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Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019

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    I'm experiencing some crash issues with the latest alpha24. Robn suggested I get the latest nightly build which I did and the crashes have gone away, that is until last night <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

    I've tried many times this same process which I will describe as best I can.

    I'm starting on earth and taking a nice slow trip all the way out to Pluto stopping at every orbital base along the way to practice manual maneuvering etc. Then on to the next planet, and so on.

    I've had no crash issues until my last trip out to the last spaceport in SOL. It is a long way out, many AU and it seems there is a large cargo ship at the destination perhaps because the distance to it is also many AU. When I depart the station and set course and hit time acceleration it always crashes with this same message below:

    Error:[string"modules/TradeShips.lua"]:638:unable to resolve method or attribute 'flightState'

    stack traceback:


    in function'__index'


    "modules/TradeShips.lua"]:638:in function<[string "modules/TradeShips.lua"]:637>

    I'm reloading my saved _autosave each time to try the journey again with different time accelerations and always will crash to desktop with the same error but perhaps with different number.

    (instead of 637 it could be 722 or something)

    I am assuming that perhaps the program is having difficulty managing that far away ships' position during time compression.

    I am a new player and just trying to tour our solar system before heading out into other systems while learning the controls etc.

    Thanks for all the assistance I've been getting already from Robn and others.

    As an ex-player of wingcommander and privateer, I love this sim <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

    Awesome work !


    Humble Book Bundle ends on 9/11/2019


    Please submit a bug report to the GitHub project


    Roger that Ziusudra. . .


    I just landed on Phobos base in alpha 25. I was on autopilot and my hometowns for alpha 25 mod was installed, so it was a mushroom 2 station. The autopilot stopped 10 km above the base after rolling level and extending the undercarriage. The Eagle just rocked from side to side and wouldn't descend. I switched to speed control and attempted to gently set down but passed through the pad surface. Rising again and switching to manual, I was able to touch down normally. Has anyone else experienced this and do you think it's worth an issue report? The terrain of course is very rough. The bottom of the tower was mostly covered but the pads were well above ground. By the way, Phobos is looking great!


    I had a similar crash on Deimos yesterday Marcel using the constrictor, will try Phobos and Deimos later with the eagle as well and get back to you. On memory I thought one of the towers was a bit too close to the pad

    Edit: I had no problems at all, is this not similar to the Enki Catena problem, btw I did have your latest hometowns mod installed


    I didn't experience a crash. The autopilot simply refused to land. When I went through the surface of the pad, again I didn't crash, there was no collision detection. That was alpha 25. I'm now using build 9cbb4b-win32. I'll head off to Mars and see what happens.


    Yes I knew that, I should have said I had that happen as well as crashing, when I could not land and the thrusters stopped working and the status said I had landed but the ship was just stuck there hovering above the pad. I was just suggesting maybe it's the same or a similar issue


    Just thought I'd mention that there are two systems called "Inur". At 2,3,7 and 4,7,1. I very nearly missed my delivery deadline for 1400 notes cos the search box gave me the wrong one!


    I just landed on Phobos in build 9cbb4b-win32. I installed potsmoke's sport stations so this time the station was his sport_hostile. The Eagle did the same thing, rocking side to side above the pad, but this time it only lasted a few seconds then the ship landed normally. I wonder if the autopilot is having trouble because of the small radius and rough terrain. The height of the landing pads is different between the mushroom and the hostile stations, so that probably affects it too.

    Just tried to land on Deimos. The moon is a total hedgehog, completely covered with tall spikes. The port was potsmoke's outdoor pad, down at the bottom of a deep hole. I managed to get close enough to the pad to see that there were spikes poking through it. Totally unlandable. Tomm isn't going to get any unwanted visitors in this build, that's for sure!


    I just tried landing on Venus and have had some difficulty even getting to the surface. I was using the set speed function and >> stardreamer speed and the ship was moving towards then away while facing directly at the surface. When I managed to reach the surface, I hovered at 30 metres and tried to use set speed again to fly along and the ship was flying in all directions on its own. It wasn't turning, just a combination of forwards, backwards and side strafing. It was as if Venus was moving around me!

    I'm a bit daunted by the git thing so thought I'd post here to begin with in case someone else wants to check it first. Am on stock alpha 25, windows32.


    Overlord The A25 is a bug, get the new here.http://sourceforge.net/projects/pioneerspacesim/files/nightly/pioneer-d90d5d8-win32.7z/download

    Marcel, you complain? Look what happened to my beautiful new ship.


