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      Hi Guys! Great News!!

      Evochron Legacy is available via direct download and on Steam. The game’s official website is here:
      If you’d like to read the history behind its development, design goals, and new features, please visit this development page:
      During the launch week, if you purchased Evochron Mercenary directly from SW3DG or through Steam, you may qualify for a 40% discount on this game. For Steam owners, the discount should already be available if you currently have Evochron Mercenary in your library. For direct order owners, the order page on the game’s website provides a link to acquire the discount.
      Thank you for your support and patience. And thank you to the testing team who have helped over the last year through 88 main version updates and a bunch of patches through alpha and beta testing. It’s taken a long time getting here since 2011, but hopefully the game is better for it and space-sim fans have fun playing it. I hope you enjoy the game!


      This bundle expires on 3/25/2019

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      Fantastic! The discount is nice too, would be sweeter if I could use it from say the direct store to the steam one. I have funds in my steam wallet, but not in real life. 😛


      Hope to see the multiplayer come back to life, it was alot of fun in Mercenary.

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      Purchased immediately of course: very happy to have the discount for owning Evochron Mercenary!


      I’m really looking forward to digging into this.  These are really the only modern sims which have the flight model right.  It absolutely feels like a spacecraft is supposed to.  Thanks to that, this game coming out is to me a big event that surely won’t get the fanfare from the gaming media that it deserves.


      Now I have the difficulty of balancing this, Starsector (recently purchased) and Elite Dangerous.  That’s a good problem to have.  I do run the risk of the proper flight model of Evochron leaving me very frustrated with the (admittedly often enjoyable) monstrosity that is the Elite Dangerous flight model.  Maybe it’ll be good to leave it in the dust for a month or so while they continue working on expansions.  


      Also, somebody please smack the two idiots who down-voted on Steam after playing it for like 1 hour.  Seriously, who the hell would thumbs-down one of the Evochron games?  

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      Will be picking up a copy at the weekend.

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      Is there anything posted about what are the new things or enhancements to Legacy from Mercenaries?

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      Not really DarkOne. 



      Is about as close as you are going to get.


      What I got out of it was More of the same but MORE. I’m going to try the demo until I can buy it this weekend. I’ll try and come back with some of the differences.

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      I haven’t spent much time on it yet, but from initial impressions I am rather underwhelmed with the improvements since Evochron Mercenary.  There were some basic quality-of-life improvements which were badly needed, mostly having to do with the UI, but it doesn’t seem any attention has been paid to that sort of thing.  The ship and weapon types still seem far too homogeneous to provide much motivation to earn money.


      On the bright side, one problem with Evochron Mercenary which drove me absolutely crazy is that the velocity of the cannon bolts were the same relative to the grid, regardless of the velocity of the ship which fired them.  This seems to have been fixed (as far as I can tell, the velocity of cannon bolts are always the same relative to the ship that fired them, regardless of that ship’s velocity on the grid).  This was, in my mind, a very big problem with the combat in Evochron Mercenary, so the significance of this one fix should not be understated.


      For some reason the makers of space sims, my favorite type of game, so often seem so incapable of understanding why other genres of games have been so successful.  Why do people play Borderlands or Diablo for hours on end?  Hint: it’s not the story, it’s not the terrain.  It’s because those games are always presenting you with new and different ways to play them, and gaining access to these new abilities is a constant motivation to play.  I’m not sure why space sims are having such a hard time with that concept.  If you have lots of dials to let you continuously vary the stats of your ship and guns, no change ever feels exciting.  That’s my input at least.

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      Bought the game on Friday and still going through the tutorials, I think their are a few caveats for anyone thinking of buying the game.


      1 This is a sim not an arcade sim and you will need to look at the tutorials more than once and will need to put some time into it in order to play it.

      2 Graphic whores don’t even bother as you are not going to like it.

      3 Download the demo first.


      Anyone  know if their is a keyboard overlay for the game as it sure could use one.

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      Anyone  know if their is a keyboard overlay for the game as it sure could use one.


