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      Abit slow start but shapes up nicely in the coming episodes.

      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      I finally sat down to watch all of the episodes of this TV show (on Netflix) and I loved it. And I just learned that SyFy isn’t going to create a season 4 🙁

      This show definitely has FireFly aspects too it. But I thought the story telling was good with each character finding out things about their past and the whole corporate politics and wars as well was unlimited plot scenarios for this show. I thought the crew got along great and you could tell with the performances, and the android did a great job personally.

      I am going to miss this show since SyFy kinda left it on a cliffhanger 🙁 but definitely watch the show and its being pitched around so maybe Netflix will pick the show up, Dark Matter was originally slated for a 5 season arc so hopefully a studio will be willing to fund 2 more seasons to close out the show right. 🙂

      But scifi fans this is a must see show it is a good show you will like it.

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