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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    (I really do miss the old download pages that let us describe what our packages are, and how they should be used)

    Trying to work on a good solution for this. Its frustrating because php sometimes times out for folks with a slow connection and the hacked way I have it now anyone should be able to download because its direct to the file and not through php. I would say it was my host, but I ran into this with the other software I used where I could have file descriptions. People can still upload through the file section in their profile.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    @AndyJ – I agree with you about not repackaging your work and making it available for download. It should be an optional extra, though it’s pretty much indispensable!

    Regarding showcase videos, again I understand your position but, let’s face it, we probably all have installations of FFED3DAJ with elements which look different to each other. Examples are ships, buildings, starports and the cockpit. Then there’s the various textures – including those provided by Nanite2000 – the in-game text font and even the way the skybox is rendered. What I’m getting at is that I’m not sure there is a “classic” FFED3DAJ look any more, with so many mods and config variables available.

    @Gernot66 – IMHO the best way for you to proceed is to make zip files of your new ship and building models available for download (OneDrive and DropBox are good) so that Commanders can add them as and when they want to their install. That should keep everyone happy 🙂


    My point on the video was more that it’s just titled with the name of my project. (and no other description)
    If someone finds it on YouTube then they’d assume that it represents my project – which it doesn’t.

    If it was titled, I dunno “My Texture & Model mods for FFED3D, July 2018” with a short description underneath – e.g. “Showcasing my texture mod for speedier loading and replacement models for <insert ships/buildings here>” then it’d be clear to anyone finding it what it is.
    As a suggestion I’d include a quick summary of what’s being run – e.g. “My TexturePack1 and ModelPack1 can be found <here>” if it’s to encourage people from YouTube to try it.

    Regarding if there is a classic FFED3DAJ “look” – well I do recommended to install it over the Ittiz build of 2013 because it has a more up-to-date collection of models (I know, I’m in trouble saying that in THIS thread!) and yes, to add the nanite2000 high-resolution texture sets. I asked him if he’d like to put together some planet textures for the 1.10 build, as I was adding the functionality to texture different areas of terrain and define which textures to use per-planet type via an ini file. We released the new build and the texture packs at the same time, because that was how I wanted the new build to be seen.
    So if I was going to showcase my build, that would be the setup – the only change to the .cfg being that to enable the planet textures – the “skins” version being the preference although they both look the same in the intro sequence.

    I’d agree with anyone creating new content should keep it simple and just zip up the files, perhaps with a text file containing a short description and instruction of where to unpack it if it’s not obvious.
    The mod manager is an extra step to go through, and I’m not sure that most people realise it’s there. If it’s there… the Ittiz build removed it completely (oops).


    (I also meant to mention that the base pack that I recommend does include the videos, which is why it’s a much larger download/installation)

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)
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