      Yes there is one in the main game folder. Also the Star Wraith community put together a handy guide for Evochron Mercenary, much of it will still be relevant for Legacy. With luck, there might be another edition in the future covering Legacy too. You can find the guide here.


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      Cheers Geraldine I eventually found it one of the steam folder, any one looking for it can find it in C/ Program files  x86/ Steam/ Steam App/ Common/ Evochron Legacy.


      Not had much chance to play it and I,m hopping to get a couple of hours over the weekend.

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      Really liking this a lot 😎 it does have a few faults but I think this game will scratch an itch for a lot of people.


      Nice article by Euro Gamer site about the dev and game.

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      Very interesting article.  I have enormous respect for what Bower has done with these games, in spite of the fact that I’m rather underwhelmed with the changes in Legacy.


      Does anybody who has had more time to dig into it than I have have anything interesting to report on new features?

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      Can’t say myself as I never played Mercenary.


      Cockpit mod to keep an eye


      Must see if I can find my Babylon 5 sound effects.

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      Ever want to be a space pirate? Then try this game.  😎

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      Big update on Steam which I stopped from downloading as it’s looks more like it’s re downloading the whole game again and it seems to have introduced some new bugs. Think I will wait a few days for the hot fixes.

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      Let Steam connect to the internet this morning and found another 300 MB patch for EV Now I don’t think this a patch it’s more like a couple of bit have been changed and then the game has been re uploaded to Steam and it’s not the first time this has been done, why it can’t be done as a patch I don’t know but it starting to get really annoying.

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      I really, really want to like the Evochron games, and have played a few in the past, but always just found them….well…..soulless and bland, somehow. Not quite sure why. But I owe it to the author to try Legacy, I’ll have to give it a go.


      Pinback, I too hate having to frequently download huge game patches. But when compared to Star Citizen’s regular 25GB downloads, 300MB will be refreshingly small! 🙂



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      I really, really want to like the Evochron games, and have played a few in the past, but always just found them….well…..soulless and bland, somehow. 

      I think one of their big problems is that no new module, ship or upgrade ever feels significant.  Some of them are governed by parameters with very small increments, so you sort of get a gradual continuous change that never feels exciting.  There aren’t too many weapons that feel very different.  So, yeah, I agree the games come across feeling extremely bland, and it can be really hard to find motivation to keep playing.  It’s funny that so many people who hate Elite love that game, because they suffer from so many of the same problems (I happen to love both, so no bias here).  It’s a shame, because they do so many things so nicely.

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      I really, really want to like the Evochron games, and have played a few in the past, but always just found them….well…..soulless and bland, somehow. Not quite sure why. But I owe it to the author to try Legacy, I’ll have to give it a go.


      Pinback, I too hate having to frequently download huge game patches. But when compared to Star Citizen’s regular 25GB downloads, 300MB will be refreshingly small! 🙂




      Granted it is a small download but I’m on a tight leash, so I have turned Steams updates off for now.


      I have only played the game for about ten hours but one thing I have noticed is that the NPC ship AI seems a bit weak as in they don’t dock at the station or planets or engage in any sort of fighting with each other. The only thing I have seem them do is fly around and occasionally bump into asteroids although I have not been to the war zone or maybe I just need to play it longer.

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      as a fan of Evochron Mercenary it was just a matter of time, so I bought the Legacy sequel.

      My first impression is a cool one as for grafical improvements and the HUD additions. I surely would be lost if I hadn’t made personal EM notes in the past, but the EL in-game Tutorials and docs are nicely done.

      I’ve  spent a lot of time studying the changes in EL compared to EM in the ‘development pages’ (Homepage > FAQ > Game changes), so I will assume that most gameplay features of EM are still present in EL, but of course they may play differently because of the additions. So I guess the Terrain Walker, equipment and other objects that can be found on planets, most mission types (now called Contracts), Distress missions, all these are still present ? Thanks anyone to confirm or deny this, but I hope I will soon figure it out myself.


      My main concern is the game approach: create a new profile, jump in fresh waters and go ahead… or: Is my knowledge of EM useful for combat / trading ?

