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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    I found this site after searching for info about an updated version of Frontier First Encounters; although I’ve never played that game. Back in the early days I played Elite on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum; later a PC version was released. Then I bought Frontier First Encounters but gave up when some missions couldn’t be completed; ie: a ship I was supposed to destroy never arrived. I contacted the makers but no solution or answer was ever received – that’s when I gave up. I remember there was a hack where you could change your ship to a Thargoid one or a Borg Cube – I can’t remember the site where I found these.

    Another game I played was Privateer The Darkening. There was a problem with the game but after contacting the makers I was given a patch to fix it. At one point I was discussing the game with a work colleague and he told me he also had been playing the game. However he never bothered with any of the sub-plot missions so he never met the likes of Bill Maddox, Ralph McCloud, Uncle Kashumai, Louissa Phillips etc etc. It’s a long time since I played this game, I always planned to video the action and the cinematic clips and edit into a sort of movie but at the time I couldn’t find a way to capture the video; maybe someone else has done this.

    I also played a game called Comanche (a helicopter game) and a Star Trek game (I can’t remember the exact name); I haven’t played many games really.

    More recent games I played include: Call of Duty and Toca 3 both of which I mainly played on-line with friends and work collegues.

    I’m thinking of playing Andy J’s FFED3D as soon as I can work out what I need and don’t need to download and install. I have DirectX installed on my Laptop so it should play ok but I think my Tower System might be the best option.

    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    Welcome to SSC TekPete

    There is a few Elite/FFE clones out there and FFED3D, Oolite, Pioneer, etc.. all these games so little time on my hands.

    I liked playing The Darkening, think it was well over 10yrs ago great story and the cutscenes were great. If you look around you can find people that has upgraded the videos to higher quality.

    Been trying to play more games…. World of Tanks has me sucked in a lot since matches last like 10mins 🙂 I have to get motivated I have over 500 steam games and no time…. I need to retire so I can play games.


    Hi SSCAdmin,

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes it has been about 10 years since I played Privateer 2 The Darkening. I don’t know where the time has gone.

    At the moment; I think I’ll give Andy J’s FFED3D a try as it’s a fixed version of Frontier First Encounters, although from what I’ve read there still seem to be a couple of bugs present that were in FE. I’m not sure where things are with Pioneer and XFrontier. Oolite seems to be more along the lines of the PC version of Elite.

    Am I right in thinking that I should download FFED3D_complete.7z or do I need to download first?

    Also do I need DosBox or will it run under Windows7 or XP?



    I packaged the FFED3D together so I know that does indeed work… been a while since I touched it like 4yrs. With AndyJ work I have yet to try that. But I believe that is standalone, I would have to play with it too know for sure. Like a lot of these older games, you could run into issues on the new OS so maybe you might have to use compatibility mode and/or bump gfx down a bit.

    At some point I will look at all that stuff and make a complete package and remove all the other things in the download area.


    I had to download and (re)install DirectX because FFED3D reported a missing d3dx9_43.dll

    Unfortunately the FFED3DAJ.exe tries to run but closes straight away, same with the Anisotropic version (I did download and extract the other files to the FFED directory:, and – I was using my Acer Aspire Laptop, running Win7.

    However the FFEDAJ_HellMod.exe will run but the cockpit dashboard looks a bit bare; there’s no scanner radar display. A lot of the menu options aren’t working; ie: if I answer an ad for a package delivery, I can agree to take it, I can ask if there will any problems but I cannot ask if I need a permit or ask for more money. I hyperspaced to a nearby system and eventually got the autopilot working and headed for a station pressed the “0” to speed up time but got attacked and was blown up before I cold even ask for help. I am unable to Save or Load a game- these options are on the screen but I can’t find any way to activate them. But what I’ve seen so far looks quite nice.

    I’ll try installing the FFED3dAJ on my Tower System (WinXP) and hopefully I’ll have more luck with that.


    I’ve sorted it out. I decided to start from the beginning and this time I extracted only the FFED_Complete.7z (why not use zip???). I clicked on FED 3D.exe and it runs great. This file was missing before that’s why I couldn’t get it working. The fact I got the HellMod version working at all is the mystery here.

    It would seem that I don’t actually need these files:, and, unless I’m mistaken; I’m sure someone will know for sure.

    I had some trouble getting the aspect ratio correct; the Full Screen option in the FFEWin.cfg file doesn’t seem to work very well; setting fullscreen=1 causes the program to lock up. I messed about with the parameters for a while in the end I set it to 0 then set aspectfix=1 so at least the planets aren’t egg shaped. Another annoying issue is when I use Notepad to edit the cfg file and save as All Files it then adds .txt onto the file making it unreadable to the program; I have to remove the .txt bit. I don’t understand this; in the past Notepad worked fine but on Windows 7 I’m having issues.

    One slight annoyance is I keep getting a message on the screen telling me to insert the CD, usually in the Bulletin Board areas.

    I have to say that it all looks very nice; there’s an issue with stars showing through the walls in some situations – I notice that this has been discussed in one of the forums and if I remember correctly was an issue with Frontier Elite; It would seem that Frontier First Encounters was really only an upgrade, perhaps better graphics, I presume a lot of things were added.

    I’ll have a play around this it and try and make the Window bigger

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