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    Hiya. Been following pioneer since build 8-9 so I finally registered to give some feedback.

    First of all, I’ve never played elite (Tried it now though), so I’m not sure what you want the game to be like.

    (Old part of the thread http://pastebin.com/Yn1crDGM I suggest not reading it) Here goes the ‘improved non-meanie thread’:

    What I love about pioneer:

    1. Terrain!

    2. Vastness of the galaxy, and tons of exploration!

    3. The fun you can have in pioneer overall.

    4. The developers and the contributors for building up this awesome piece of work!

    Now I’ll list some ideas I have.

    1. Clouds! The clouds don’t even have to be 3D. All we’d need is a cloud texture generator, and apply them on the planets that support clouds. A fog like effect around the ship would appear when you are close to the clouds. (Space engine has a texgenerator, but the clouds look too similliar most of the time)

    (Not exactly necessary, a water shader too maybe?)

    2. A ”slipstream” effect for hyperdrive. (See this for example http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/8/f … 2703_1.jpg )

    3. When accepting a mission, a show system location button, and an option to lock onto that system so you dont have to search for it all the time.

    4. On the star map, show only stars you can currently go to.

    5. In the trading screen, sort out items by certain categories (eg, in shipyard, isolate engines from weapons, scanners and vice versa [other trading ports aswell])

    6. Triplelayered gas giant clouds – also speed some of the layers up to get a movement effect on the gasgiant’s surface.

    7. I don’t like that you just ”crash” onto the gas giant. Why can’t you have a 5% peek inside of the gasgiant’s atmosphere before you get crushed by pressure?

    8. Cockpits! They dont have to be 3D. A simple image onto the screen can do too 🙂

    9. Dynamic music

    10. Improving the lightning engine (Less plastic?)

    11. Improving facegen – noses,mouths,eyes, perhaps matching more to the background face? (+More serious acessories)

    12. I suggest increasing the distance at which gasgiant’s textures are loaded. To me it looks pretty bad when looking from a distance.

    13. Improved atmosphere graphics – they usually are bright near the surface, and extincting color the farther they go out. (http://sponeil.net/EarthBumpScatter1.jpg)

    + A tool for swapping ingame sprites?


    *I’ve also created a personal-use sunflare effect for the game, but I don’t know how to make it usable http://i.imgur.com/52qBj.jpg

    A bug(s) I encountered:

    Boths sides of a gas giant’s rings are rendered infront the gasgiant (14.7 ver)

    HDR lightning bug – encountered that my ship and a nearby planet glowed yellow-orange like a star(removed if HDR off)

    Thanks for reading. I’ll probably change/add many of these ideas, issues in the future. (Hope you can read it all successfuly) :mrgreen:

    A lot of scifi games are for sale on Humble Bundle, deals end on 8/19/2019


    Your feedback is rather harsh in my opinion. People have worked hard on some of the things you are outright insulting. I am responsibe for the graphics for ”Profile pictures” that you want removed. I dont know about anyone else but I find this offensive. Try contributing something useful yourself before you start passing judgement in this way, thanks.


    Note however that those are only MY opinions. I respect and value the time you put into it and I never meant to insult you. I am only a bystander watching the game grow and pointing out what I dislike as a player. If you are to keep the faces, it needs polishing. Many facial parts don’t fit together.


    I agree with Subzeroplainzero, your comments are too harsh, frontier which this game is based off, was pretty pretty basic in terms of graphics, and well it is an old game, and very popular back in the day, the art style reflects this while adding new effects on top, the fractal generation of planets is utter awesome, I like the lighting effects, as for the face generation, well in frontier the faces were static, and you got to see the same ones after a while, at least now there are many possibilities and I personally like it, not sure what really could be added to the system, but the faces are to pioneer’s art style and fits it nicely

    I really suggest you try and find an old copy of frontier and play it for a while, maybe then you will realise what pioneer is trying to do

    yes the game is in alpha, and yes there is a lot more to be added, but I like what pioneer is, I like the art direction, it fits with the original, and adds loads more


    If I removed all the ”harsh” parts of the post, It wouldn’t exactly be the kind of feedback I wanted to point out. Instead I could’ve just posted another praising thread how pretty and good the game is currently (Which is a bit too obvious, so I won’t even bother posting that). The game does have huge potentional to become something better than just a tribute to elite, and I’m only trying to point out what I like and dislike about it, and what could be improved (from a player’s perspective). And if (no insult intended) the simple ”art” style from the 90’s is what people want, instead something much better and adequate for pioneers current standard so be it. And yeah, I’ll try elite too.

    I’m also not sure why everyone finds opinions harsh AND takes them personal. /endpost/ 😉

    *Let my try to rephrase this:

    Since pioneer is already using the current technology, capable of generating millions of worlds, why would it use an ”art style” that is 16 years old, and was forced because of the limited low-end technology back then? I’m trying to point out what I’d improve, but appearently my opinions are just making people angry, and I don’t want such reactions for a simple thread describing what I like and what I don’t.



    Firstly welcome to the SSC.

