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      I’am just wondering if anybody knows a functional joysick mod for Freelancer. I always hated to fly a space vessel with mouse no matter how well this control method worked. There are some workarounds and tools to make freelancer accept joysticks, but it doesn’t really work well because the game is only optimized for mouse control.

      But maybe someone invested some time and work in a working joystick mod for this game? Does anybode know something about it?

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      Maybe I am smoking something or my memory is VERY faulty (either is possible), but IIRC my USB Saitek control set worked for it?

      I know I had the old Saitek flight yolk set before it was out in USB form and used it for all the games of the time (97-00+) like Starlancer, Freespace, WC:Prophecy, and ALL the Mechwarrior games. Is this seriously the only space flight sim released that doesn’t support actual flight controllers??

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      Yes, per default Freelancer never supported joysticks. At this time it was the only space sim which denied joysticks, but unfortunately in present times this is a common habit…

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      Hello was wanting to buy freelancer for something to play while I wait for star citizen to come out ,

      but want something uses joystick, currently have logitech extreme 3-d pro, been playing evochron

      but would like something w/t more of a story line as well as sandbox feel , ala wing cmdr, not sure if

      anything out there like that , was wondering if any downloads for freelancer for joystick? thanks in advance for any info.



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      I’m not sure of any specific mods, but Freelancer’s controls can be redefined, and I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t work well enough on a decent USB joystick.  Admittedly, as stated before, it’s optimized for mouse control, which means several manuevers achievable with joystick are outta the window for Freelancer.

      I’ll have a look about though, and get back to you on this.


      If you want to go for the open sandbox feel, then I do recommend having a look at FFE D3D, which should have the joystick support you’re wanting – story-wise, it’s just limited to a few hardcoded missions (You’ll know you’ve done them when you appear in the ingame journals.)

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      I am not sure if there are any joystick mods for Freelancer but I know a man who might! Drop by Gibbon’s Gizmo Studio Forums and ask. What he doesn’t know about Freelancer isn’t worth knowing. His forum is here. Hope that helps you. :girlsmile:

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      Could always try I WAR 2 as it’s joystick only.

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      Well, since my post earlier, I’ve done a lot of looking, and it seems as if a joystick mod for Freelancer is far more effort than it’s worth due to the fact the game engine was coded for a mouse.


      Some people have managed to successfully re-map things to a degree they’re happy with, but it’s a lot more time and effort, and your response time ingame would be far slower than simply using the normal mouse & keyboard.

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      Cool guys, thanks for the help & info.



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      JoyToKey_en. You can set your Joy to emulate mouse and keyboard. Kind of a bitch to figure out but once u get it it works fairly well.

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