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    screenshots here:

    and the post of today with the last screenshot:

    quote of the last post:

    Alpha 10 – iteration #08: New Game Setup Interface (finally) Done + Screenshot
    During my job breaks I finally completed the interface to setup a new game.

    Here is the final screenshot of the Equipment tab with the completed part:

    The Game Options tab will stay empty for now and will be filled, over the time of the development, when a relevant option will be needed to be added.

    Tonight I will re-enable and update the code that process a new game, as said at the end of the previous post.

    Stay tuned.


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    Nice work farcodev on the setup it is looking good. What is ‘Seeds of Unity’ btw? And if you like a specific game setup can you reuse?

    Oh and I solved your problem… I accidentally enabled post moderation a little while back to test something and I forgot to turn it off for replies. So depending on the user their posts would be held for moderation and not seen… thats why they were missing. I fixed it and restored the post you were trying to add.


    Nice work farcodev on the setup it is looking good.

    Thanks 🙂

    What is ‘Seeds of Unity’ btw? And if you like a specific game setup can you reuse?

    It’s one the the backstory of the expedition Autonomous Remote Colony.

    A faction of allegiance, depending on its Space & Colonization Politics, have at least one type of expedition available for the player.
    Each of these expeditions has one or more backstories, they define a little bit of “past history” and gives justifications on the motive of the expedition. Just to keep things coherent.
    Each backstory also define all the parameters of the future colony; the CPS data (viability threshold, line of credit if any), the settings of the population, the staring space units and equipment, and even swome special rules if any.
    By design there are actually 12 special rules that allows to custom some gameplay effects in accordance of the content of each backstory.

    So TL:DR; yes, specific game setup can be reused, it suffice to the player to select the backstories it prefers.

    Oh and I solved your problem…



    Sorry for the typos, I should have re-read before posting…


    I will now post the last changes in the Development page each time it is done.

    The history of the last 4 changes is displayed on the top of the page.

    Interface – New Game Setup:
    [New: DONE] the game name is limited now to 20 characters. Thus, it putting it in accordance with the setting of the data.
    [New: DONE] the player can now set its own faction’s name.
    New Game Setup:
    [New: DONE] the player can now have a name for its own faction. It isn’t much, but it is one step more for player’s immersion.

    For the rest, the starting locations has a bug, just a logical one where I forgot to apply the scopes of the generation when the rule Preferred Starting Location – Orbital Object Type isn’t present.

    The bug isn’t fixed yet but will be after I finished to rework the Colonization Phase System (CPS).

    I also re-enabled the initialization of the Time Flow System (system that manages the hybrid realtime / turn-based subsystems).

    I started to re-enable the code that initializes the entities of the game (the player and non-player factions). It is where most of the work, beside the CPS, is focused since I completely remove the old code and finally integrates the backstories’ data into these entities. Including the dynamic generation of the population and equipment.

    That’s all for now, back to work hehe.


    Dev Page Update: Population, Starting Space Units and Equipment

    New Game Setup:
    [New: DONE] the size of the population of the future player’s colony is calculated before even the colony is founded. It is required since the dynamic generation of starting equipment and space units depends on it.
    [New: WIP] the starting space units are generated, based on the size in population of the expedition.
    [New: NOT DEV] the starting equipment is generated, based on the size in population of the expedition.
    Space Units (in-game):
    [New: DONE] a useless data, the tokenId, and all its dependencies are removed.
    [New: DONE] the length of the name of a space unit is expanded to an unified custom name constant.
    [WIP=> DONE] add two new data; the physical state and a switch to indicate if the power grid is enabled/disabled.
    [New: DONE] the array of the docked space units is optimized of a useless sub-record.


    Dev Page Update: Faction’s Language System

    [New: WIP] a skeleton of language system is implemented, and a list of the general words is added in the data structure.

    In the future, the game will be able to generate names for space units and colonies with a pseudo-random method with a specific database of words, and first names and surnames (for the future characters).
    A database of syllabus will be also implemented for me, when I using FARC in debug mode, and will allow me to generate words based on a specific faction.

    For now it isn’t much but the system will set names for the starting space units, of a backstory, that requires some.

    The whole data for the language will be located in the XML file of the factions.

    I know that is not a big deal of gameplay, but it adds some flavor.

    I continue to develop the generation of starting space unit, and starting equipment, stay tuned.


    Forgot the last edit:

    Edit: I also completely reformatted the Dev Page and removed the highlightings which became a bit “heavy” for the eyes…

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