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    Well you can guess what this is based on. :biggrin:




    Not much on the website  http://galactic-princess.com/ Apart from a forum and a brief description.


    Also look like their will be a Kickstarter for it, me thinks this one will be worth watching for.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle



    Well you can guess what this is based on.  :biggrin:



    “Lula 3D” maybe?  :crazy:  :crazy:  :crazy:


    “Lula 3D” maybe?  :crazy:  :crazy:  :crazy:


    😆 😆


    Actually, I gave it a lot of thought, but I have no idea what it is based on.


    I think it is funny that the description basically says that you are trying to find the princess in order to rule the galaxy.  That is an awesome reason to save the princess.


    I think it is funny that the description basically says that you are trying to find the princess in order to rule the galaxy.  That is an awesome reason to save the princess.


    Reminds me of a quote from that little seen film. :haha:


    Luke: She’s rich.

    Han Solo:[interested] Rich?
    Luke: Rich, powerful. Listen, if you were to rescue her, the reward would be…
    Han Solo: What?
    Luke: Well, more wealth than you can imagine!

    Han Solo:I don’t know, I can imagine quite a bit.


    Yay now with Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/19027642/galactic-princess?ref=live looking for £20K more details on Kickstarter.




    As the captain of your own smuggler spaceship, lead your crew to a life of glory! How you do that is up to you! 

    The ways to achieve this aim are multiple. From trading merchandises, even illegal ones such as space drugs or slaves if you choose so, to using diplomatic solutions. But never forget though, that the best option remains piracy, but with piracy often the price of blood.

     So guard your treasures and beware your enviousopponents, especially of the corrupted members of the Spacecop alliance.

     To survive in space you will need to earn the best equipment: 

    •  powerful engines
    •  mighty generators
    •  deadly weapons
    •  medic systems
    •  research labs
    •  control systems                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


    Main Story  

    Galactic Princess is a combination between retro-futurism and pop culture. The game plays with common clichés and well-known references, twisting them in an unexpected way.  

    Using satire, and parody, Galactic Princess toys with Humor and Drama throughout it.


    An artificial government saw the light, self-proclaimed under the name of “Unified Galaxy”, with no other ambition than to impose their power on the galaxy.

    This illegitimate organization, ruled by an alliance of the most ruthless and corrupted men took and kept the power by force, establishing legions of Spacecops to maintain the control of the resources. Those who did not bow to their tyranny became rebel factions, or simply independent crews, led by their trustworthy Captains. 

    This is where you come into play. As a renowned pirate, proud smuggler and captain of your own vessel, your main desire is to remain free from the government abuses. To make your wish come true, you will have to build the strongest ship and recruit the best crew.

     But fate has reserved a much greater plan for you…

    In your search for glory and power, a myth caught your heart; according to which somewhere in the galaxy laid a power that would bring the planets back to life. It is your destiny to travel through space looking for information that will lead you to this Power. 

    The Myth has a name, and is known as “The legend of the Galactic Princess”         



    Over the 18K mark and still 23 days to run and it has been greenlite on Steam.


    Update from yesterday.


    This canteen is an example of rooms that we will develop if we reach the stretch goal “New Statistics”.  


    To survive in space, you must learn how to manage statistics for your crew; such as hunger, tiredness and even loyalty. 

    These statistics depend on race and affect directly the effectiveness of your team. For example, to provide for their needs, Ikooms need an impressive amount of meats while robots need only a few oil drops. 

    It is essential to have a good stockpile before leaving for adventure. 

    Neglect of theses statistics would mean the death of your crew. A good captain knows these responsibilities. 

    Loyalty is an important statistic. A crew without loyalty will turn against its master. 

    Prisoners may be converted to your cause by increasing their loyalty. Imprisonment, explosive collars, race of your opponent, quests and the composition of your crew affects loyalty.



    Yay hit their funding goal about a week ago :biggrin: been a couple of new updates since.



    Introducing the Chainsaw :

    This weapon is rated rank A in the illegal types of weaponry – unlike the Tractor Beam- even if once combined you will obtain devastating results.


    With this weapon equipped on your ship you can expect a brutal outcome; it’s a merciless weapon that will even destroy your opponents’ treasures.

    It doesn’t require a lot of honor to be used but sometimes principles need to be put aside if you want to survive.






    New vid about boarding




    Games being funded and their is still 9 days to go till the end of the Kickstarter.


    They unlocked a stretch goal and still have 24 hours left to run.


