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    Well looks like some people are getting laid-off at NetDevil according to this article and some FB and Blog postings by some developers.

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011- … v-netdevil

    Shame this is happening and hope everyone can quickly find work again. I guess it is still up in the air on the fate of JGE and JC?

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    Creating games is a fun business … that is until $$ come in the picture, after that everything changes, people start jumping at each other’s throats, companies get sued and all sorts of crap like that. It’s unfortunate what happened to NetDevil (if the news proves to be correct) but given the talent those guys have I don’t believe they will remain unemployed for long.


    Well Scott, Netdevil’s founder is now with END Games Entertainment — so we’ll see what comes out of that.

    As far as Jumpgate (original) goes, the following quote from a Jumpgate fansite (http://www.confluxwar.net) has as much detail as can be released at this point.:

    . . . As some of you are aware, there were a number of cryptic posts in the last couple weeks about Jumpgate and rumors have been circulating.

    To set the record straight and for rumor control here are the facts as I have them:

    As of February 10, 2011, Istvan as well as most of the JGE team was called at home after work and told not to report to work the next day. This was expected by many for some time, but still sudden.

    There is presently no active support or development occurring on Jumpgate. Istvan is now not an employee of Gazillion and is without general access to tools or systems.

    Gazillion’s President and the Acting Studio Director have agreed with Istvan that control of the Jumpgate should be passed to the community. Istvan has been working to facilitate this transition but many details remain to be arranged.

    We still have very little information from Gazillion as to how and when any transition will take place. Gazillion currently appears preoccupied with shuttering the former NetDevil studio, which they purchased in 2008, as further and larger layoffs of staff have taken place this week.

    With respect to the transition of the Jumpgate IP to the community, there is a dedicated group of people working with Istvan and standing by to provide logistical support to make the transition happen. Until final blessing is given by Gazillion, nothing formal can be done. Stand by to stand by…

    All of this said, rest assured that what ever can be done to keep our Jumpgate alive, will be done. Your continued participation, support, and contributions have all gone into making this happen. I hope you will all continue to be part of this world.


    Whatever I can do to help I will gladly do for JC to be passed to the community and giving it any forum space it needs.

    I did read yesterday day that Lego bought the rights to Lego Universe from Gazillion and some of the NetDevil team that was covering that would be moved with that project.


    Yes, Lego took many/most of the people working on Lego Universe. I also understand Lego will be taking over the studio space (I assume it’s leased, not owned), with the remaining Netdevil people (presumably those working Fortune Online) moving to a new location nearby.


    While I have no firm information there are on going negotiations in regard to the future of Jumpgate and hopfully something positive can be salvaged from the current situation.

    I along with many other members of the playing community still fully support the game and will continue to pay our monthly sub to keep the game alive.

    I don’t officially represent the community but on their behalf I would like to thank you D1 for your offer and support both are very much appreciated.

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