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      Landinar: Into the Void snuck up on me and didn’t see this one coming, this game has been released into early access on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/794270/Landinar_Into_the_Void/

      Have to admit it looks farther along in development than most games in early access and the gameplay elements that I see in the video seem to satisfy most of the things a space gamer looks for…. But is the story/adventure good to keep you coming back?

      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      It seems interesting. I will wait and see, how it turns out.

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      I got this game and really it has some very interesting and well done things. Visually beautiful. The interior of the space stations and the construction and design of ships is very cool. I think the foundation of the game is very well done, but at the moment there are many bugs and it is necessary to improve the control of the ship and the rotation of the camera inside the space stations. Missions are practically restricted to combat only. So much potential, I hope the game can achieve it. But at the moment would recommend waiting for some updates for it to be really playable.

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      Which is expected since this game is still in early access, this was a promising statement from the developer:

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      Like the look of this game may just be a bog standard space trader but the shipbuilding and being able to walk about in the interior of the ship may add to the experience. go it on the wish list, just waiting for a price drop.

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