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      Ever wanted to play a multiplayer 4X with your friends, but couldn’t find a fixed date where all could join?

      Played a multiplayer game for several hours, saved, and didn’t continue it?

      Waited for minutes during a multiplayer game for the last player to finish his turn?

      Were annoyed of your friends which complained that you took your time to find a good strategy?


      Those where the main reasons why Empires in Space got developed.



      And this is how Empires in Space solves the aforementioned problems:

      • Game server runs 24h, every player may log in independently from other players
      • turns are evaluated every 4 hours
      • all things stack up for multiple turns:
      • – Movement points up to a day
      • – Goods up to several weeks (depending on storage capacity)’
      • – Research points indefinitely
      The goal is to have a game where a single login with 5 minutes per day might suffice, where even a vacation of one or two weeks are possible, but where one may also spend hours in managing transport ships, exploration, trades and diplomacy.


      The game is online, in late alpha stage, and free to play (and of course without pay to win options).



      The last game was just finished and a new one is already open.


      If you’re starting later than other players – even a few weeks do not make a big hindrance:

      • technology costs decrease during the game – depending on the number of how many players already have this technology
      • other players might help you with goods in exchange for tactical cooperation
      • The ending scenario is a group project, where even players in mid-game may help finishing the project


      And here are some screnshots.

      The galaxy map:



      Colony screen:




      Ship designer:




      Research tree (part of):


      This bundle expires on 12/20/2018

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      Any chance to expect for a stand-alone single player version? Not a mmo and web browser based? In the future perhaps?

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