      Thanks anyone to share their starting experience 😎


      I’m eager to see the major changes done in the Economy and Military alliances that now can completly change during the game, which should make it even more a high replayability. I hope these are not only pure numbers in a list but also reflect on real game action by the AI… Let’s see…


      See you,


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      Not played Mercenary myself so I can’t comment on any differences between the two, but it’s interesting that you mention the terrain walker as their is a big thread on the Steam forum as to weather they are still in the game?.

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      What I know from the game description (and the Tutorials added) is a new construction system for stations in space and buildings on planets. It’s a “Modules” system where you can quickly add defense turrets, energy supplies, repair centers and various other things that all interact with combat and exploration (at least in Multiplayer).


      This could make the mining Terrain Walker superfluous, but I really hope they didn’t remove it from the game ! It’s the only possibility to actually leave the ship and perform some useful actions. If its the case, well, I still have EM to consolate me.. 🙂



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      Just been looking at the thread on the Steam forums and by the look of it the Terrain Walkers are still in the game but are really hard to get hold off.

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      Hi Pinback!

      I now have read the Steam forum thread too. Interesting and amusing, I didn’t expect such a ‘fervent’ positioning for the TW :=)

      In EM you could find items pretty easily. This is now gone in Legacy, when you want to find containers with secrets, also the TW, you really have to look for them in all sort of places or use expensive special devices… I’m now a few hours in the game, Most every aspect has been re-worked for the good, keeping the initial spirit I think.

      I wish they had included a full forward view for planet-side, but now there will be a Cockpit Custumization Tool lauched by the devs. Good!



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      I had updates turned off for EL for the last months or so and have just spotted the update from the 4th which now has a chance of finding a terrain walker in a high tec system.



      Version 1.0278 includes the following improvements:

      – Overall loading time from main menu to startup sequence reduced slightly.

      – Option to limit yaw and pitch rotation added for mouselook, key, and axis view controls.

      – Market value of terrain walkers increased significantly for new market availability option.

      – Consolidating commodities in hangar now automatically removes any 0 quantity material listing.

      – Sensor station and probe nav map indicators updated to reduce clutter and include square shape.

      – Sensor stations and probes now render signals within a 50K cube shaped section of space rather than circular.

      – There is now a rare chance of terrain walkers being available for sale in high technology class inventories.

      – Equipment list in inventory console now adjusts with capacity limit rather than installed items (matching cargo list behavior).

      – Nav map indicators for cities, ping location, and contract waypoints rendered with higher performance and can now be customized.

      – Region territory link to war zones removed, all human ships are now linked as ‘Navy’ while in war zones.

      – Weapon turrets will not attack ‘Navy’ faction human/AI piloted ships in war zones unless attacked first.

      – Quests 2 and 3 updated to indicate decameters/in-sector coordinates for certain module placements.

      – Proximity check that would sometimes incorrectly allow plants to disappear when approached fixed.

      – Added option to import separate dedicated texture images for each individual custom ship design.

      – The last module in a sector would often return on respawn/reload after being destroyed, fixed.

      – Cargo list in build console more clearly defined to match frame design in inventory console.

      – Rare chance of a training vocal stage playing when entering a station or city fixed.

      – Global custom cockpit option enabled (ccpit.x and ccpitshader.txt file options).

      – Ability to set a custom size of nav map signal blips added (dotsize.txt).

      – Race course and cargo delivery HUD indicator texture detail improved.

      – Cave entrance auto-guidance system updated for smoother adjustment.

      – Pitch level (integer) added to savedata text file export options.

      – Pitch level readout option added to hudtext.dat file options.

      – Message log controls disabled when mouselook is active.

      – Ship nav lights given a slight lens flare effect.

      – Ability to import a custom jump gate mesh added.


      For the option to increase the size of the dots rendered on the nav map when a sensor station or probe is deployed, use a file named dotsize.txt inside the hud folder and include the size you want for the blips in the first line. The default size is 4. It is generally not recommended to increase the size too much as the dots will eventually overlap each other if they are close together and are too big. So it’s only recommended if you are using a low resolution display (below 1920X1080) and/or prefer the oversized blips on the nav map.

