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      Looks like just before Leonard Nimoy died he and his son were working on a documentary focused on Spock for the 50th anniversary of the character. With the recent passing of Mr Nimoy he is not going to be here to personally finish and witness the 50th anniversary for Spock. So his son has picked up the torch and he wants to finish up documentary in the hopes it can be ready for the anniversary.
      This looks very interesting and of course it will cover one of the biggest scifi characters of all time plus cover the man that played him. I just came across this on kickstarter and didn’t know about it so spread the word and back it if you want this to happen and pay one last tribute to Mr Spock.
      Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/adamnimoy/for-the-love-of-spock-a-documentary-film
      Kickstarter pitch:

      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      This was funded btw and will look forward to seeing this when it is out.

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      I can’t wait to see this. I didn’t even know something like this was in the works! 

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      Finally sat down to watch this:


      You can currently watch this on Netflix and I would suggest it highly for those that loved Star Trek and loved Mr. Spock. When you sit back and think about it, Mr. Spock and Star Trek has really impacted our culture and glad I grew up during this time. I doubt we will ever have a tv series ever impact our culture like Star Trek has… Live long and Prosper

      Mr Nimoy, you will live forever!

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