    With your support we are now in position to add more gameplay content in order to deepen and improve the mechanics as well as to polish the game even more and include a mining system.

    The mining system is an important step since it opens the path for new mechanics based on the gathering and use of the collected resources.  

    Those resources will then be used to upgrade your ship and crew equipment, or once stored, for good old smuggling trades.  

    To celebrate, we would like to share our researches for the new smuggler uniform, of course they may still evolve but we thought it could be nice to involve you in the decision. 

    Please tell us which outfit do you prefer, your votes will be taken into consideration to decide which will be implemented.   


    You can pick one uniform or more and sort them in order of preference.



    Kickstarter finished and £14 grand over their target.


    You are now more than 2000 aspiring smugglers; we sincerely thank each one of you for your trust and support. We will never be grateful enough for all the energy you brought us, and be sure we will spend it pushing our limits to overcome your expactations.

    Regarding the stretch goal “new statistics” we decided to include it in the game since it came so close to be unlocked, and thus will implement two new statistics out of the three suggested: hunger and loyalty. Indeed, we are convinced that these two new parameters are much more interesting in terms of depth of gameplay than tiredness.

    About the other stretch goals we will see how things evolve, for the moment they will remain where they stopped, but we will develop them by ourselves if it fits to our schedule. 

    The best thing about kickstarter is the fact it linked us together. Your support will lighten greatly the time we would have allocated to marketing, and will allow us to focus only on the game development. This freedom is a privilege we owe you. 

    Also, we will build a special page on our website to allow newcomers to preorder the game or items. 

    Again a million time thank you, you’re the best!



    Update from Kickstarter.



    Galactic Princess development is doing well, here is a list of the main upgrades we developed these last 2 months.


    • 2 new systems have been developed to ease the ship control, one for the speed and the other for torque.
    • A compass system has been added.
    • An indicator that shows current direction of the ship.
    • A system which displays the ship current speed.
    • A system that allows player to control Time (speeding it up, slowing it down or stopping it).


    • Engines now consume fuel when activated.
    • A system to stock fuel has been added.
    • A system producing electric energy from fuel.
    • Some systems now consume energy when activated.  


    • System generating oxygen inside the ship.
    • A red light progressively turns on as oxygen in the ship decrease.
    • Fire can propagate in the ship, consumes oxygen and stops when there is no more oxygen.
    • Fire now deals damages to modules, systems and crew units.  



    • Some systems need a crew member assigned to be functional.
    • Some systems stop running when they have taken a certain amount of damage. 
    • System appearance changes accordingly to the damage taken. These systems need to be repaired to function again (repair feature is not yet implemented).
    • Prison cells are operational and allow the player to block one or more units (when laser doors are closed!…).
    • A claw can be placed on the ship to grab another ship or asteroids.
    • A new system allowing player to activate and desactivate weapons.
    • Elevators allow crew units to move from one floor to another, and is taken into account in pathfinding.
    • Ship main AI can now display information like fuel stock and total energy available. Bigger modules for the ship has been added (twice as big), which will allow player to store material and bigger equipments.
    • Crew units can now display messages over their heads reacting dynamically to the situation.
    • Camera system improvement, it is now possible to change the camera angle.



    Looking forward to seeing the Beta on this one.


    New update from Kickstarter as to what has been going on.




    Hi everyone, we are proud to present you the latest advances in Galactic Princess developped thanks to your support. 

    First, a quick presentation of few systems, useful for your adventure:

    • Fuel tank:

    Will allow you to stock fuel in your ship. Fuel is a critical resource and have to be managed carefully. Fuel is consumed by thrusters and generators to produce energy. The fuel tank displays the amount of fuel remaining.

    • Generator:

    Generators tranform fuel into energy. 

    Most systems need energy to function. 1 generator produce 1 energy unit by consuming fuel over time. 

    Generators and fuel tanks are complementary. A ship deprived from one of them becomes extremely vulnerable. The placement of these systems is therefore strategic, either if you’re attacking or defending.

    • Time warper:

    Time can be bent (stopped, accelarated or slowed) thanks to this system. The Time Warper is an illegal system, because in evil or clumsy hands it can tear apart the entire universe space time.

    • Framecounter:

    Like the Time Warper the Framecounter is a meta system. It measure time flow in the current dimension according to universe expansion speed, also know as Frame Per Seconds. This system needs 1 energy unit for functionning.

    We have created several other systems that we will describe in the next updates, now let’s take a peek on other new features.