      For the custom jump gate mesh option, use the environment folder and filename gate.x for the custom mesh you want to use. To keep game rules consistent in multiplayer, the collision setup will remain the same, so you’ll want to use a design that is pretty close to the same shape and size of the default mesh if you want the collision to match the appearance of the custom gate mesh you use.

      By request, the new sensor station and probe systems now scan a square shaped section of space to cover the full 50K section of a sector out to its edge. The sensor signal strength is increased out to the corners to provide a more complete field of coverage across a square section of space to better match the square shape of sectors.

      For the option to limit yaw and pitch rotation for mouselook, key, and axis view control, create a file in the game’s install folder named ‘panlimits.txt’ and include the angle limit for yaw in the first line along with the angle limit for pitch in the second line. Default values are 178 and 88 respectively.

      To address player requests/reports of different factions being present in war zones causing increased difficulty for escort objectives and mixed faction fighting, the regional territory link has been removed from war zones to lock all human ships in under one ‘NAVY’ faction. This way, any ALC or FDN ships in the region will behave as allied with any other ALC or FDN ship in a war zone with a common interest in fighting the Vonari. This change won’t impact certain station conditions, so ships from opposing factions still won’t be able to dock and the station modules themselves can be destroyed/built to still retain that level of control/behavior for a faction. But ships will no longer attack opposing faction ships in war zones, regardless of the regional territory control level.

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      I have been playing Evochron Legacy since April and my impressions are very positive.

      The game spirit is the same as its predecessor, Evochron Mercenary, but EL has improved in many ways. Although there are now 2 main factions instead of 5-6 (the Alliance and the Federation), as well as ‘War Zones’ where you combat against aliens, EL is now much more dynamic in a way that territories can shift their owners all over the place. You can then do combat missions in ‘Disputed’ territories, and a News section will display how important (as a percentage) your territory control is. If you control a large part, then you can expect to get more friendly NPC ship support which you will urgently need. If you only control a small part, then get prepared for really tough battles with little support.


      More about Combat:

      The combat part of EL is the really shining part of the game, difficult and challenging like in EM, but a lot of weapons have been modified and added to be more effective. You will have to make a careful choice, and there is even the possibility to design your own canons, lasers or missiles, in a ‘Weapon Lab’.

      You think you can simply accept a mission where you must destroy a battleship? Dear, think twice about it because you really have to hire wingmen (which is rather expensive) to get a fair chance in succeeding, or you must get the support of a friendly battleship yourself which sometimes happens, but not always. Did I succeed to destroy such a ship by myself without the help of NPC ships ? NO.

      Other missions require you to have special equipment installed, and there are no hints about which ones, you must find out yourself which makes the whole strategy and tactics interesting. This is where the ‘Shipyard’ comes into play where you have to make tough choices about setting up your ship for the mission or activity you plan. Doing explorations will need a totally different setup than any combat.

      Finally, you get access to really strong military vessels by doing combat in the war zones against the Vonari.



      A lot of provisory modules can be built serving different purposes like Sensor Stations which essentially are long range radars to spot objects and ships, repair stations, mining probes.

      Permanet stations and cities on planets can also be built and directly fit into the territory system: build more modules to have more territory control and a better  running economy.

      Yes, stations can be attacked and destroyed, but I didn’t try out yet because really difficult. I haven’t yet seen my stations being attacked but rumors are that this will happen and you have to defend it.

      The station building itself is the most terrible part of the game IMO, the building interface needs an urgent upgrade in usability because joining station parts together is really tough and overly complicated.



      The economy system has been reworked and is now fully dynamic and obeys to the rules of an open market, which means: supply, demand and offer will rule the prices. If you sell tons of mining material in one place, the prices will drop significantly and you better go sell elsewhere next time.

