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    Hello all,

    this project started as me learning/practicing Javascript, then experimenting with what is possible using WebGL, and as I worked on it in my free time, it grew into a game engine, and then a game, set in the universe I dreamed up back in high school. It’s all open source, and it runs in the browser (more specifically Chrome, though I don’t do anything Chrome specific, it is just miles ahead all the others in performance now, which is important for this game)

    It is basically a soft/midcore 3D space combat sim. The physics is fully newtonian, so you will not see a ship change momentum without some thrusters firing (and no thrusters are fired when the momentum is not changing), but there is also flight assist, which ensures you will not drift for long – unless you specifically want to.

    It is still very much work in progress. The gameplay is kind of shallow with important features missing (basically it is about mastering maneuvering in space and aiming at the same time – there are no missiles, afterburners, jammers which are planned to be added later). There is only a list of hand-made missions available, while the plan is a procedural mission generator as you will be able to upgrade / change your ship from the credits earned from missions. (while retaining the support for hand-made missions) The current missions are also fairly simplistic.

    Beware, the game is not easy, especially if you haven’t played space sims before! Certainly not impossible though, several people have completed all missions 🙂

    Also, everything is done by me – engine, game logic programming, models, textures, music, sound – so don’t expect huge production values.

    I am keeping the game updated (upcoming is a mobile-optimized version, then the procedural missions, and then the missing combat features), and I will post here when something new is up 🙂

    If you have any feedback, ideas or comments, let me know here, and if you think this is cool, like the facebook page (linked from the game)! 🙂

    Click here to play: http://nkrisztian89.github.io/interstellar-armada/

    Features (for now):
    – full 3D space combat sim in the browser (for best performance, use Chrome)
    – newtonian physics with flight assist
    – persistent, detailed settings (graphics, sound, controls)
    – mouse, keyboard and joystick control support
    – 15 missions (4 training / simulation + 11 basic combat scenarios)
    – 4 different piloted spacecrafts
    – in-game database of the ships with background info
    – 2 languages (English and Hungarian)
    – all free and open source 🙂


    screenshot 1

    screenshot 2

    screenshot 3

    screnshot 4

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