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    Is anyone else really bummed out by the lack of ‘Solid’ Space/Combat sims ?

    Ok there are the classics out there, Freespace 2 for example and the excellent X series but aren’t they lacking something ? I’m still bitter about the loss of JGC, I’m not going to make any bones about that one, yes it was nearly 12 years old and looked like you were playing it on an Atari Home Entertainment system from the late 1970’s but it was as damned fine game.

    People will always point me towards EVE as a means of getting my ‘Rocks’ off but I’m sorry EVE does what it does very well, it’s just not for me. Visually EVE is stunning and has a community that most games can only dream of, so it has some appeal just not in the right areas for me.

    So with the biggest ‘SciFi’ title out of the window what else is there ?

    The X series, I love the universe and the things that have been created in it however, I have to agree with D1 that the combat lacks pace and any real involvement and once you’ve reached a certain level the game cranks it up to insane mode you end up trying to take out a corvette with the smallest fighter on the block. . . . The lack of ‘Online’ experience also gets under my skin we used to play Star Lancer, Free Lancer, X Wing Alliance and loads of other titles online but even after ten years and four games EgoSoft are still avoiding the online part of their universe.

    I’ve read a lot forums where people are complaining about re-hashing of old ideas to be honest the old ideas are the ones that work and have a proven record. Free Space 2 for example still has players today, JGC would still have players if the server was still running, this community isn’t in need of new ideas, we don’t need a re-invention of the wheel all we need is someone to have the balls to take the great elements from each of the most successful games in this genre over the last 12 years and make something we all want and would all happily pay to play.

    A bunch of classics here on the cheap if you get them all in one bundle


    I definitely feel the disappointment here in your posting. And I hope programs like kickstarter will actually encourage developers to really think outside the box and really create a game for the fans. Yeah most of the space games of course have combat, which most games usually do well to be honest. But what they all lack in is immersion, that is what I want. I either want a SP/MMO that will provide REAL consequences for everyones actions in game.

    Some small examples;

    – A clan of pirates decide to ambush traders/cargo being moved on a common trade route, yeah they take out escorts and take the cargo and scrap the ships. Now because of these raids, NPC bounty or real player bounty hunters are told about the pirates, that cargo was destined somewhere and now they are without, causing issues on some port or outpost. After a few more successful raids the traders get extreme and decide to setup a dummy convoy with some nukes to blow all the pirates to hell 😈 (Now that is thinking outside the box)

    – A clan is planning to take out or least severally damage a rival clan’s base. But to do it they need to pan some well experienced metal workers and customizers to have the ships look close to their rivals. Then they have to buy some hijacked security codes to be able to dock. This has taken months to plan and acquire the weapons, ships, codes and specific plan to get the job done. So now they put the plan into action. They are able to dock three ships into two out of three bays and they stay two to three days and mingle. The pilots leave on a shuttle to a nearby port. The clan is just out of radar range and they do their last systems checks and race towards the base, soon as the flak cannons start to fire and the first fighters leave the bays they detonate the ships inside the station. Crippling several gun emplacements and stopping the majority of the rival clan’s fighters from fighting and rearming. The clan was successful this day in breaking the back of their enemy.

    Allowing a player to scheme and plan and have their actions mean something is truly epic and I would gladly pay to play any game that can provide this type of depth. Like in the previous scenario, this clan would have to seek out real live players that had high enough skills in security, metal working and covert ops to help create a ship to even make it into that base. Never mind to get by the scans for certain weapons or whatever. This of course would have cost the clan a small fortune, both worth every penny to see their enemy crippled for now months while they rebuild and replace everything the attack wiped out. What would this build, this would build a real clan with loyalty, in addition to that you just built a war that will always be coming but you don’t know when 🙂

    Cause and effect developers… that is what I want, it’s almost like playing D&D if you can think it you can do it. The important part is all in the execution. Even if you just give the players this types of options from a window and they tell you want to have to do to execute this plan would suffice, but having these types of real life type missions would be amazing.


    Thanks for backing me up D1 and proving that it’s not just me. . .

    I don’t really want much from a game –

    1/ A persistant universe where the choices of mine and others characters have a real consequence on how the universe progresses.

    2/ Up to date visuals that look real without going into particle physics.

    3/ A Newtonian flight engine that encourages the use of inertia during combat and other flight activities.

    4/ Organised and enjoyable PvP.

    5/ An economy that works and grows with the game.

    6/ An initial storyline that helps the player to cement their character before letting them off the leash and allowing them to run riot.

    7/ Player driven content that encourages role play and the building of community.

    8/ A well funded and enthusiastic dev team that aren’t afraid to listen or speak out.

    9/ A learning curve that rewards the patient and persistant.

    10/ Huge battles that could include player owned and controlled capital ships/corvettes/escort carriers.

    I just want a game that reflects my involvement in it, no matter how great or small. To see your own capital ship being built, knowing that your hard work has gone into creating it would do for a start.


    Any game that has 1,5,7,10 would be amazing, never mind them all. I have heard stories of EVE’s little economy issues with people abusing the system. EVE has larger ships and is starting to take advantage of stations now with the ability to walk around them, can’t remember if they were going to add ships or not. I think player driven community wouldn’t be much work at all if we had the persistant universe first. Because then storylines would build with player/clan actions all by itself.

    I think the issue here is #8, you need to find a developer that has to be willing to risk profits for the perfect space game 🙂



    Our game is not a MMO and is a single player game for now. However, we do have some of the items listed that are being discussed, such as

    1. When you make choices as a pirate you can end up with a lot of bounty hunters coming after you or you can balance your activities to fly under the radar and rack up high scores, so your actions and approach affects the flow of the game.

    2. Our graphics are an older 2D vintage and is eventually intended for tablets, however we are about to release the PC version

    3. We have soft Newtonian physics that has a reasonable feel to it

    6. We have a tutorial that covers the basics to help the new player get their space legs in the game.

    8. Our team is certainly enthusiastic and wants feedback from our testers and customers to evolve the game in a direction they would like

    9. There are many capabilities and techniques that are learned after the tutorial as you play the game that allows for higher scores

    10. The mercenary missions can be quite large and the bounty hunter or assassin missions can range from 1 to 5+ ships. So the combat related missions can range from a single ship to two fleets of a dozen ships each.

    Our game is also designed to allow each mission to be completed from within 1-10 minutes allowing for a fast pace game that can be saved and restarted from within any point within the game. We believe that this allows people to pick the game up and play even when they only have 30 minutes.

    I would appreciate anyone here visiting our site and if interested getting a demo version of the game. We're within a week or two of releasing the revised demo which includes a tutorial covering five different missions spread across three of the six mission types. The current version is available now (partial tutorial) if they sign up to be a beta tester. The free fully available demo version will be released within 2-3 weeks.


    Shores of Hazeron does have the potential to be the perfect space game. The most unique thing about it is that you play a character in first person and can walk onto a ship and have the ship take off and not be taken to a "ship" view of some sort, and you are able to walk about the ship while its flying through space. It really does make you feel like you "exist" in the game, in a physical sense. It just needs so much doing to it its hard to see it ever being finished.

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