      There are 3 main goods to buy or sell: commodities, equipment for ships and weapons. If in EM it was very easy to find some short trade routes to make millions in a short time, you now have to search carefully for your commodities to buy and sell, also the military situation in a system will have a huge impact on the economy making the stock market greatly fluctuate. Do not expect to find a ‘golden’ trade route and use it forever, this will not work anymore, all this game part is fully dynamic. Also equipment prices have now rather small price margins, so you must concentrate on Commodities.



      There is the possibility to craft known or special weapons for which you need a serie of commodities and minerals in order to construct. A dedicated ‘Engineering Lab’ can be found in any station to perform these operations. You can then sell or use the equipment or weapons you construct.


      Civilian missions:

      Most of the existing missions of EM are also present in EL, as well as new ones that are quite challenging, like hunting for meteors that are heading on a planet’s surface and which you must intercept before they impact. Better have the right equipment!


      Universe, grafics, artwork:

      The universe is composed by a big Quandrant with known systems that are connected by Jump Gates, but hundreds of other systems, and even other galaxies, are not connected and you will have to discover by yourself by speaking to NPCs or making some vast exploration tours by your own.

      One downside of the game IMO, is that although every ‘sector’ in a star system is now double in size, all the missions and activities that you will carry out are limited to said sector. This is a severe game play constraint, but it doesn’t matter too much because you get plenty of challenges and puzzles to solve and you don’t really get the feeling of ‘playing in a box’. Also because the whole grafic engine is a new and much better one, especially the planet landscapes. You can now actually land on planets instead of just floating over the ground, and yes…you can also use a Terrain Walker to explore the planet and carry out special missions. Yes, with it you can make some funny spashes in the water (no, no fishes in the water; for that you will have to wait for No Man’s Sky end of June) and it’s even useful for combat against passing ships, I let you discover yourself.


      Final impression:

      Evochron Legacy has really improved. If you enjoyed Mercenary, then really get this new title because near all aspects have been reworked for even better immersion and challenge. A stunning work for a single developer 😎



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      Nice review Xenons :good: were you playing the single player game?, my only complaint about is that the NPC ship don’t seem to do much in game

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      Hi Pinback,

      I played SP only, also because I currently have trouble with my web connection (not related to EL). The combat AI system is very strong and diversified as are the different missions.


      NPC ships: you have the option to trade with them by hitting a key (F4) once there are at close range which will open a com window; here you can also hire them for combat or “Ask for Information” which will give you more clues about the universe and interesting things to search for.

      By using this com window to hire pilots you can form a whole fleet (I think up to 8 ships!) and use your pilots with dedicated Fleet commands.


      AFAIK, the gameplay in MP does not differ radically from SP, but the combat part or teamwork is for sure more interesting in MP compared to SP only.


      EL is really ‘open’ in what you can do and the role you want to play, the good is: EL doesn’t have – like many space games – the lack of endgame content, which means if you want to discover all secrets and content, then you are go playing for a very long time probably 🙂




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      it’s not so much the player interaction with the NPC,it’s more to do with them not doing anything ie docking or mining, fighting with each other although I think they do this in the war zone. Not sure if their are any pirate attacks where the NPC ship fight each other.


      I guess it might just be that I have not seen any of these things although I did see one of NPC ship bump into an asteroid once. 

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      Yes, I now see what you mean. I must say that my post above is more explaining what you can currently do in the game rather than to be a review, because I have omitted to mention some serious flaws in Single Player when it comes to NPCs and hostile regions.

      So yes, I think EL is currently unbalanced in SP because you see way too many friendly ships when going in hostile zones, and no, there are no pirate factions currently. Also your stations don’t get attacked unless you play MP, so SP is rather ripped compared to MP in combat activity.


      I have debated the past days on the main game forum, and the developer, aka Vice, is very responsive and he constantly works on EL to make changes and fixes. But altough listening, he is decided to impose HIS way of implementing things, and I can hardly contradict him…


      One major flaw with NPC’s is: You are in disputed or hostile territory in one of your controlled stations. You will only meet enemy ships when doing combat missions, or when reloading the game in which case enemy ships will be around your station combatting agasint friendly NPCs. So I told Vice I will not reload the game just to get action…Let’s see what comes out in the next update.

