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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    Been on Steams early access for about 6 weeks now, seems to be cross between Eve and the Xgames.

    Basic Features Overview

    All features listed here are currently in this Early Access Release.
    Non-linear Story – Choose your own adventure… The ending is in your control.
    Open World – Free to do as you please, go where you want, do what you want.
    Exploration – Over 100 maps to explore, each with unique resources, stations, structures and secrets.
    Flight – You can fly your ships with the mouse, WASD, or point and click. (Partial controller support)
    Camera Control – You have full control of the camera. 3D rotational focus, first and 3rd person , and follow behind views with lots of options.
    Mining – 12 different types of resources to collect.
    Skills- 100+different skill to train.
    Refining – Break down ore into raw materials and components used for crafting.
    Crafting – Use those raw materials and components to create new items.
    Trading & Economy – Profit from the simulated economy with trade.
    Missions – 15 unique mission types. Contract missions for the 18 game factions.
    Factions -18 factions, ratings effect all areas of life in the Astrox Universe.
    Combat – Real time, dynamic, tactical and strategic. hundreds of weapons, ECM, drones, bombs , ships and more.
    Smart AI – Intelligent, and plays by the same rules are you do.
    Life support -expand your range of exploration, manage and upgrade your life support systems.
    Ships-Currently over 70 ships and growing.
    Drones -10 unique drones , each with special abilities. Automate their control, or manually manage their tasks.
    Fleets – Build a fleet of up to 10 Merc ships. Command and control their actions individually or as a group.

    What to expect during the Early Access phase of Astrox Imperium

    The addition of Structure fabrication.
    New mechanics to allow for towing large objects thru space.
    The ability to anchor large objects.
    The ability to retire a Merc into an administration position of a station.
    Administrative Mercs will generate revenue and bonuses based on their position and location.
    A complete story line for each of the 6 main factions
    New mod tools (Map editor, Skybox editor) and extensive modding documentation, along with tutorial videos.
    The addition of gangs, that work as a cohesive unit, to perform a specific task, from a list of nefarious options.
    Sandbox options, with various game modes.
    A broad number of tweaks, balances, and graphical enhancements.
    Optimization of ship turret math, and enemy AI logic.
    New missions, events, items, document, drones, weapons, etc.
    New transitional scene welcoming you to the medical bay from the new campaign creation.
    New unique endgame scene for each story line.
    Improved Models and textures.

    What NOT to expect

    Astrox is NOT a fast-paced space shooter… there is no mouse aiming.
    Astrox is NOT a Real-time strategy game, There is no band-boxing and group movement commands.
    Astrox is NOT an idle game. There are things you can do AFK, but this game requires user input to play.
    Astrox is NOT multiplayer. I may add some co-op in the future, but Astrox will never be a MMORPG.
    Astrox does NOT have AAA quality models and textures. Many are placeholders and will be replaced.
    Astrox is NOT another vaporware EA project. The original Astrox launched on March 23rd 2014

    What to expect from me, the developer.

    I will listen to all feedback, and do my best to adjust the game to make it the best it can be.
    I will not leave for any extended period of time during the Early Access phase of the game.
    I will update the game frequently with bug fixes taking priority over new features and shiny do-dads.
    I will be extremely active, accessible, and available on our forums and discord channels.
    I will not ruin the game with in-game payments, subscriptions, or anything that requires additional payment.
    I will always be extremely thankful and grateful that you took some time out of your life to play Astrox. Thank you!

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    New dev log for the game, it’s just clicked with me that this is from the same dev as Astrox Hostile space game.


    I ‘ve started playing the previous game, and I have to say it is a good time waster. Looking forward for this one too!!


    Devlog 56 out.

    Have the game myself but never have gotten around to playing it.


    Thought I missed a couple of the devlogs but the guy has been smashing them out over the last couple of weeks.

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