Javelin-style guided missiles. When it comes to inflicting damage downrange, nothing is quite as effective as high-velocity metal slugs. The kinetic energy behind a 30mm bullet travelling at 600m/s is tremendous (about 68,000 Joules). If that’s not enough, flak cannons fire explosive projectiles that detonate near enemy fighters, doing area damage. Homing missiles track fighters and attempt to intercept them and detonate within their kill radius. If a missile misses its intended target, it will reassess the battlefield and track a new target.



    The gameplay mechanics in ASTROKILL are similar to old-school space shooters, such as X-Wing and Freespace, where the focus is on combat. In ASTROKILL, dogfights are frequent and challenging. Players must master their flight controls and weapon usage to be successful. The weapon systems are all projectile-based, so players must lead their shots to hit moving targets. If an enemy ship is selected, a leading crosshair will assist in aiming. Limited ammo means players must strategize their weapon operation. Lulls in combat provide opportunities to rearm in hangar bays. The spacecraft controls are thruster-based and can be operated in either manual or automatic modes. In manual mode, players have full and direct control over each thruster. In automatic mode, thrusters will fire at the right time and intensity to keep the spacecraft heading in the direction it’s facing. This unique and realistic flight control system is the basis for all spacecraft movement throughout the game.


    Rocket physics

    In ASTROKILL, the propulsion system is based on Newtonian physics. When fired, each thruster applies a realistically simulated force on the ship. This has numerous implications on gameplay. For example, to travel a constant speed, a pilot simply accelerates to that velocity and then stops accelerating. The speed will be maintained due to the lack of friction in space. In terms of braking, it would be very difficult for a player to fire each thruster in such a way that his or her spacecraft comes to a complete stop (with respect to a frame of reference). This is why each spacecraft comes with a flight control system that intelligently fires each thruster at just the right time and intensity to bring the ship to a stop. So, when you see the exhaust flare from a thruster, it’s not just a visual effect. That thruster is applying directional acceleration to the ship proportional to its intensity.

    The Gravity Shield

    One of the unique features in ASTROKILL is the Gravity Shield. As its name implies, this device creates a negative gravitational field around the spacecraft. This negative field affects objects with low mass, like projectiles. Bullets, flak shells, and missiles will arc away from the field as the GShield “pushes” on the projectile. The strength of the shield diminishes quickly due to its high power consumption. And, a spacecraft cannot fire its own weapons while the shield is up. When the GShield is used properly, it will drastically reduce damage, increase the chances of winning a dogfight, and allow a single fighter to survive an encounter with a superior opponent, like a warship.




    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Looks nice, worth a try for me. As I see from other videos there is a velocity limit at 200m/s that saves the day for the zero-G arcade fun. In the game Starshatter they implemented a soft vlimit type, where the thrust to that direction starts to drop exponencially after passing the vlimit regard to the frame of reference. It’s better in a way that you don’t have to listen the vlimit sound like in this game. Unfortunatly there is no superb solution, if you can pick up few km/s with your kamikaze fighter only the death star like stations might have some chance for survival, and the ww2 arcade fun is gone as well. Looks like no shield against that kinetic sword without moving from the sci to the fi.


    8GB of Memory as a minimum requirement… little steep probably for some people out there, especially since the graphic card requirements are not too high on minimum spec. A plus is that there is a campaign/story mod in the game and surprisingly the game looks decent for something still in early access and having not heard of Astrokill until reading this post.


    Just saw that you can pick this game up cheap in this indie bundle: https://groupees.com/millerontheroof


    Seen the key mentioned in the steam forums and their guess is, it an Alpha key?.


    Also apparently they had the memory requirement set at 16 GB until some one said it ran fine on 8GB so it could be lower.


    Looks like the games release has been put back till the end of May now.


    According to the Steam forums it going to be released this Friday the 27 with a price tag of $10 although both may change, guess we will find out on Friday.


    It did finally come out yesterday just under the 1 GB about 850 meg, just had a quick mess around with so nothing to report apart from it’s working.


    Astrokill has been getting some attention lately. http://steamcommunity.com/games/376880/announcements/detail/590359138919829664



    – All projectiles have a longer effective range

    – Projectile damage is now calculated off relative velocity at moment of impact

    – Changed capital ship behavior in Deliverance level to allow more breathing room between frigates

    – GShield now affects a smaller area with more aggressive anti-gravity

    – Balanced hp for DOM and OBA turrets

    – Added helpful radio-dialog to levels Boreas Recon and Dante Guerrillas

    – Changed radio-dialog in most levels to help players with mission-objectives



    – Added recorded vocals for almost all radio-dialog


    – Optimized proximity-spheres to reduce number of overlap-events


    – Added secondary explosions to all fighter-explosions

    – Added light-beacons to all frigates (flashing anti-collision lights)

    – Projectiles are now visible from any distance

    – Adjusted lighting on all particle-effects


    – Primary and secondary ammo is now displayed numerically for targeted opponents

    – Numerous cockpit-elements now flash when they need attention

    – Cockpit-hints are no longer displayed for new players (tutorial recommended)

    – Compass movement smoothed out


    – Practice button renamed to Tutorials

    – Tutorial descriptions updated


    – Fixed issue with GShield letting projectiles through occasionally

    – Fixed issue with Start Campaign button not showing for new players

    – Fixed array-index-out-of-bounds issues with squad-members and muzzle-locations


    New trailer for AstroKill.



    Game definitely has some promise, they had this in a bundle that I forgot too purchase a while back 🙂 Maybe I will see it in another one soon.


    Latest gameplay trailer for Astrokill, still in early access but they are approaching the v1.0 release soon…. Maybe this year I hope


    Big surprise here, a new update after about a year since the last one. https://steamcommunity.com/games/376880/announcements/detail/3477246104745423405

    Just over 300 meg so it seems a substantial one.


    That is a big update with a lot of change and improvements. I have been holding off on getting this one because I wanted to see if it was going to be officially released or not. With it being a v0.9.7 its getting close to a v1.0 release I hope.


    I thought the game was dead and abandoned, nice to see it come back, just hope they start making some regular updates.

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