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    Looks like Onionman has restarted development on Ensign 1.

    – Linux version has been updated with new libraries
    – Multiplayer has been added (early access)
    – New mouse controls and bug fixing

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    Whoa, Multiplayer was added?
    That is unexpected.


    Heya sorry, SpaceSim was locking me out for some reason.
    Yes, I had the best of intentions to resume Ensign-1. It’s just been very difficult to revisit that C++, and so much needs to be changed to make it a better game.
    So much in fact I’m considering restarting it in Unity3D. Now with 3 years of development under my belt, and VR mobile apps, I’ve become quite drawn to the mobile space and how well it does VR. Would love to have a game like this on mobile VR.

    The current code is so messy it’s taking so long to change even small things, so this is my current though. Just start fresh, as it is easier to build than to rebuild.


    Will you still be providing a PC version in addition to the Mobile version Onionman. And what happens to the people that have already purchased on Steam?


    Heya Darkone, of course there will be a PC version.

    Ensign-1 I know is listed as Alpha funded, but actually I more or less considered it done when it was put on Steam. There is a story, and you can get to the end credits. It’s not pretty but it’s possible.

    The people that have purchased it so far I hope felt it was worth the asking price when they purchase, else, that’s sadly the risk you take. Also though, hardly anyone purchased it on Steam or any platform. We’re not talking thousands of people, more like…50?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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