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    Hi Everyone


    Today I sent out a few emails to some individuals asking for site usernames because the email address used to pay for a subscription/donation upgrade on SSC (with Paypal) wasn’t fully processed all the way through. Meaning people didn’t get added to their perspective groups (ie: Gold and Platinum), but everything else was fine.


    So if you have paid for a membership (ie: Gold or Platinum), your username on the site will be either gold or platinum in color and if it is not and you paid for a membership please contact me and I will get it rectified and of course I will give you extra time for the time you were not in the right group.


    I know some people don’t care about this issue because they are just donating anyway, but it matters to me and I am offering something and you should get it. This went under the radar for a while (few months) because I haven’t received any emails at all from members saying they haven’t been put into the correct membership groups.


    So please check your account (profile area) or simply look for posts of yours and it should tell your there as well.


    If group membership is missing I will need the following:


    – User site username

    – Email Address you used with Paypal to make the payment


    This is to verify the transaction.



    Thanks for supporting SSC and your patience in this matter and I will fix any ones account that has an issue.




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