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    I saw this link on the Subsim forum ( Thanks Feuer Frei if your out there thumbsup.gif ) just now and thought I could share it, use the slider to move the image




    EDIT: This groovy thang has been updated to Version 2, you ought to check it out! :girlcrazy:

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Thats awesome. We had a bug in Pioneer that we dubbed "quantum foam" <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ /> The land would shake so much it would look like foam if you got too close.

    It reminds me of this youtube video, but this is only the larger scale :



    Nice reminds me for some reason of the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.


    Wow… WOH G64 is damn big… 2.8bil Kilometers in size compared to our sun at 1,4mil kilometers.

    That widget is really cool and that video it almost makes you depressed that we will never get to really see the vastness of space except in simulations unless we can perfect some FTL tech and cryogenics.


    Glad you liked it guys, makes you think just how small and big the universe is <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_eek.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:shock:’ /> Maybe far, far in to the future our race might get to see more of it. A long way to go though before that. And that was a great vid you found s20dan <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//good.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:good:’ />


    <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//shok.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:O’ /> Amazing!

    Although, "Any length shorter makes "no physical sense"". What the…? What the hell does that mean? I always assumed that a distance could be infinitely small.


    Basically it means that there is nothing smaller to be found beneath a Planck Length that our science (in its present state of development) can account for girl_crazy.gif

    By the way, did anyone notice that the music changes as you increase the zoom factor? I thought that was a nice touch cool.gif


    thanks, for posting this geraldine, great!

    it took me a full day to check it out completely, i mean, it has inspired me much and driven me to find out more about, even when it's not new to me.

    didn't we talked about that already once? i remember it somehow (or have i dreamed it?), i remember i referred to a booklet i had read at the age of 12.

    it was named "measuring of the unmeasurable".

    ah, i guess it was on frontier forum, when i slipped to a more philosophical view to what's the universe, when, who was it?, was asking what we think how it looks like.

    and also great video you posted dan (i like that it starts in tibet).

    it's so good beeing part of this wonderful age we live in, we have the chance to reach it, not now, not in our lifetime, but we can help to build the pillars for it.

    don't feel sorry D1, might be you and me can't reach it, our childrens children can, but one has to start that.

    "one has to sit in his nutshell and travel the sea to find new borders"

    to me it doesn't matters as long as i know that we are willing to do it.

    yeah, makes me sad sometimes to, i understand you fully, i always wished i could once…

    ok, that's out of reach for me.

    perhaps not, mankind can make extreme progress sometimes under the right conditions.

    it could be really tomorrow one comes off with a solution for FTL, sounds like fiction i know, but i guess it's true.

    actually i hope not.

    ey what? you hope not?

    yes, it's not the right time now for this, mankind will use this knowledge only against itself as long as we don't change our way of thinking, as long as we all don't change our goals.

    sci-fi is a good matter, do you know "the daleth effect" ("harry harrison")? a story about one who discovered a possibility to produce anti-gravity. but after beeing punished and persecuted by all leading nations, because each wanted to use it for their own glory and to suppress the others, he decided to destroy his invention, because the time isn't right. nonetheless once discovered it was open for all. (i had to google for it, it's 20years ago when i read it)

    a good story i think.

    i wasn't sure, it's available of course in english as well.


    i'm convinced, if one would invent FTL, it would be abused to make a few ones damned rich and powerful, that's all.

    look what is going on already, we make 1000times more profit as work is done, all nations have giant debts, while a few ones get rich by this.

    there are single people in this world which have so much money that they could easy finance a space program, but instead they only hoard it.

    in a world where profit and personal fame is the highest goal, FTL will be a bad, bad weapon.

    quote from a reviewer:

    "Nevertheless it should be remembered that Science Fiction writers could say things which mainstream writers did not dare to utter, even when they were drunk."


    Eloquent as ever, PS… cool!


    yeah, i should lookout for a job as counceler on the enterprise…

    you know i'm not a big fan of "aliens", to me it's to much fantasy…

    but, i've readed once a cool shortstory, about that the aliens will watch our progress (like in many stories).

    the difference to other such stories was, that they measure the cultural progress not by technical inventions, they measure it by development of games, not especiall computergames, more like boardgames or other things you can play with.

    a little weird story it was, the "hero" had finally to win a game against the alien, the game was chosen by the human (a sort of chess), but the alien changed the rules steady. but finally the human won and gained the respect of the alien.

    i think it's a cool idea to measure the degree of culture by the games we play.


    awesome page!

    next time I'm angry I will look at it and set my anger in relation to the universe. perfect!


    Another "nice thing" for you all to look at. Soulfly on the Frontier Forum found this, great find, and I think it fits into this thread quite well, a galaxy map!


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