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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    theoretically it would be possible to have fake holograms,

    ads on ships? we have sponsored cars, why no sponsored ships.

    could be a lower priced one, using a seperate skin, i.e., a cool-cola cobra mk3.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

    freegamer wrote:
    The cities would look a lot, lot better if there were roads and other flatter areas of land. At the moment it looks like somebody used a pepper shaker to scatter them over the surface just before the player arrived. They don’t look like they are in a ‘used’ area of land, but just temporary appendages.

    well, exactly. I talked about that long ago in a thread that was linked in the first page of this thread.

    let me quote myself, from that thread

    AcesHigh wrote:
    my idea is to have each tower built over a “city block”.

    a city block would be some sort metallic-concrete block, not only an horizontal block as in 20th century cities… but vertical too. Like in Coruscant.

    each block (there are larger and smaller ones) connects directly to each other. Thus the city doesnt look like a bunch of buildings without any connection. The fact the blocks CONNECT replaces the idea of a “gray texture” with streets.

    “Streets? Where we are going we wont need… streets”

    The blocks can be partially buried on the ground. That will mean that even if there is difference in height in the terrain, blocks will still be connected. We just need to make sure that the upper surface of each block is TALLER than the tallest point of the terrain that block occupies.

    Let me try to show some images of Coruscant for you guys to have a feel of it…

    look… the ground is like this metallic structures… there are “canyons” among these “blocks” that serve as streets for flying cars.







    AcesHigh wrote:
    I made some quick examples at Sketchup

    terrain… some of those mountains are over 1km tall


    city blocks placed. Each big block is a bit larger than 500×500 meters and has 4 smaller blocks in the top (about 250x250m)


    skyscrapers placed. Tallest ones are 3km tall


    view from the ground towards the city. The big blocks look pretty dry, but again, this is only a quick example. I imagine them to have lots of modular structures placed ramdomly around, trusses, etc.


    these two older images feature the same city block style and skyscrapers… I did it some years ago 🙂

    its a flat city though




    evereythings fine with that idea and i can imagine it very well, but unless “tiles” can be placed seamless it’s not to realise or it will look like bold islands raking out of the ground.

    further size is a factor for % of seeding, so big buildings appear less, blocks with a sidelength of i.e. 200x200m you will only have up to 4 or 5 even in a big city (compliant to the archology, height doesn’t matters but diameter of the building and additional space around).

    of course a flattening of terrain is senseful to, but should be controlable by the architect. also tiling and “gap/no-gap” would be useful.

    but unless this and the possibility of different cityshapes is given we have to work with compromises, unfortunately.

    but you can take this as a challange, to design a city looking somewhat reasonable under all given circumstances ;).


    Sorry for not posting anything here in a long time.

    Here are three more buildings for the project. I am aware that The pioneer engine cannot deal with bump or spec maps however I included them in-case someone else is able to use them. I am not very happy with the center building, I think the texture is stretching because I just don’t have enough polys but adding polys means heavy game asset. So Ill leave it up to you guys If I can add about a hundred more faces it will start to look better.



    Also I have another idea that may make cities a bit easier to randomize. Is it possible to give an OBJ. object a name that will cause the game engine to populate buildings on its surface? See image below, imagine that the red mesh had the name that caused the engine to populate buildings on its surface. This way we could have an orderly grid like city without sacrificing the randomness of the terrain generator.



    could some enhancments be made to the underlying engine to allow this outcome ?


    hm, i have a idea

    i guess you know that i’m the one who didn’t likes flattened terrain, well it’s a problem, yes and no.

    i prefere no.

    by looking at the large city tiles above and the large basements, something came to my mind.

    i added a weird useless torus as kind of railroadtrack to my new (varied) groundstation model, that thing has no collision mesh, else there wouldn’t be placed any buildings in the inner circle of torus.

    well, i guess it should be possible to make large basement tiles that would fit as long as you use,

    1st no collision mesh for the basements

    2nd always the the same basement size, i guess it should be possible to find a fitting size

    you have to find a size for a simple quad with collision mesh, this will give you the “pattern”, you will have to use this quad for every building(group).

    then you can evaluate the size of the basements with no collision mesh by try and error, will fit more or less after a while, imo.


    there will be of course still a valuable height difference between the tiles depending on steepness of the terrain and size of the tiles.

    any building which has a collision mesh can’t overlap the size of the quad you used as “pattern”.

    you can’t collide, means also you can’t land or will land rough on the underlaying terrain, it’s possible to fly under a building.

    i guess it will look more or less like this


    of course not the whole radius of the city is filled with buildings(groups), there will be “holes”.

    further the size of the “pattern” shouldn’t be very large, size lowers prevalence.

    but it will give the city a very uniform look in all, i imagine this as a bit boring, but you have to try…

    well some like and imagine for the future metropolises like we have maybe larger,

    wrong concept, if mankind will survive we need another, better concept then mega cities!

    and what about “only the rich will have visited earth”?

    i guess it will look like a tourist attraction, like a mega disneyland perhaps 😆

    which do you like better a hut in the swiss alps or a flat in a skyscraper?


    The idea is solid flattened terrian or just a flat top with buildup on the sides to support an elevated rise, in that basements could be shoved in, tunnels anything else creative that could be put in for stations.

    The outcome could be to mold to the terrian, pehraps even bridge structures could be put in between buildings on elevated terrians for just an idea

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