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      I recently read “The lost fleet” by J. Campbell and I wish to know if there is a game or are some games which focus on survival fleet of ships or perhaps just one, capital-size ship in hostile environment ? I think about game in which in order to survive you will have to solve social problem in your crew, physical problems (like eating etc.), ships conditions and malfunctions, random events and encounters?

      Please respond asap. 🙂 Thanks.

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      I know two games of the top of my head.

      The Homeworld series (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homeworld) and Cosmonautica (http://cosmo-nautica.com).

      The first one has you leading a mothership, able to gather resources and construct ships, through hostile territory.

      The second one is a kickstarter/indie game that I’ve only seen trailers for.

      You are supposedly captain of a ship and has to maintain a crew and build accommodations for them through ship upgrades.

      I think you can accept various missions and encounter random events. Though I’m not sure.



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      Thanks for your response. 🙂

      I will check out this Cosmonautica after they fix some bugs. :- )

      Homeworld series I’ve already played and didn’t like much.

      I very much enjoyed Sins Of Solar Empire: Rebellion, Eve Online, FTL etc.


      So… maybe some complex space sim with upgrading/tunning customize ship or something?

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      Off hand the only new games which I can think of which may fit are Pulsar and Interstellar Rift both are being made as multiplayer crew games although you can play with bots as well.


      Some of the old Space adventure games like Star flight, Star Control and Planet’s Edge had some aspect of crew management, using consumables and random events as well as there main adventure story.

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      Another to consider (although I’ve not herd any news about it in a good while) is Copericus One. There is a thread about it here and more on Indie DB.

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      look for this “Out There Omega Edition”



      main theme is a pilot lost in space with his ship trying stay alive to get back to earth – no combat – its environment vs you.

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      Faster Then Light?




      That omega edition is a pleasant suprise for me!

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      Star Trek Bridge Commander, think it has some crew management.

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