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      i hope i got that tard ready now.
      i updated the bundle to FFED3DAJ1.12, it includes mods for the ships which i replaced with mine and i fixed a few small issues which are to see in the recent clip of the WIP.


      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      Here’s the link to the complete bundle containing vids and everything to start FFED3D out of the box.
      It’s not as “flexible” as the other releases, i decided which models and textures and there are no mods except the replaced ships.
      If you like to have different textures or models you would have to take them from the previous releases.


      There isn’t much difference to any else, it’s just a “almost” complete FFED3DAJ1.12beta, almost because it doesn’t contains any optional textures.
      The shader scripts vary a little to the original ones because i liked to get less specularity on the ships and especially on the buildings.
      Recently i used the texture to lower the specualrity of the darker areas with the backdraw that windows which are often almost black will turn out matt (flat shaded). i haven’t managed it to use a second texture for specularity only, when i try everything turns out wrong but that would be the goal.

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      Please don’t repackage my builds Gernot, especially the WIP beta’s.

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      Sorry, looks like i shouldn’t have done it.

      I’m a bit curious why, but no matter i will delete them.

      Nonetheless thanks for the reply, nice to see your’e still alive (nice to see that i’m still alive) it wasn’t my intention to annoy you.

      What options do i have?
      Of course i can offer the models as mod (no big changes so far since last year), but imho the mods directory is more a full to the rim, it’s to much and i just thought it would be a good idea to implement certain things to the game, i.e. i didn’t expect that someone will use the old “old blackelk” spaceport or similar.
      I also thought it would be a good idea for the textures, it’s nice that we can decide but i feel it’s not really needed to.

      However – my fault 😉

      would you feel comfortable if i republish the things which belong to each other seperate here?
      (link to the sources).
      Or is it because 1.12 is still beta, i couldn’t find it here (but that means nothing) that’s why i took them from my downloads which i transferred to the new machine (i bought my mom a “new” notebook, a used dell which is quite good compared to the junk which i use).

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      the idea i had quite long ago, so i should have asked you quite long ago.
      firm it got when i readed the entries in “FFED3D complete”, yes it’s enough to use only those two mentioned downloads, but whoever will miss at least the the vids. I know we stayed off of publish them together, but imho if i put them in or link to i.e. hoopers page it will be the same.

      However, the files are deleted.

      Probably a moderator can close this thread?

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      What differs 1.12 from 1.11?

      The scaling of the submodels has changed due to this the scanner or ECM will be displayed in a proper scale to the ship, equal to FFE these submodels are dynamic scalable and will be scaled now by the games internal scaling of the submodels.
      This also allowed me to create the dome for the various needs in the game, this dome will be scaled now proper to the submodel which calls the dome.
      It still has no “windows” if i would use a transparent material it would cutout certain underlaying geometry depending on the rendering which is not to control, some faces are rendered before the underlaying geometry (cuts out) some after (stays on top).
      It has now a collision mesh which is quite bigger as the object (i have no idea why), so take care you can’t fly anymore into the domes, you will crash and you will crash somwhat off from the visible dome.

      Further the handling of the animations has changed, this won’t be verfy obvious except that the “Kestrel” won’t work as intented by me resp. the engines won’t rotate as they should (for my prev. release of the model it will be simply wrong and the engine rotates with the landing gear anim).


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