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A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019

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    somehow D1 your idea to unify the whole dosbox thing moves me.

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019


    Great tips there Gernot! B) There are times though I simply must dig out one of my Amigas, they call to me still even after all these years: the hard drive spin up, the sound of a hard working floppy drive, the feel of those keys on my fingers, just using Workbench (still the best damn OS ever!)….the years fall away. 🙂
    Oh and an addition I upgraded a few years ago..the Amigas don’t like it! 😮
    Frontier photo DSCF0010-1.jpg
    SD Card Lit Up photo DSCF0012.jpg
    HxC Selection Screen photo DSCF0002.jpg
     photo 20130908_202603.jpg
    LCD photo 20130908_190227-1.jpg
    Overreaction photo overactor.gif


    that’s of course far better as any emulator nonetheless you can acces all images, that’s great, geraldine.

    meanwhile i created a default.config and and some batch files o start with 2 variations of cpu’s and 2 variations of emulation speedfrom my point of view this should cover the most and i tested it with a couple of games.

    of course i can’t automate everything and unfortunately this simple vesion has some backdraws:

    – you start all in a window 1280×960 (the width has priority and if it’s ie a lo-res game then it will be 1280×768) ALT+ENTER switches to fullscreen

    – fullscreen resolution is “original” which isn’t the optimum but you can set your monitors native resolution in the “easystart.config” as fullscreen resolution

    – captures will all be stored where these files are located and this will be the path where DOSbox resides (i would have liked to use %APPDATA% but dosbox uses “local/appdata” and i haven’t found out how to get there)

    – you have to do two things, create a shortcut to i.e. 386.bat (click and drag to desired directory, press ALT), edit the properties of the shortcut lke this
    E:SpieleDOSBoxpentium.bat “E:Spielestartrek25thTREKCDst.bat”
    if you can start the game without any parameters you can use “path/gamexy.exe” the directory “path” will be mounted as C:

    if you need to pass arguments you have to create a .bat file in which you call the program with the arguments, the path where the gamexy.bat resides will be mounted as C:
    tha means if a game requires a special directory structure like FFE you have to place the .bat i.e. for FFE to the folder which was FFE installed in, a bit complicated
    for this example i installed it once to C:FIRSTENC now i have to use the same directory as C: thus the batch belongs to the virtual C: drive it was once installed in to mount the proper path as C:.

    similar if you have to mount a image, you will have to create a bach where you mont that image first and start the game like this:


    there is some work left but a simple DOS game should anyway run with the default.config,
    this makes it just a tiny bit easier

    – it’s not very flexible, you can only choose “cputype 386 or pentium_slow” and “cycles max or auto” , but i really guess this should cover the most

    works also for ancient CGA games
    ![](http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy187/potsmoke66/sshots/galactix_000_zpsj3csza35.png “”)
    for this i ran it with “386_a.bat” which means cpu cycles are set to auto (default in easystart.conf)
    else the game s to fast

    **this is the link to this tiny file**
    [**easystart DOSbox**](http://spacesimcentral.com/downloads/Utilities_and_Tools/easystart%20DOSbox.7z “spacesimcentral.com/downloads/Utilities_and_Tools/easystart%20DOSbox.7z”)

    it contains the 4 batch programs and the easystart.config

    it’s ment to be extracted to the path where DOSBox is located
    **create a shortcut in “where ever you like the game to start from” to one of the .bat files 386.bat, 386_a.bat, pentium.bat, pentium_a.bat,**
    while “_a” means cpu cycles = auto (usually 3000)
    edit the shortcut and add after “…DOSBoxeitherone.bat” your games path and executable inclusive suffix (e.g. game.exe or game.bat)

    **the path where the executable resides will be mounted as virtual C:**

    i suggest to use always quotation marks in this way you can’t miss when the path has spaces (stupidly like the machine does)
    if you need to mount a image to play the game, create a batch program in which you mount this image first and call the game in this batch
    (by default rightclick anywhere new “editor” (text), edit and rename the file to xy.bat)

    IMGMOUNT d “pathimage.bin” -t cdrom >NUL

    **the path where the batch resides will be mounted as virtual C:**

    similar when you need to pass arguments to the game you have to create a batch program.
    when it’s needed to mount a different path as where the games executable resides create even a batch program to start the game (don’t forget to “cd gamefolder”)
    and place this batch in the directory which should be mounted as virtual C:


