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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    woot! Can’t wait to see the new city models! 😀 The new textures by potsmoke and the textures in Grey Models seems to work very well in the game. Here’s some nice concepts:


    Like how the buildings seem to intersect with some sort of pipelines:


    Houses on top of each other perhaps:



    Cyberpunk, my favorite style 😀 With neon colored windows:



    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    the buildings are a good idea, now just need different styles and perhaps different bases etc


    The cities would look a lot, lot better if there were roads and other flatter areas of land. At the moment it looks like somebody used a pepper shaker to scatter them over the surface just before the player arrived. They don’t look like they are in a ‘used’ area of land, but just temporary appendages.


    i don’t know, i like it, it’s ment to be that way.

    at least you have three types of buildings which use different areas in the city, the rest is random.

    there was road tiles and such in frontier/ffe i know, but it was like when you set shaders off in pioneer the surface was transparent for objects like ships or buildings. flat tiles of roads or parks would be seen no matter if above or below surface.

    further and one can see that on the pictures taquito posted, it’s a question of style, to me at least.

    i repeat if i could separate cities on habitable planets from such that are hostile, i would have used skyscrapers and other more common buildings. but imo skyscrapers look stupid on a moon.

    there are some limit’s in such a game and cities can never have dimensions of real cities, that would go to far i guess.

    allready it’s hard to get more bigger buildings placed, because with the size they get rare and because they use some more space as they are sized you get a city with only a few buildings.

    but buildings are really easy to model and to write the script to bind it into pioneer is no big thing.

    go on, try yourself.

    what one could do is to cheat the scale of the buildings, you wouldn’t recognize in a normal gameplay if all buildings would have only half of the “real” size as long as all are scaled the same (but in a massively oversized spaceport).

    this would result in a “bigger” looking city, because more buildings get placed on the same space.


    I’m not suggesting that cities should be massive (although, given the dynamic nature of Pioneer, it’s not beyond the realms of impossibility; flatten the land to reduce terrain computation overhead and have more buildings).

    I’m saying that settlements – even the smallest – have some form of roads, and buildings – even tiny ones – very rarely just jut out of unmodified terrain. Because of this, the current buildings in Pioneer look totally out of place. They look like they do not belong where they are because there’s no evidence of integration with the landscape.

    They look like they do not belong where they are because there’s no evidence of integration with the landscape

    strangewisely exactly this i like. 😉

    and i guess realism shouldn’t go to far with something secondary like cities.

    well, it’s to imagine that road tiles could be placed, but simply seeded? would look still artificial, displaced.

    so you would have to connect building and road tiles and then powerlines, we have powerlines in frontier but how to place them in a reasonable way? and so on….

    you see what i mean, it get’s to far, this is pioneer not sim city :mrgreen:


    If you imagine what the world was like before the Romans gave us roads, there would have been isolated settlements dotted about with nothing linking them.

    Flash forward 3000 years and we have the same thing, except with skyscrapers!

    But would it be possible to create some random links between buildings represented as flat grey rectangles? No more detail than that would be necessary. Could some code work out a mish mash of roads based on where buildings have been placed?


    I always liked the Moonbase Alpha look


    Cool pics Geraldine! Looking at the top one I see radial tiles upon which have been placed buildings. Hmmm… interesting thought.


    radial tiles and radial buldings could be interesting




    Cool. Spacestation?


    them ads really make it look realistic. I mean, you see them everywhere in real life so I imagine the real future will be full of em as well.

    Also, that moonbase (the one Geraldine posted) looks absolutely sweet.


    Why limit ads to inside space stations? Why not put them on the outside? Or on ships? Or giant floating billboards near station entrances?


    Amazing! If this were a commercial product you lot would all be moaning about the adverts and yet you now want more of them! 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 67 total)
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