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    Um I was pretty darned impressed when I saw this live during the E3 stream and was thinking the whole time oh they could make some kick ass games around this tech.





    What do you think? Hard to believe just 30-35 yrs ago I was playing with an Atari 2600 and C64 and now we have this…



    The small fov is  pretty limiting based on other videos I have watched. The headset might also end up being expensive. It’s still pretty cool though. There’s a lot of vr stuff coming out at the end of this year/ next year.



    Microsoft has also teamed up with valve vr (vive) which is interesting.




    You do bring up a good point about multiple VR offerings coming and it is a shame we just can’t standardize one platform and everyone write for it. VR will be an easy decision for me in that whatever the platform that is the most compatible and successful with more than likely get my money. I don’t know too many people that will buy multiple VR devices.



    OMG! Now that is amazing! I was never sold on that Oculus stuff but this really floats my boat – looks to be actually what I need to bring VR into my day.


    I’ll be all over that like a rash come beta time! 😀



    I can’t believe it!  It’s a dream! I dreamed something like this since i was a child!

    The near future it’s based on VR, holograms and augmented reality, the quest is only what kind of devices will conquer the mass market.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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