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    Apex Legends is a recently launched game, developed and released by Respawn Entertainment and there is already an uprising buzz about it with the question of Is Apex Legends cross platform? Popping in every gamers mind. This game was released without any pre-established market or promotion, on 4th of February on 2019.

    With the advancements of technology and modifications of games, gamers have come to a point where they find interacting with other players the most interesting feature of a game. This cross play is also the biggest selling point of these games. In the world of internet this evolution in the gaming platform seems to be an inevitable development to benefit the video gamers with a more interactive experience. So, it is not unusual for gamers to have the query about the availability of the cross play version of Apex Legends.

    To answer that question, it is a mandate to have some knowledge about Cross platform.

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