      But NPC ships *do* mine asteroids or combat each other. But to find them, they will not just spawn  around you all the time, but you have to use a “Sensor Station” (a long range radar) in order to locate them and fly to their position…Humm…So they exist but seem to do squirmish or just wait far away from you…Interesting, but not very useful for the game action…

      Also I have suggested that those stations built by the player should meet more resistance, more attacks by enemy battleships because too easy to build anyway. Vice told me that there were too many voices against this line of change, which surprises me and is a pitty…The game in SP should be urgently balanced to have the same challenge than in MP in my opinion, but obviously I can only make these suggestions and see if they come out…


      Of course, the game is not made of combat alone, but the problem is that if I want to just explore a galaxy, I can easily do it with an astronomical program like the excellent SpaceEngine. A space combat simulatar should be mainly about combat. EL does that, but the balance is too artificial currently.



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      But NPC ships *do* mine asteroids or combat each other. But to find them, they will not just spawn  around you all the time, but you have to use a “Sensor Station” (a long range radar) in order to locate them and fly to their position…Humm…So they exist but seem to do squirmish or just wait far away from you…Interesting, but not very useful for the game action…


      I agree that it’s a shame that their is not more NPC ship doing more in the game and the knock on effect is that the game lacks the so called living universe although it just nice to fly around and not have too fight every other NPC ship you meet.


      Although having said that, the more dangerous a star system is then their should be more action from the NPC ships.


      Not tried this in the game but do stations launch any ships to defend themselves or fire back at the player, must try this over the weekend and see what happens.

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      Not tried this in the game but do stations launch any ships to defend themselves or fire back at the player, must try this over the weekend and see what happens.

      Stations will defend very well against attackers. They are surrounded by powerful turrets which are individual elements that launch missiles. Tip: concentrate on the Shield module first if you want to destroy the command module.


      When I load the game – and alas only at that moment – I can see some enemy incursions and the station will start to react immediately, also any friendly ship around the station will engage in combat. The problem is: NPCs attack ships but never the station modules, which would force me to get out and defend (or I lose my station which I have to rebuild).

      If these same  incursions would happen on a regular random basis in hostile regions, and also attacking the stations, the game would be so much better.


      There was a heated debate on the forums to make stations more difficult to destroy (which is now the case) because in MP players didn’t like to see their stations blown up by some isolated MP ships passing over there 🙂  But this was a pure MP problem.

      The problem in SP is the opposite one: your stations are all safe, building any turrets is a waste of time…

      I really hope this changes in the next releases :haha:



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      The problem is: NPCs attack ships but never the station modules, which would force me to get out and defend (or I lose my station which I have to rebuild).


      You know there’s a game feature their if you are able to build stations in a game then you should have a squadron of fighter ship to defend it or the ability to hire them.

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      combat training video.


    • #106628

      New update on Steam will have to turn on the updates and download this one.

      Version 1.0348 includes the following improvements:

      – AI traffic patterns updated to appear near and fly more consistently around stations.
      – Engineer crew member can now perform emergency repairs to damaged ship subsystems slowly even if no repair device is installed.
      – Spawn placement system updated to prevent rare potential mismatch when renaming a profile (causing a displaced spawn point).
      – Territory quadrant map indicator colors changed to consistently align with text readouts (green = allied, red = enemy).
      – New neutral faction affiliation option added (indicated by IND/Independent) for players, see notes for details.
      – Build system updated to allow ‘IND’ stations to be constructed that allow any player to dock at.
      – Default station module data stored to fixed template for possible future functionality.
      – ‘IMG’ faction label renamed to ‘IND’ to support new independent faction option.
      – Terrain texturing changed for improved detail appearance at higher altitudes.
      – Improvements to depth appearance and rendering for experimental VR system.
      – Head movement factor value option added to vrsetup.txt VR file options.
      – Several minor UI fixes for a few click ranges and indicators.
      – Performance improvements for planets with plants and animals.
      – Passenger transport objective added to single player mode.
      – Minor fixes.

