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    Wellcome everyone.


    Due to some technical problems with Star Elite I have been working on second project in same time. This project have been realy started before Star Elite about two years ago and now it is finaly finished.


    Generation X is space based fabular game. First episode should be taken as introduction to GX series and technical test for game engine. Game engine is alredy in 1.9 version. It is version created with not first but second episode, but contines many bug-fixes and it is compatybile. And this represents a global idea for this series: Evry new version of the engine will be compatybile with all older scripts.


    Additionaly game is open for modding, so everyone who have ideas and finds engine usefull is free to make his own campaigns, missions, ships, and even graphical or sound effects.


    Special thanks for:

    Planet-Source-Code.com/vb/ scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId= 66856&lngWId=1 – Sound engine

    Truevision3D – 3D engine – free for non-commercial use


    While installing game make sure you select one campaign languate only. Otherwise you may mess up your game.


    In case of any technical problems pleace contact me via forum or via e-mail: support@kenlin.pl.


    Some screenshots:








    Game installer: http://kenlin.pl/GX 1.9 Setup.exe



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    Wellcome everyone.


    I wish to ask everyone intrested by GX series about method for uploading new episodes. Evry episode will have one or more campaign, so I would like to know if You prefer to get entire episode in same time or each campaign singly.


    For example: Episode II will have three campaigns. First is alredy almost finished, but second and third are not even started by now. So I can upload first campaign and then continue work or finish all three of them and than upload everything as complete Episode II.


    You can vote using this link: http://kenlin.pl/GX/vote.php



    + some screenshots from Second Episode (Work in progress):





    I hope you will enjoy this game.




    Looks impressive! I think it’ll be probably better to publish a copy of your work onto some globally available netdisks, because the connection to your site is quite unstable here :preved:


    Thanks for reply and for sugesstion, but I would like to know what do you mean “unstable”? Is it just slow, or connection is braking up, or something else?

    Alternative download link:





    Wellcome everyone.


    Instructions for mods developers who are interested creating mod for this game or finds it’s engine usefull in creation theire own game can be found in this link: http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/topic/5252-mods-for-generation-x-engine/?p=55498





    Pretty impressive. The interface seems rather sloppy, but I guess you will develop eventually.



    Tak trzymać 🙂


    I do not realy had planes to change interface, but with second thought – you are right. It needs changes. I have alredy some ideas to make it more functional and look better. Thank you for reply. I hope you enjoy the game.





    So I have first look for new interface. Changes are listed below:

    1. Changed font to Arial – Everything should be easier to read
    2. All interface have been put in panels. 5 normal panels and four special ones
    3. Special panel: Top bar (camera, status displayers, camera filter settings, end mission button)
    4. Special panel: Information window – nothing changed
    5. Special panel: Decision window – nothing changed
    6. Special panel: Firing – Added automatic firing for first two weapon slots, it’s size have been reduced
    7. Normal panels: Navigation, Commands, Scanner, Weapons and Developer Console
    8. Normal panels can be now moved all around screen (which gives possibility to reorganise all hud) and evry panel can be now minimalised by double-click. Posicions of panels are saved, so you do not need to set hud evry time you starting game.
    9. Added Developer console – panel for developers which can be activated by special command in mission script – with all informations needed for mission development.
    10. All panel titles are highlited, which just looks better.

    There is screenshot of new UI (all panels are in default posicions, in Polish):



    I think it is much better than it was. I am waiting for feedback.





    Thanks, now it would be easier to get. The connection to your official website usually timeouts after 50% of the download is completed




    Great project 🙂 Following! 😀


    Wellcome everyone!

    Thank you for your replys and interesant of this title.

    I am glad to inform you that first part of second episode will be comming soon (in this year :)). All what is left to do is:

    • Translation from Polish to English
    • Complete instalation packages
    • Update version informations
    • Build installer – second episode only
    • Build installer – all episodes (not with this version, but will be added as some king of automatic installer / launcher / mod installer)
    • Wait for Spanish UI translation 🙂
    • Test everything to make sure it will not contain any major bugs
    • Update documentation for modders
    • RELESE

    In upper list green means finished, yellow – in progress, red – about to be canceled.

    I will update this list, so you will be able to watch progress. Once Episode II will be relesed I will add link to it’s own topic on this forum.



    Hi piotrintes, i have a question:


    For translate the game into Spanish just need translate the LanguateFileseng*.txt, right?


    Can i create spa*.txt files and send u for a future version?


    And another question:


    Do you need some webspace for publish a devblog? I have cadetesdelespacio.es (spacecadets (Spanish scifi community)) and spacesims.es, i can create a micro blog for GNX if u need 🙂








    Basicaly LanguateFiles<languate>*.txt files contines only texts for interface, but not missions. To make languate chosable I would need to add it’s button in Languate selection menu in the game startup. That is no problem, but if someone have alredy selected languate, then after update, there would be need to show languate selection from options menu. This is less than 10 minutes of work to add this functionality, so no problem. Problem would be campaign. To translate it you would have to translate evry .mis, .bri and info.txt file + campaign scripts. And this takes few days. In short you can create languate files and/or translated campaign if you like, and I will implement it into game and list you in Credits.txt.




    I alredy have my website and I was thinking about pleacing dev info in it, but I have decided to make it on this forum. However if you like to pleace this game anywere else fell free to do so. It would make it more accesable. After all I do not know Spanich, so I will not be able to write anything on it.


    Thank you for your interesant.






    Ok thanks for the quick reply, i have an issue translating:


    The game’s font doesn’t have all the “spanish symbols” (áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ¡¿ñÑ), yep, i can write about ur game in my website (But first need to be translated :D)




    Thank you for information.


    This problem is alredy in-part solved. Symbols áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ will be supported in 2.0 version after interface rebuild (changed font to Arial). However I can’t make ¡¿ñÑ supported, and I do not think I will be able to do anything about that. I do not clearly know why, but those symbols are not avalible in any font script avalible. I maight be connected to my actual system’s languate (if yes, than in 2.0 this should work for you).


    I would like you to send me UI translation on support@kenlin.pl with note how I should list you in Credits.txt as soon as you finish, so I will be able to add “Spanish” option into Languate selection window and make final compile. Because Spanish campaign will be comming after Engish and Polish, so It will be maked as another installer or languate path.







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