    As to your thoughts on Pioneer, remember that this is an open source project with many people freely giving up their time and talent to produce their vision of what a great space sim should be.

    Now what one person thinks can vary from another, that’s to be expected, however one thing they all (mostly) have in common is a love of the Elite games and Frontier Elite 2 in particular. So, I too would also suggest that you try Elite 2 of even FFE3D (Elite 3). There are copies to be found in the SSC download section. Then perhaps you will have another view on where Pioneer is coming from. It has a history of sorts and it displays it at times with pride. That’s a good thing in my view. Hence the game has things like Subzeroplainzero’s faces, the RIP grave and a whole host of other things that are instantly recognisable to any Elite fan. This is it’s strength and sets it appart from other space sims.

    Also, as the game is a community based project, ideas, constructive criticism and most especially contributions, are welcome. In the end though, if there is an aspect of the game you are not happy about, this can act as a good incentive for you to become a contributor to the project.

    There are people on this site who can point you in the right direction if you wish to learn more as there is many aspects of the game that are still needing attention. Also, I would suggest you have a look through the Pioneer section of the forum as there are tons of valuable advice to be found.

    Anyways, above all have fun with the game 🙂


    Hmm yes. After playing elite for a while I do see the strong resembelance many are attached to. I’ll edit the thread, making ideas rather than ”criticising” on the parts I dislike. Though for most of my bad points, I didn’t want them to be removed, just to be changed on the better..

    Edit: There we go. The goodie version of the thread is now live!


    Yes Kviki, I think that would be a good idea. Remember the old adage, give out positivity, get back positivity 😉


    It’s good that you’ve put in some good points. Please don’t get me wrong, I am very open to critisism. Infact a lot critism from other forum members drove the graphics I produced to be a lot better than they would have been otherwise. It is just that your original post didn’t have anything constructive about it other than “remove this” and “this isn’t good enough”. I think just a tad more tact would have been nice 😉 As with many other areas of the game though, the facegen still needs a lot of polishing. Please feel free to show me which face sections are not looking right. I’m in the process of worming out the weirdy looking bits to fix or remove and would appreciate the help.

    One of the best things about this project is that it is community developed so anyone can contribute. The bad side of this is that some peoples work won’t fit the style of someone else’s, or may not match the same quality, but I think it’s a good trade off..

    Edit: btw good suggestion on the serious accessories. Don’t worry, I wont be making any more wacky ones.

    Subzeroplainzero wrote:
    Don’t worry, I wont be making any more wacky ones.

    Hey wait a minute Subzeroplainzero ! Please dont take out the crazies in the Teddy Bear outfits! I love them! 😆


    So, in the process of creating a little mod (custom starmap icons), I noticed that if a star and its bodies are at the bottom of the game’s window it gets a weird render, like this: [hsimg]http://i.imgur.com/NIJWM.png[/hsimg]

    So, a little idea I’ve had is to place a giant arrow at the edge of the window, that will scroll to the next star in the system showing its orbiting bodies, in case its a binary, or trinary. So the stars dont have to bulk up on one page.

    A little peek of what I’ve been doing:


    Don’t really like the google images-wikipedia stars so I decided to make my own.

    Don’t really like the google images-wikipedia stars so I decided to make my own.

    AFAIK they are all original images unless someone has been a little less than honest 😉


    Really? Well thats sure one heck of an artist then.

    Though [hsimg]http://i.imgur.com/NUvyx.png[/hsimg]

    and [hsimg]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f3/Sirius_A_and_B_Hubble_photo.jpg[/hsimg] are the same, p’s is just resized :mrgreen:


    commit cb90c598444c04a777103fdf6e8d94df0fe4d04c
    Author: Dan
    Date: Thu Jun 2 21:22:46 2011 +0100

    New icons by Vampirette and Firemark. some support for extra icons. renaming and removal of unused icons.

    One of them’s to blame, then (-:

    The stupid thing is, this is supposed to be a picture of a white dwarf. There is a white dwarf in the picture; it’s the little bright spec next to the bottom left diffraction spike. The image is by Hubble, of Sirius A and B.

    There’s absolutely no gurarantee whatever that this was taken from Wikipedia (the fact that they use it too might be coincidence). As a NASA photograph, it’s public domain, and is freely available.

    Kviki: The interface is currently under a lot of work. We’re not looking for feedback on what’s’ there right now, because it’s going to change. You’re also not the first person to come up with replacement stellar graphics. Apparently, tastes differ widely on that.

    Above all, remember that this game is in development, and testing is only at the alpha level. As well as the look of the thing, we’re working hard on getting an actual playable game in there somewhere. There’s a lot to do, and even though the pace of change is rapid, it’s going to take a long time.

    If any of you want to get involved, with art, scripting, coding, translation, music or basically anything else, I really would recommend that you get yourself a Github.com account, clone yourself a fork of the entire project and make your changes. This isn’t a fob-off, that’s actually how we do it – if your changes are good, you can make a request to have your work merged into the main project. You don’t need to be a programmer to use Git; all the data files are controlled in exactly the same way.@hotmail.co.uk>

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