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    I’m looking for a space sim with a specific combination of features that I enjoy. Several games have come close, but none of them have all of the features I wanted. I want a game that:

    1: Allows the player to create and control their own faction, and preferably allows the player to compete against and conquer/destroy other factions. (The player should still be piloting a ship; I’m not looking for an RTS)

    2: Procedurally generates the world. Procedural generation of ships and factions is strongly preferred, but not mandatory. The world doesn’t need to be infinite so long as I can restart the game using a different seed. I also don’t care about non-procedural equipment and trade goods.

    3: Has a 3-dimensional spaceflight model and allows you to pilot many different types of ships. I’d strongly prefer that every type of ship in the game be pilotable, including capital ships if they exist. (I’m fine with there being no capital ships at all; I just want to be able to fly everything the NPCs can fly.)

    I’ve found many games that fit two of the criteria, but none that fit all three. No Man’s Sky perfectly fits criterions 2 and 3, but doesn’t allow faction ownership. The X series fits criterions 1 and 3, but is set in the same world each game. Space Pirates and Zombies 2 fits criterions 1 and 2, but uses a 2-dimensional flight system.

    I’m hoping that the Space Sim Central community knows about any games that meet all three criteria. I’m not an expert on the genre, and I don’t know the details about most of the games that are available. I’d prefer games that have been released, but I am willing to wait for games that are in development if no currently-released games are available.

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    Tricky one that, not sure you will find a game with all three categories, maybe one of the online games, but if you are looking for a single player game, the only one that springs to mind is SpaceBourne https://store.steampowered.com/app/732240/SpaceBourne/ it’s still in early access and I don’t think it’s has a Procedurally generates universe and I’m not sure if the factions have been implemented yet.


    Yeah your hangup here is procedural generation, there is a lot of games that meet your 1,3. But there really isn’t any games that really use procedural generation and allow you to fly multiple ships that I can think of. I haven’t played it yet but i think X4: Foundations would fit this itch you have if you can live without #2 since its galaxy map is quite big and you can now fly all ships.


    Welcome aboard, Endless Rain – I wish you the best of luck in your quest.
    I would advise stilts for the quagmires, and camels for the snowy hills!

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