    CD oldcrap
    oldcrap /argument

    and the file would be located in the top level directory of “oldcrap” to be mounted as virtual C:
    **i guess most games will run when you simply specify the path to the games executable to be executed by DOSBox (resp. the start.bat where the shortcut points to)**
    it sounds a bit complicated but once tried i guess it’s a lot easier as to describe it

    f you need to install a game call (erm, doubleclick) one of the start batch programs
    MOUNT c “destination directory” (where the game will be located or its top level directory)
    probably type:
    IMGMOUNT d “image path” -t (floppy,hdd,cdrom)
    DRIVE: (i.e. c:)
    cd “insatallation program directory”
    install (or whatever name)

    if the instalation program is in a different path as you mounted as “destination directory” you will have to mount this directory as i.e. D or any driveletter

    for more information refere to “dosbox-0.74.conf” or “DOSBoxDocumentationREADME.txt”


    This is great stuff Gernot! I came fairly late to the PC (2001), holding out on my Amiga for as long as I could, so this guide to DOS Box is very useful to me and the games back then were fun too without needing a super PC to run them like these days!
    And yes, the Atari STe uses disk images. There is 1000s of them on that SDHC card. I did think about getting a Floppy Emulator for the Amigas too, but they can fit Hard Drives and other things already. The poor old STe couldnt, at least not easily, so it gives a great boost to its useability. 🙂
    STEEM is a good ST emulator for the PC too Gernot, plays Sundog with no issues, a great game that.
    Goodness I can’t believe I am recommending Atari things, my Amigas will never forgive me! :blush:


    you will have to excuse me geraldine the atari is a alien to me. but i will respect your recommend.
    i hope i won’t be emulated after all.
    i wish i could post such a nice arrangement of oldtimers, but disorderly as i am it’s a chaos i live in recently.
    i managed to get my hands on a old tube monitor, a monster.
    but it’s still in a box i first have to mess up before i only can think about to use it.

    but i don’t have to look to far to feel to be in a museum, i just have to take a look at my machine, it’s a “living museum”.
    in the next two years i will have to get me a new one, doesn’t have to be “new” but not as old as the one i use now.
    also my mothers macbook doesn’t gets younger and it starts to make problems. i assume the ventilation isn’t as good as it should be, at least it overheats very quick and quits the service. but to open the macbook is difficult, it’s not like “let’s quickly open that thing and free it from the dust” no, no. it’s a science to open it. i will have to refere to the web if i plan to maintain the macbook.

    also for the classic sound of a floppy drive i don’t have to look to far, still everytime when i boot my old trustworthy machine it asks for a floppy with a “ssst crk” before it starts to look for another sort of drive. i guess most haven’t heard that since long.
    though i still have a floppy in my machine for what purpose ever, just to have one.

    i downloaded me once a driver / tool which should allow to control the pc floppy by a software, which would mean in other terms it could read then a amiga floppy and a emulator could execute the program on the floppy, but i didn’t managed it to get it working respectively to have the driver is i guess only half of the job, you still would need a software to control the floppy.

    it’s interesting what people do to enhance their old consoles or computers, flash drives like yours or eproms to to connect to a console.
    but no critics, i like that, it’s a task of its own.

    in fact the eprom for the intellivision well that would be something even i would invest a little money in.
    but (i don’t know it’s two years ago) recently he don’t produces this thing anymore, and “he” is only one interested crack not a industry. the other possibility is to connect a drive to the slot but even this device is “sold out”.
    “JZ” developed and distributed a inty in a box but even this device…
    argh what a shit. besides JZ’s inty is just his emulator and not the real thing.
    it’s just that you own then legally the rom images.

    apart of that he’s a great assembler coder and his games are really cool (frosty).
    they are such popular that you have to hurry if you like to get a copy if he releases one.
    and how proud these freaks are if they own a copy of them.

    for certain they even dont’t mind how good they really are, it’s just to have them on a cartridge and not as image.
    respect, if you guess how careless some other are and that they think “it’s just a piece of code”.

    they are really “just” a piece of code maybe only 8kb!!!
    but every bit is weight up with gold.


    some ## DOSBox extras for macbook users
    at least for the one i use from time to time.

    i’m sitting on this macbok now and took a look at what works on it because i now it doesn’t likes every screenmode and/or scaler
    that’s i assume because of the graphics card of such a macbook, at least i can remember many years ago i had similar problems on a pc.


