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      I really enjoy the game but the face generation looks pretty horrid and there is a specific look I am trying to achieve but find almost impossible using the automatic system. Is there an option to manually put together my face and I am just missing it? or is there a mod that would let me do that?

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      True, the facegen is an abomination.
      We intend to rip it out and redo from the ground up, There were several starts, but all people dwindled away soon, who were working on it. It’s cursed. 🙂
      I have some sketches for it, but didn’t yet had the time to actually start working on the replacement. But don’t hold your breath, it’s a lot of work.

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      I hope you don’t mind i i give a comment to this. I like it, i like the work and the general idea behind. Now whatever you folks see in Pioneer, once it was our intention to be simply a FE2 clone and even the way of cluttering the faces together was similar to the original and we found it’s good (besides i like the fun aspect of it, but not everybody is like me, not everybody is as funny like me). In the very beginning we had an empty screen and before we started with implementing the face generation i would have liked to done it with a model. One could specify bones for a head and it could be build procedurally and it would even offer to animate the stuff.

      But yeah it’s a whole lot of work and this task i couldn’t have started myself.
      However, changes overall have made such impossible.

      but i can reach it with a dynamic geometry which allows me to move any specified vertice in the model.
      If that is scripted geometry or a skinned matrix.

      In principles it wouldn’t be different to what i.e a blender offers, face generation based on a couple of variables.

      if it wouldn’t exceed my capabilities somewhat i would have presented it in “Phoenix”, maybe i still will do it just to show that it would have been posible before.

      FYI, it’s possible to change the faces or to make it more serious looking, personally i would prefere drawings if you clutter the images together because this would allow you to fit the elements so they won’t look this artificial as they do sometimes.

      Another possibility would be to create models, render them and use the result as base for the face elements, also this seems to me a good option if i can’t use the models.

      It’s “easy” it’s just a lot of work to make all the face elements.
      Besides it’s not longer my job.
      Do it yourself folks and don’t fear the work – personally i do it because it gives me work.
      But well, i lost reputation and it isn’t funny to work without to be honored or even worse to be blamed for.

      Don’t forget “the future will be intellivisionised” – use procedural generation wherever it’s possible.

      Procedural generated Models?
      Why not, we thought about such a long time ago.
      But well it needs a flexible model system to reach this.
      And not something which is ment for architecture and web presentations.

      I can “easy” generate a scripted geometry – can you do such with collada?
      (you could clutter them together procedurally but you can’t generate geometry)

      Unbound to this, right yesterday i had the idea to generate trees, just to place them in my Arcology.
      It will be my first approach to generate geometry.
      Once i would pass more variables to the model system it would be even possible to make them different for almost each generated system.

      In this sense “have a plastic aorta – it will give you a new perspective to life”
      (things lose of importance due to such).

      in other words
      have pun – i’m happy to stay alive!

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      I don’t know, I always thought the ugly faces you sometimes met on the boards were a charming feature, as Scott Manley said in this review video of Pioneer

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