    'Overlord' wrote:

    Just thought I'd mention that there are two systems called "Inur". At 2,3,7 and 4,7,1. I very nearly missed my delivery deadline for 1400 notes cos the search box gave me the wrong one!

    There are probably a million or so stars with names in the galaxy, and only thousands of possible names. Duplication will inevitably happen, especially with the two-syllable names. Your contact on the bulletin board will have told you which Inur he meant, by giving you the sector coordinates. The search function only looks around the nearest few sectors. The number varies, but it's not very far. The best thing to do is move the map to the sector in question, and use the search if you're still having trouble spotting your destination.



    ok, that looks common to me (except for the planet, this seems to be a exceptional place)

    yeah, that happens often, hey you had a tiny spot of landing pad visible, throw the autopilot overboard and land carefuly on that little patch <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//wink3.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’;)’ /> that works.

    cruel is also when the surface of the planet has nearly the same level, you will never dock it use to "suck" you on the planets surface, but you can launch then and the docking sequence probably gets engaged then.

    hmm, how high we should make a landing pad?

    really i know this problem well, but i didn't take it hard.

    in such a case like yours, hmm… if there wouldn't be a tiny spot of landing pad visible, i would even try to land manually and see that i can get under the surface, should work probably.

    all just a matter of will <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//wink3.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’;)’ />

    no, perhaps one fine day we have at least a slightly flattened terrain around the spaceport, even if i dislike the idea of complete flattened ground for the whole city.

    another experiment i started once, but it's more a "mindgame", i tried to figure out that you can/could build city tiles, large city tiles, this comes close to, i guess it was greoxydes idea.

    be warned walterar my new spaceport is even lower in level (30m above surface, but i made it easy to change height therefore, right on top of the script you can enter the position of the spaceport, so it's not bound to 30m above surface, you can give it easy any height desired) but therefore far larger (300x300m), works halfaways with the above described method, land manually on the visible part of the landingpad.

    not to tell what happens if you unfortunately have to mess with the "microspaceport", i guess the "imperial interceptor" has no chance to land there <img src='http://spacesimcentral.com/forum/public/style_emoticons//icon_e_smile.gif&#8217; class=’bbc_emoticon’ alt=’:)’ />

    no matter which terrain level. but since the "microspaceport" is centered on it's sole landing pad, the landing pad will be mostly rake out of the ground, even when it's levelled relatively low.

    what can be done and it was once on my mind, i can alter the "archology" (that giant mushroom thing) to a spaceport, with two or three landing pads raking out of the top section, this will be always high enough. two different ideas i have to that.


    while the "dock similar to a spacestation" i feel is a interesting variation to a spaceport. instead of landing you will have to approach this like a spacestation.

    oh, i had i new idea, it could look also like… hmm how should i say… a giant sandwich or a wedding cake, if you can follow this idea.

    pads would be in center of the building, so it's granted they will be above the surface, instead to have pads arranged around the tower, the pads will build the tower.


    @marcel, landing pads have no collision detection due to the geomflag setting for the pad, they work only to detect landing.

    actually i altered my new spaceports to have a "real" collision detection, but this solves nothing of course, it makes it only harder and i mean HARDER to land.

    in other words, if you land with the autopilot you receive always a slight damage.

    now i like such, but i'm not sure if everybody will like it.

    the reason for above older issues is not to clear to me, also it never accured to me, further does such persist? any experiences?


    Alpha 28 Problem:

    When trying to launch Pioneer Alpha 28 I get this error message:

    "Assertion failed!

    Program pioneer.exe

    File ./../SmartPtr.h

    Line 28

    Expression m_ptr"

    While I'm at it: I couldn't get Alpha 27 to run, too, but for a different reason (Alpha 26 works fine):

    When trying to lauch Alpha 27 a red screen comes up displaying this message:

    "Error: [string "modules/pioneer brian.lua"]:139:attempt to index global 'EventQueue' (a nil value)

    stack traceback:

    [C]: in function '__index'

    [string "modules/pioneer brian.lua"]:139:in main chunk"

    There is an OK button, but when I press it there is the normal Windows message, something like "pioneer.exe doesn't work anymore and must be closed".

    I didn't report it because I was hoping it would be resolved with the next release – also because I didn't have time to play anyway.

    As there isn't a problem with Alpha 26, it looks like software-related problems. On the other hand, I'm surprised that I seem to be the only one having these problems.

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