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      I am very interested in contributing new character files for pioneer using make human and blender. the game is so great – but the faces/characters/models are totally cheesy . I am a complete noob – but Ive built a character using makehuman while learning the program. –
      I would love to contribute and improve this one aspect of an otherwise spectacular game! Ive read as much as I can – still lost in space…..

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      I doubt that makehuman has enough fidelity for it.
      The starts we had tackling this were always cartoony, and I prefer that direction too. (Too bad I didn’t had the time to actually start working on any of this :/ )

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      if little me is allowed to resurrect a old idea.

      you are right, if i show pioneer to younger friends oft mine, which are no space game players, it’s the first they argue about, the humans in pioneer.

      even if i explain Them our idea we had, they still don’t like it, which i understand well.

      heads could be 3d, generated and could even really interact with you, that’s State of the Art.

      but we missed this and sorry with the chosen model system it’s not to imagine, collada isn’t made for games, basta.

      we would need a open, programable model system.
      eh, sorry let’s say almost as the scripting system we had.

      with restriction oft real interacting, or OK, maybe just restricting animation oft the head, i can even imagine to use something like DX meshes.
      direct-x gives you at least the possibility to make skinned Animations and this is a must to procedural generate faces and to let Them talk, in some sort of way.

      you see…
      old Problem and i fear to rant about.

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      what i don’t really und er stand is,
      what is so cheesy about the models?
      many are not my style, but nozmajner does a good job with Thema, IMO.

      choices are different and well pioneer is (or would be) open enough to exchange all models.

      though, spacecrafts are to me More a style question.

      though yes, what annoys you in the models (faces, humans i under stand well)

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      The faces have never bothered me. Also I think that 2D is the correct approach for us.
      I’ve worked on projects where we wanted 3D customisable avatars and it was a huge amount of work for a *team* of people for almost 3 years!

      Simpler systems use 2D texture changes on more basic 3D models, that’s things like Nintendo Mii or the current (old) Xbox Avatars.
      Those are a good compromise between the complexity of full 3D (like future Xbox Avatars will be).

      Mostly it just needs some artwork updates like we have hoped several times would happen.

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        I like em currently. Something refreshing about having ugly characters most of the time more realistic =)

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      for the role the avatars have in pioneer it’s what is needed.
      and of course “would keep a team busy” i stated myself years ago to this topic.

      but perhaps rendered scenes would grade the “cheesy pictures” up?
      also faces (parts of) could be pre-rendered and give the whole thing a more
      unified, serious (even artificial) look.

      it’s open enough to experiment with a different style
      i.e. manga (i would like a comic style, it doesn’t have to be manga)
      but it has to be done.
      and it’s no secret how it works, it’s just a lot of puzzling
      (as a hint for those who think they look cheesy, it’s up to you).

      you can’t please everyone.

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