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    Here is the link to the main article: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game … Ships.html

    I liked these two points that were made during the article:


    Turrets have a set of procedures that you need to follow in order to operate or invite someone to your turret. To enter turret mode, you must be in the same station to invite people to your ship or to be invited to someone else’s ship. There, you can use the /gunner command line to operate the various functions of the turret system such as inviting people to man the turrets on your ship. The first turret release excluded making the turrets visible on the exterior of ships and it also lacked the ability for them to be damaged. The most recent update however, has alleviated those problems. All players within the ship are also now counted as player kills when a turreted fighter is destroyed. The high player kills make turreted ships even more of a target, but the fact that turrets add more firepower to ships make them a much more hostile target.

    I like this feature for the simple fact that maybe a cargo hauler isn’t so vulnerable now and you can make better profit with a bit less risk. And hey you might even be able to make extra cash if you make your name as a great turrent gunner for hire.


    All of these recent updates to Vendetta Online highlight Guild Software’s push to Vendetta Online 2.0. With the eventual completion of Vendetta 2.0, new features such as guild owned capital ships (heavily armored ships with multiple turrets) and guild owned stations will likely be added to the game. The future seems bright for Vendetta Online as these new developments push the game towards the next step in its evolution.

    I thought they would have implemented this sooner but always great to have team/clan ships and stations. Something to work towards and build. Nothing like taking the guild capitol ship out with its compliment of fighters for a stroll into the rival guilds space.

    VO is really setting up it’s features and gameplay. It really has to, to be honest because of the games that are coming out VO will have to compete with for subscribers. I hope with the 2.0 release we see a graphical update as well.


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