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    The way the forum is now, if someone updates a thread, there’s basically no way to notice it other than to go manually digging around for it. Discoverability is pretty terrible.

    For example, unless you explicitly go digging around in “Free SciFi Gaming Projects”, you’re not going to notice that the “Space Nerds In Space” thread has been updated recently. A consequence of this fact is that it us really not worth my time to bother to update that thread, since nobody will ever see it. And that’s true for every thread in every sub-forum that isn’t explicitly listed on this page: http://spacesimcentral.com/forums/ If you want your forum to die off, this is a good way to go about it.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Hi smcameron

    I addressed this issue, the widget I had displaying on the homepage was only showing topics (ie: new topics). So I added another to show recent replies as well so now this should solve the issue. I set them to show most recent replies to last 15 and newest topics to 10. If I need to up that value let me know 🙂

    I will see if I can find something that shows up on the actual bbpress page, but plugins are limited of the bbpress side. But I will see what I can find but for now the homepage will show all of the info you are looking for.


    I second smcameron’s request!!!


    Request filled 😉


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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