    • Camera focus:

    It’s now possible to change camera focus, by simply double clicking on a ship, (or ship part), allowing you to move quickly from one point of view to another. Thanks to this, giving order to units and moving them is made easier.


    Units can now board enemy ships and automatically transfer resources from one ship storage to another.


    The music you can hear in this video has been composed by Liam Davis, one of the talented musician working on Galactic Princess sound track and sound effects.


    • AI Ships Autopilot:  

    Ships can now automatically move to a target. They are also able to follow other ships, adapt to their speed, rotate and attack at range.

    • Universe loading:

    Environment is now gradually loaded during player’s exploration. Some sectors of the universe are scripted and some are automaticaly generated. Procedural generation is still under development.

    • Saves management:  

    Player is able to save in specific location only. Currently the data saved are:

    • Ship Structure  
    • Ship Position  
    • Ship stocks (Gold, Food,…)  
    • Units (position, health, alignment, hunger)  
    • Visited sectors containing captured ships or surviving vessels.


    • Optimization: 

    In the current state of development, ships can contain up to 80 units without any significative performance loss.



    Been a while since theirs been an update for the game.



    Hi everyone, I’m proud to present you the latest advances in Galactic Princess developped thanks to your support.

    Here are a few of the new systems on which I have worked in recent months: 



    It allows to heal the wounded units, gradually giving them back their life. An unit inside an healingtube can’t suffer from lack of food because the damage caused by hunger are automatically treated by this System. Therefore healingtubes can be useful for long journeys preserving food stocks.



    This system show inside the ship the direction which he heads.  



    This system converts a resource into another. Allowing access to different rare materials. The crafted materials can be used to improve systems or units. Units working on this system are, by themself, able to manage the inventory of the transmuter by filling or emptying towards a general storage area.  

    There is a type of transmuter for each possible type of transmutation. One of our goals with this system is to increase the feeling of living in the interior of the ship. Thanks to round trips of units, our ship turns into a real factory where everyone have his role.

    Improved resource harvesting:

    It is now possible to reap resources from modules or asteroids destroyed. These resources are attracted to the storage system using a tractor beam system. These are these resources that will be used by the Transmuter.


    I have changed the structure of the units. Now, they can be equipped with different weapons regardless of their sprite. By extension of this method, I’m able to create units with different heads, despite they are of the same race. The objective is to offer a wide variety of characters from different combo in order that everyone can have a unique crew.


    Units are able to pick up food by themself when they are too hungry and return to their place of work without the intervention of the player.

    Laser turret:


    This new weapon system consists of a laser cannon mounted on a pivot. This turret points to the player’s cursor and has a clearance of 180°. The advantage of this turret is primarily to enable lessons with precision on a moving target without change the direction of the ship. 

    Scouts ships:

    These miniature vessels have their own physical and control system. It is able to address the other ships thanks to the docking system. Other features will be integrated soon, as the possibility of transporting units.


    I decided to make a little less realistic physics to improve the ships maneuverability . Now the ships have maximum speed and engine power are proportional to the speed of the ship. Thus, the braking maneuver it’s much easier and it is now much easier to reach a specific point in space without suffering too big drift. The realistic physics of GP is a key component of the game, but it must not be at the expense of gameplay. That’s why I took this difficult decision that I don’t regret.


    Now, to upgrade a Ship, it is necessary to have a certain amount of gold to buy modules or systems. This feature is very important because it allows us to finalized the gameplay loop, adjust values and validate else Gameplay elements:


    Optimization of allocated memory:  

    The maximum size of the ship which was 100 * 100 module was reduced to 50 * 50. Indeed, the size of large vessels strongly impact the performance of the game. By reducing this value by two, we have now a game much more fluid while maintaining a maximum ship size honorable. This optimization allows us to show more things to the screen and add else features that would have been too greedy. Thus, we can maintain the FPS at least 60 on an average configuration.  

    From January I will be joined by a new colleague. Its role will be to work on the scenario of Galactic Princess and manage the community. Thus you will get most often information on development and your questions will no longer remain unanswered. 

    In addition, we will also redo the forum that I had to leave to the abandonment because I had to take the decision to focus on the development at the expense of communication. This forum will be easier to access, more ergonomic and I hope that real conversation and reflection will be held. 

    Thanks for your support!


    Looking forward to seeing the beta on this one.


    A long time ago in a galaxy far away, their was a kickstarter, and it’s finally come home to roost. https://galactic-princess.com/ 😀

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