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    Hello again SSC faithful,

    As the title suggests it’s been far too long since I had the time to read and post on these boards, apologies to D1 and the rest of the community for absence.

    So here we are February of 2011 and no surprise that JGE looks to have become vapour ware. Those of you that followed the EU community will know that myself and the rest of Fallen Wild have withdrawn from any association with JGE, removed any and all JGE content from our website and forums but we’re still supporting Istvan and the JG community for the original game. I recently spoke to vorlon 31, a former EU emissary for JGE. During that chat we discussed his resignation and where the future lies for ‘Flux Clearance‘ and ‘Fallen Wild‘ in Jumpgate.

    As it stands today vorlon 31 and myself are still 100% behind Istvan and his efforts to drag our favorite Space Combat Sim into the 21st century.

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    Hey man and welcome back.

    As for Jumpgate, I really haven’t read anything about that game in the last few months, but last time I had a look over it things were going ok. Has it turned into one of those games that will never come out ?


    I would agree that it is at least on the back burner for NetDevil with the recent release of Lego Universe and the upcoming Fortune Online that it is two MMO’s right there that they have to patch and make content for so who knows how much effort is being put on JGE?


    I have nothing official to suggest that JGE will never be completed and released but given Gazillion’s current legal situation and the recent departure of Scott Brown from NetDevil many have lost faith and interest in everything to do with Evolution.

    While Scott wasn’t the only person working on Evolution it was his drive and imagination that brought us the original game and inspired the creation of the evloved product. To put it simply without Scott Brown any game with Jumpgate in the title just wouldn’t be Jumpgate.

    There is also the fall out from the legal wrangling between NetDevil and various publishers, such as Code Masters where sections of the community weren’t kept up to date on the game and quite rightly feel like they were ignored and treated pretty harshly.

    Whatever momentum or good will JGE had, especially in Europe has been wiped away and replaced with mistrust and in extreme cases players refusing to have anything further to do with NetDevil as a company. This has also affected Jumpgate (Classic) as those that felt storngly enough have cancelled any subscriptions they had for the game and reduced the online numbers even more.


    I understand only too well the loss of goodwill Gazillion Entertainment has suffered with regard to the JGE situation, and I respect the frustrations behind it. I’m indeed seeing the effects you speak of, Taymar. I just fervently wish Jumpgate might be spared that ill-will. JG is a game with a long and storied history and has always been there for its community; it has survived since release on a shoestring as the red-headed stepchild, and has always had minimal support from NetDevil, and now NetDevil’s owner, Gazillion. JG is the opposite of “corporate product”, having been begun as a garage game in Scott Brown’s basement and survived with a very indie feel all these years.

    The unfortunate, simple truth is that the decline of goodwill due to the issues with other company products could impact my already-limited ability to assemble the resources I need to help me continue to make JG better. My ultimate hope is to make JG itself become at least in part what the earliest visions of JGE might have been, while remaining wholly faithful to its own strengths, but at present it is difficult to discern what the future might bring.


    Thank you for your replies,

    I’m not sure how many times I’ve posted this and I’m begining to sound like a broken record,(how us old folks used to listen to music before CD’s). The future of JG my not be certain but my support for you, Istvan and the wider community is assured.

    I’ve up-dated our Squad website to help in the promotion of JG, it’s not much but if just one player see’s it and decides to give the game a/another go it will have been worth it.



    I was trolling the JGE forums yesterday and didn’t see too much new info at all. In fact there really has been no info, its more uncertainty than anything else, really a shame. I think I remember reading that JGC isn’t accepting any new subscribers so I think the fate of the Jumpgate series is coming real soon. It would be a nice gesture if Gazillion would just release the source of JGC to the community and let them continue it.

    DarkOne wrote:
    . . . It would be a nice gesture if Gazillion would just release the source of JGC to the community and let them continue it.

    There has been some discussion, but the Codemasters lawsuit is currently prohibiting any action on this.

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