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      Now here is a space sim that is worth anyone’s money, in fact so is the whole Star Wraith series for that matter. :girlcrazy:

      Will be grabbing this update too. Thanks Pinback :queen:

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      Is Legacy going to be the last in the series? Wonder if he will work on a new IP now?

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      New update.



      Version 1.0388 includes the following improvements:

      – Jump caster deployable option added (see notes).

      – More customizing options added for menu graphics (customizing page updated).

      – Tractor beam type mounted on ship now transfers to terrain walker so players can select which materials to mine with the walker as well.

      – Space station module build point allowed to be one position step closer for production and storage modules connecting to smaller module types.

      – Planet terrain impact damage now possible at higher cruise speeds (no longer requires engaging jump drive to overpower shield resistance).

      – Moon impact damage now possible using consistent conditional parameters as planet collisions with the new impact damage system.

      – Asteroid and asteroid cave impact damage behavior aligned with new collision impact damage system for planets and moons.

      – AI system updated to allow hostile ships to travel closer to planet terrain while in pursuit of player or other ships.

      – 25% pay bonus now applies to combat contracts accepted planet side (with waypoint(s) in atmosphere).

      – Rare issue that could cause capital ships to appear at wide vertical angles after respawning fixed.

      – Specular level on cockpits raised slightly to better align with other shiny metallic surfaces.

      – Minimum water retrieval elevation reduced for closer proximity requirement to water source.

      – By player request, shield module stacking recharge rate set to 70% per additional module.

      – Vertical displacement that could occur when jumping near station command modules fixed.

      – Increased AI travel paths near/around stations in multiplayer.

      – A few minor fixes.


      Don’t no but I don’t think it will be his last game in the series, but he really needs to change the game engine as the current one looks really dated now.

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      Dated it might be but I always thought it gave a certain charm to the series. If there is to be a new game and a new engine used I hope they keep the feel and look of the older games even if they are graphically superior.

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      New update.



      Version 1.0408 includes the following improvements:

      – Ability to import a custom global asteroid mesh added (see customizing kit for details).

      – Ability to import custom station/city module meshes added (single player only, see customizing kit for details).

      – Military cockpit design updated to move upper canopy strut lower (below compass and console menu) and to add side struts.

      – By player request, AI traffic and guidance systems updated to allow hostile ships to more frequently arrive near player in disputed and hostile systems.

      – Rate of potential non-contract battle scenarios in disputed systems increased (including friendly and hostile ships jumping in for reinforcements).

      – Low light visibility mode updated to additionally apply illumination to asteroids and metallic structures rather than terrain only.

      – Fix for an issue where terrain walker step sounds could align with music volume rather than effects volume after switching views.

      – Dedicated HAT control modes for game control devices now align with indicated device ID in configuration menu.

      – New black hole effect (layered swirling accretion disk with dark center) and extended gravity field.

      – Directive 88 in custom quests now clears any quest object left behind automatically.

      – Altimeter updated to align with navigation distance scale factor.

      – Dedicated sound option for disruptor effect added (s4c.wav).

      – Heat alert indicator updated to be more visible.

      – Aurora borealis effect added by player request.

      – Lighting effects and visibility improved.

      – Collision system added to jump gates.

      – Improved MFD transition effect.


      The new aurora borealis system is designed to render with unique colors based on atmosphere type and provides an animated movement effect. If you would like to try your own custom textures for the effect, see the customizing kit for details.

      For those interested in using over-sized DPI scaling values in Windows 10 (over 100% in display properties) rather than an aligned 1:1 pixel scaling (100%), one of the ‘Locked (FS)’ screen modes is recommended. When using the default ‘Optimized’ full screen window mode, the game will attempt to submit/adapt to an over-sized scaling level, which can look strange (blurry, low detail, etc) on some configurations. Using a locked screen mode will force the game to use a 1:1 scaling factor, even if the desktop scaling level is set to something else in Windows 10. As a result of the benefit of using locked screen modes with over-sized scaling conditions, the locked screen modes are no longer highlighted in red in this build.