    fullscreen= false
    fulldouble= false
    fullresolution= 1440×900
    windowresolution= 1280×800
    output= opengl
    autolock= true
    sensitivity= 100
    waitonerror= true
    priority= higher,normal
    usescancodes= true`

    the interesting thing here is that i have to use the fullresolution of my screen, else it didn’t fills the screen
    the windowresolution just has to fit to your workspace.
    the output is preferably opengl, ddraw can crash the operating system when you switch to fullscreen.

    frameskip= 0
    aspect= false
    scaler= advmame3x`

    scaler doesn’t work all successful, hq2x and 3x refuse to scale the screen, all other i tested quickly seem to work proper.
    supereagle is really supereagle on the macbook, it hurts my eyes.

    depending on the selected windowresolution the scaler might work or not in windowed mode.
    it’s on the macbook important that i use a multiple of the original resolution of the game.

    for a proper fullscreen mode is like i said the native resolution of the screen needed.

    nonetheless maybe you end up with a unscaled and yellowish screen, try another scaler or none
    or check if the windows size is really a multiple of the games res. (make a screenshot from within dosbox)
    but without scaler the screen is very blurred in fullscreen and windowed mode.

    don’t use a “forced” scaler, the window is either scaled two times, the windowres plus the scaler size 2x or 3x
    or it doesn’t works and you have again this yellowish screen as result.

    **these are the specialities i have to respect on the macbook when i use dosbox**

    the shit is that you have to use the native res for a proper fullscreen
    and that a window must be the multiple of the games res
    though you have no chance except to use a seperate config for each game
    more or less
    but instead 4 it will be twelve, for each common screenmode/size/res one and another in “throttle mode”.
    and no getting around to enter your screens native res. in the default config you use.


    i you like to start it on the macbook in a elegant way

    ok… hmpf
    instead to use these painful unix commands to magically turn a textfile into something you can execute like a .bat under in dos/windows
    i recommend to use a hex editor to create batch programs, they will be executable by doubleclicking and you have nothing to know about this magical stuff which turns a simple batch to a batch.

    it’s very useful if you like to start a dosbox game on a macbook, no it’s not useful it’s a must.
    you can’t create simply a shortcut and enter the to use config in it to start a specific game.
    and if you don’t like to type in each time you like to play the commands to start it you need a batch proggy.

    it’s no big thing usually but you won’t find a editor on the mac who outputs something executable, except maybe the script editor but it won’t save such a text batch as executable, mean proggy that it is.

    thus i found out and even took a short refere to the web, it’s from my pov the best to use a hex editor, it’s a bit uncommon to write a batch program but the result counts and this is a executable for whichs i can use even such a nice icon as under windows if i like.

    the one i use on the macbook for such is simply named [hexedit](https://sourceforge.net/projects/hexedit/ “hexedit”)

    such a start batch will look like this (i guess im posted already one but nonetheless):

    `open -a dosbox.app –args -conf users/mecy/applications/Space1889/1889.conf`

    while in your case “mecy” is the users name and assumed you installed (copied in this case) the game in applications.

    and this will be the one to click on;

    ![](https://photos-6.dropbox.com/t/2/AAB26cPgquJ7Sn8r3AKDYTaBASIeIb8xYiwcoZ7qM9vOdg/12/663559735/jpeg/32×32/1/_/1/2/space1889.jpg/EPKA2LQFGAwgBygH/vm8No0iDgg23dbHotZEdR9BWKEB_8hBVXpfb3HWzUEU?size=1600×1200&size_mode=3 “”)

    a great and easy to use tool to create osx .icns is [fasticns](http://projects.digitalwaters.net/fasticns.html “fasticns”), drop a picture on a box – assign it to a app, proggy, alias or directory by even dropping it on the box, for once exactly as the name promises, fast.

    if you don’t like to restart the machine to see the newly assigned icon, simply clone the file, it will appear then on the clone, delete the old and rename the copy.

    no… don’t copy the whole app – just the batch 😉


    Lost in migration, awakening from hibernation… it’s…


    I’m back and as retro as ever!

    a bit more “on the grid” these days, I’m still “off the charts” when it comes to retroSciFi

    Mostly teaching my cadets to fly 6doF in dxx-rebirth but I’ve made it through hyperspace and have all of my data at my disposal.

    Thank you for your patience


    Welcome back AntiBob.


    Hey AntiBob, welcome back… Since you were the post starter… I see that the site conversion has some issues with some of the user names. What I will try to do this weekend if I remember is alter the DB slightly to make all your past posts be linked to this new user. (If I forget remind me :))

    I think games go retro for me because I rarely have time to play games so by the time I get to them they are many years old. But I have played a few games on DosBox without issue

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