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    I’m looking for space games that do represent space most accurately in size simulated, distances and time to travel, realistic orbits and most existing space objects included.
    It must be a game, not an astronomical simulation (like SpaceEngine). Also all objects must be ‘real bodies’ in the sense that they must not be pure decor background images.
    SpaceEngine (for those familiar with this simulation) is a possible environment that would totally fit my requirements above if it was a game (which is not) with the playing features you see in common space games.
    Thank you very much to complete the list. I will start with:

    – Frontier Elite (Elite II); real distances, real orbits, real system sizes (?), includes suns, planets, gas giants, 1 type of asteroid
    – Frontier First Encounters; same as above, 2 types of asteroids


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    Pioneer 🙂


    Ad Astra and Microsoft space simulator, also Terminus IIRC and maybe Independence war 1 &2.


    Hi XenonS,
    If in-dev solo projects count I’m working on ASG (link to SSC thread here)

    Distances and physical quantities are realistic. There is an hyperspace jump to deal with interplanetary and interstellar trips, however it’s very constrained and jump-points must be reached using conventional orbital mechanics and maneuvering.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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