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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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    Something a bit different as it’s a city building game set on Titan, should be hitting steam next year.

    From Steam.

    Design your city and grow it from just a few small buildings into a massive metropolis!
    Set up production lines inside your factories to turn raw resources into ever more powerful devices and buildings
    Balance the needs of your workers, your factories, and your buildings to produce a powerful, efficient economy
    Design the interiors of your battleships by strategically placing weapons, shields, thrusters, and more, to reduce weak points and maximize fighting capability
    Overcome your enemies via tactical battleship combat, technological superiority, political influence, or the sheer productive power of your factories
    Gameplay is “real-time with pause” — play at your preferred pace!
    Created by the team that brought you Crypt of the NecroDancer, with art by Sir Carma and Nick Gunn, music by Danny Baranowsky, and audio by Power Up Audio.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    Never really been into these types of games, but my son loves the sim city series of games. I been trying to get him more into scifi games and this is a nice entry for him. I will definitely be showing him this trailer this weekend to see what he thinks.

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