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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Thought I had posted about this, but I guess not, anyhow early access game on steam
    Combat game and not in the Wing Commander mode for once as you attempt to stop yourself from going out of business.

    From Steam.
    Congrats, you have just inherited your father’s contract space security company! Unfortunately, this is because your father has been missing for months and is presumed deceased. You have a rented hangar full of junk, a rusty old space fighter, and are a week from being out of business. Good luck!

    Flipside Genesis is a fun single-player take on the space simulator genre. Fly missions, earn credits, and improve your reputation!

    An opinionated AI assistant.
    A flight model that focuses on bringing back the fun of “space dogfights” rather than pure realism.
    A single space fighter with a single weapon system.
    A hangar for you to park your ship in.
    A mission board for accepting new missions.

    Note: While you can use a controller to fly your ship, controllers aren’t officially supported yet. We plan to offer full controller support for all menus and in-game functionality soon.

    Ongoing Development:

    Flipside Genesis was born from a game jam submission, and is very much under continuous development. There are several features in active development, including:
    In-flight energy and systems management.
    A selection of different weapons and components that can be attached to your ship.
    Business management aspects include paying weekly rent and repair costs.
    A full voice over pass for in-game content.
    More ships you can purchase and upgrade.
    New hangar environments, allowing you to store more ships.
    More weapons and ships systems
    Manufacturing and R&D upgrades, allowing you to improve your systems over time.

    Flipside Genesis is very much in active development. If you like the idea of buying an early version of the game and following along as the game develops, or even contributing ideas and bug reports, this is the game for you!

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    This looks kinda fun, but it seems to require Win10 <sighs>
    If only MS would backport DX12 to Win7 <grumbles>


    Looks like the requirement for Win10 is not DirectX related (DX9 or 11) which is a bit puzzling indeed. Maybe just the fact that Win7 won’t be supported anymore when it’s released?


    Oh? I missed that bit. In that case, it might just run on Win7 – hmm.


    Cody,you could ask the dev on the games Steam forum. Or if you do buy it, you can always get it refunded, if you find it does not work. Although their is a tight deadline with Steam refunds IIRC.


    Aye, but I don’t have a Steam account, nor do I wish to open one. If I were to find a game that interested me enough, and it was tied to Steam, then I’d have to reconsider.


    Unfortunately Steam only, interestingly looking at the forum for the game, it was going to be an robot mech RTS game until the current dev took over and changed it to space shooter.

    My mistake, the game is on may not be the same version as Steam as it’s under a different name and makes no mention of the hangar.


    Thanks for that edit, Pinback – grabbed it!


    Going to pick up a copy myself, just waiting for the old Steam sale to start.


    I like what I am seeing in this early development of the game from their steam page, I usually don’t buy early access games ever so I hope they keep working at it because from the trailer they are doing some good things so far.

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