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Get Rebel Galaxy and Grey Goo in this bundle for $1

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      Hello I am Alexander and i’m a space nerd i found this website randomly though a-astra.com. I was amazed at this game as it is very similar to the game that my friends and I are creating a game called Ad Astra Periclum, which is how we stumbled upon the Ad Astra site yesterday. However we are wanting our game to be an MMO instead of a single player experience. I’ve actually been trying to get in contact with the people who were working on Ad Astra about 8 years ago because their documentation and specificity was very astounding.


    • sscadminsscadmin

      Hello Xander

      Welcome to SSC, Ad Astra is a good game indeed. When your ready to show off what you are working on feel free to post something about it and I could always make a forum area here for it if you want too. You in good company because there is a few space nerds here.

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      Hello ,

      Thank You! I personally didn’t want to go dropping links, but we do have parts that are ready to be shown such as



      Side note I really love Elon Musk btw

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      Xander as long as links or projects that you are working on are scifi or space related feel free to post whatever you want, just put your post in the correct forum area if you can.

      Nice intro screen btw 🙂

      What Elon Musk is doing with SpaceX I really think we finally might start doing things in space again. I hope more corporations start doing this.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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