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Besides monthly games you also get access to over 60 free games in their library

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      Currently selling for crazy, crazy discount car stereo prices…

      It won’t be good for building your spaceship, you’ll have to use blender for that or something else, but it has solid animation capabilities and its currently dirt cheap. approximately 6 or 7 of the queens english pounds, or 10 dollars if you’re some dastardly texas oil baron or some such. This package has been used for feature films such as harry potter, and this crazy pricing strategy is a pretty bold move, one that i’ve chosen to support.

      Once the bar is filled the offer is over and its filling quickly… this package animates characters, makes awesome looking renders and films, handles facial animation, automatically weights your rigs (this is a good thing) and all sorts of cool stuff… If you have need of it now, or think you may in future then for just a few groats it can be yours… who knows maybe we can get some characters into pioneer, have some exploring-a-planet-on-foot-shooting-at-stuff-with-a-cool-space-gun kind of stuff.. but whatever i think this offer is a great one even if you only have a passing interest.

      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      who knows maybe we can get some characters into pioneer, have some exploring-a-planet-on-foot-shooting-at-stuff-with-a-cool-space-gun kind of stuff..

      😯 wow…, yes please!

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      That is too good an offer to turn down. I have not got a clue how to use this, but I am willing to learn, so I ordered the pro version. Thanks Steve! 😎

      I wonder if lew82 would be interested in this? I will PM him.

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      better hurry, the bar is nearly full.

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      I’m in for 1.

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      I am fairly new to 3D modeling but does anyone know the differences between Messiah and Blender? Because blender looks to be able to do similar things that this program can do and its free.

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      From the little I have learned about it, it is an industry standard animation package with a wealth of features, think of it as an animation program as good as Lightwave was back in the day for 3D renders. Also it does seem to have some rendering capabilities. Perhaps Coolhand could throw more light on this as I am still waiting for my key to try it out?

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      …as I am still waiting for my key to try it out?

      You only get the product if enough people sign up for it AFAIK. But they will refund you if there aren’t enough purchases:

      In the event the goal is not met, we will simply refund everyone.
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      Perhaps we should remake Pioneer into a FPS. 😆


      (boooo, hisss…)

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      First Person Ship?

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      never wanted to get up close and personal with your piracy? how about disabling a ship, docking, cutting thru the hull and stealing the cargo, or the entire shebang.

      anyway, this is very different to blender, it is animation package with numerous cool, professional movie production features, it has a great renderer also.

      That bar is very, very close now. get in while you can.

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      first person ship sounds interesting

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      According to the site the offer closes in 14 hours as they have already reached the amount of orders to fill the progress bar yesterday. Licences will be issued in 3 days time.

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      LOL. Does anyone remember a number of years back, when Frontier Developments’ page on Elite4 had some concept art on it – a girl in a spacesuit? :mrgreen:

      Perhaps that’s why E4 hasn’t been developed. They were waiting for this offer.

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      yeah, i’m sure thats been the whole problem all along.

      little dissapointed that it’ll be satuday before we get the licenses.

      but whoever has supported this may have done more than they realise, by this business model succeeding, we may see other businesses adopting a similar strategy. As we all know 3d software in particular comes in 2 flavours, free and extremely expensive. like 500 to 2000 dollars for most packages, which leads to a massive underground black market which is supported by a small handful of professionals who are the only people who can really afford this stuff.

      Hopefully we’ll see more sensibly priced software as a result… perhaps not the really big hitters who are firmly entrenched in their gouging insane policy but many of the smaller ones who sell for 500 – 1000 like modo, zbrush etc.

      coming soon to pioneer…?

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      OK, Past and not of interest anymore.
      nonetheless i thought i had to comment to it.

      the idea is certainly nice, but i thought it need to be a sort of animation library, i mean such you have to implement to a game, the rendering tool standalone won’t help much, except to render a sort of movie.

      however the thread is old, but the topic is still of interest.

      i’m pretty sure players would love to walk around on the terrain.

      in the other Hand i feel it exceeds what pioneer is.
      even if i leave the technical problems aside.
      lets imagine we have this possibility to leave the vessel.
      whith what will we interact?
      OK, i can Explorer a planets surface thats optically maybe a nice thing, but already this little thing would need to make planets and cities more interesting places to visit.
      biosphere, in other terms.
      but wow what a effort just to look at a procedural generated tree!
      it’s nearly a game of it’s own.

      but after tree #53427 we maybe get a little tired of that.
      we like to interact.

      hunting animals, phew yes that would be great, depending on legality of hunting this could suit for a singleplayer game.

      but i guess we like more, we maybe like to interact with our crew, Station personnel or citizens.

      this would lead almost to a multiplayer game.
      because certainly i would even like to interact with human players.

      but OK this goes far to far, imho.


      much more AS exploring planets or to hunt animals (imagine you kill a animal to find out later it was the intelligent species in this system, argh).
      i would Like to interact with players.

      but thats another topic.

      the question i have is:
      how much would this make pioneer a better game?
      does it fits at all to pioneer?
      is it worth the effort?

      personally i would answer with no.

      but i’m only Gernot and can’t speak for you.

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      Dude you just necro-posted a thread from 6 years ago!?!

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