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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    Small introduction:
    Everyone should know about Esape Velocity, I dare to say it’s the best 2D space RPG of all time. the following titles Escape Velocity Override and Escape Velocity Nova complete the series faithfull to the original gameplay, but AFAIK only Nova was released for Windows OS, the other 2 titles are for MAC PC only.
    Released by Ambrosia in 1998 I think, the webpage with infos and plugins for Nova (still to download!) is here:

    My surprise was not small when I came to know about the Endless sky project on Sourceforge.net, a faithfull remake of EV in modern grafics, yet a lot of add-ons in the gameplay concerning ship setups and easier controls of your ship.

    Endless Sky is the most remarkable free space game I have come about, (the other one is Steve Chapman’s Ad-Astra which has similar gameplay but in full 3D and real landing on planets). It’s here:


    Warning: This game is not only good but highly addictive too!
    In EV there are storylines covering most factions, instead here in Endless Sky there is currently only one storyline that you play as Federation pilot, but the game is still further developed although the dev pace has slowed down – afterall it’s a one-man project, I think, so this is not unusual at all.
    To my taste, the game comes very close to EV but in modern grafics, I play it in 1920×1080 in Fullscreen, but there is a resizable window mode and a lot of menu goodies not seen in the original EV series. A must try IMO!
    Have fun and cheers!

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    Nice find XenonS, do you know if they are still actively working on this game? Looks like there hasn’t been updates in over a year.


    Here is a nice video showing off some gameplay


    Hello DarkOne, it has been a long time, very nice to be here again!

    Yes, Endless Sky is still worked on, according to Steam activity where you can also get the game for free.

    A version 0.9.9 is apparently on its way after more than 1 year of pause. Other than fixes, it will add more storylines, you can start a career and work for different factions that are already present in the game.
    The Discussion Forum for the game on Steam is also still very active, the game seems to be very popular, also with outstanding reviews. I have been playing for some days, I enjoy it a lot although it’s very fast-paced and therefore difficult. The strategic elements in this game (like in the classic Escape Velocity) are fully there and very challenging to play. A jewel of a game IMO.

    Best greetings!

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