      To retain the original large value altitude readout scale level, simply create a text file name altitudemode.txt and place it in the hud folder (you’ll need to create one if you haven’t already) within the game’s install folder.

      Edit 10-11-2016: Quick patch uploaded which should help correct the ‘runtime error 118’ a few players have reported. If anyone encounters such an error at this point, please e-mail me the sw.cfg file from the game’s save data folder (default location is c:sw3dgEvochronLegacy and sent to the address at > contact) so I can investigate it further. So far, tests have come back positive that this update should resolve the error.

    • #106634

      And another update to the game.



      Version 1.0418 includes the following improvements:

      – Station attack alerts in multiplayer now include name of attacking player in message log.

      – Dedicated contract objectives added for terrain walkers (survey, plant sample, and lost item recovery).

      – 3D item description icon for terrain walker now constructed from modules in memory for optimal loading performance.

      – Server programs updated to display station attack alerts in message log (including new addition of the name of attacking player).

      – Smoothing now standard across all texture detail modes for softer light reflections and higher detail appearance.

      – Particle cannon weapon range and damage level tapering updated to align better with indicated MDTS range value.

      – Scenarios that could result in parts of a nebula cloud or planet ring being left behind during training fixed.

      – Radar display mode 1 horizon plane separated from base texture image and is now a fully 3D rendered surface.

      – Energy score displayed in shipyard now includes higher base capacitor level for military ships in value.

      – Target MFD detail mode ship orientation tracking indicator also updated to render as a full 3D surface.

      – HUD target direction indicators updated in VR to remain locked to a fixed orientation (player request).

      – Issue that could cause faction ID mismatches in cooperative delivery contract in multiplayer fixed.

      – Default VR depth scaling and head movement scaling adjusted based on player feedback (see notes).

      – Collision system added to plant structures, including potential damage for higher speed impacts.

      – Pitch ladder depth reduced to better align with gunsight depth and render ahead of lens flares.

      – Compass cylinder 3D position updated to better align with menu frame in experimental VR mode.

      – Waypoint placement updated to better account for potential planetary defense ring conditions.

      – 25% pay bonus notification line moved to below contract pay line to avoid overlapping.

      – 25% pay bonus notification added to relevant planet side missions in war zones.

      – Radar range and mode controls enabled for terrain walkers.

      – New mesh structure and texture for terrain walker cockpit.

      – New mesh structure and texture for jump gate object.


      The server programs will now display attack alerts in the message log. The name of the attacking player will also be displayed (and recorded in the server message log). When an alert is logged, it will display the sector location of the attack, the faction of the attacking player in brackets, the name of the attacking player, and finally the faction of the module being attacked in parenthesis.

      For radar display mode 1 and target orientation indicator, the new horizon plane 3D surface also has a new additional dedicated index for its texture. The filename is ‘ccpitblue1c.png’ and details are included in the customizing kit. The horizon plane has been made into a full 3D rendered surface to better align with the 3D sphere in the experimental VR mode.

      The new default values for the experimental VR system are 3.4 for ‘EyeDistanc’, 3.4 for ‘HeadMScale’, and 0.4 for ‘VRUIScale’. So if you want to adjust those further, simply make changes to any vrsetup.txt file you may have in place. And if you want to restore the original values for any reason, they are 1.0, 1.0, and 0.5 respectively.

      Particle cannons now have an increase of at least about 80 meters to their range. This helps them better align with their indicated MDTS locking ranges. Some custom weapons may have over an 80 meter increase, depending on their previous MDTS locking range values. So overall, particle cannons can now shoot a little farther and should better line up with their locking ranges. They can also now shoot a little past their MDTS locking distance, but not by much and their damage effectiveness can deplete when over the MDTS limit.

      Since smoothing is now standard across all texture detail modes, the ‘High + Smoothing’ option has been removed from the Options menu. More objects in the game now also have smoothing applied for a more unified appearance between various structures in the game. A new ‘Surface Smoothing’ option has been added to the texture detail menu that will still allow you to turn smoothing on or off as may be desired.

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