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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Looks like one of the more interesting multiplayer game out their


    Taken from the website FAQ.


    1. What is Hellion?

    Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game.

    2. Will there be a Single-player campaign?

    No, Hellion is going to be a Multiplayer only game, but the game will feature a deep background story for players to explore at their own convenience.

    3. Where can I read more about the game features and its story?

    You can find out more on our website Story and Features page, also updates and feeds will be posted on our Blog page.

    4. When will Hellion Early Access be available for purchase?

    Early Access release is planned for – January 2017.

    5. Why did you choose the Early Access model?

    Many of the game’s proposed features are quite unique and we believe community feedback will play a critical role during the development process.

    6. What engine does Hellion use?

    Hellion uses Unity engine.

    7. Will the game support VR?

    We are considering implementing support for VR devices.

    8. Price of the game when it get released for early access?

    The price will be comparable to other Early Access games.

    9. Are you considering Linux, Mac, Xbox, PS4 or any other port?

    We are not considering support for other platforms for the early access release. We are however considering porting the game to other platforms in the future.

    10. Will it be localized to my language?

    Localization is not our focus during the early access stage, but we do plan to release a multi language support in the future.

    11. Can I upload videos, stream, post screenshots, or talk about the game publicly?

    Yes, but within the limits of the end user licence agreement.

    12. Multiplayer server handling.

    There will be multiple open world servers to handle a limited number of players on each one. For now we plan to have around 100 or more players per server.

    Players will also have the ability to transfer their characters to another server.

    In addition the game will feature both public and private servers.


    Steam greenlight page Check the YouTube channels as their are a few more video about the game on it.



    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Just seen this vid for Hellion about a new update, also noticed that it now has a single player mode.
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