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      There are two ongoing builds of FFED3D out at the moment, expanding on the work done a few years ago by Dreamzzz.


      I’ve put up a page with links to all the downloads at http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/Hires/hiresffe.html if you fancy a look  :music:

      This bundle expires on 1/25/2019

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      Nice one Steve :drinks: not been following any of the threads on Frontier for a while.

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      Seen the announcement on the Frontier Forum, great stuff Steve, Oh and Darkone has now removed that “broken” listing from the FFE3D archive on here now. If you had not mentioned it, we never would have known, so thanks for that too. :curtsey:

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      Should this patch be uploaded for FFED3D for AndyJ?

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      AFAIK, the State of the Art version for FFD3D before AndyJ ‘s version was the “FFD3D_Complete.7z” version which I have already downloaded on this site.

      The FF3 D3D.exe corrisponds to the version 1.12b that AndyJ is recommending to use. I will surely give it a try.

      Very happy to know that finally the ingame-videos are working with FFD3D !! ๐Ÿ˜Ž



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      New version of AndyJ’s build coming soon.

      • New options to Enable Multisample Anti-Aliasing to smooth model & line edges.
      • Enabled support for global model shaders. There is now a ships.fx, asteroids.fx and models.fx within the Models folder to provide a generic shader for ships, asteroids and everything else. Individual model shaders will be used where they are available to permit customisation.
      • Added multiple skins support for objects. Each can have up to 10 different skins and in the case of Police Vipers, they have their own dedicated skin. Implementation is via new shader variables. Use the ‘Buffet’ utility to tweak the colour/name of your ship if you want it to use a particular skin!
      • Improved the atmosphere shader so that the sky and clouds obscure the stars during the daytime and then fade to reveal them at night, with just a faint cloud layer visible in the night sky.
      • Reworked part of the rendering code so that when inside an atmosphere, the sky is now drawn before the sun, which in turn is drawn before the planet – so the sun can now be seen in the sky of a living planet.
      • The current sun colour was being applied when drawing your ship in the Equipment view and when viewing other ships in the ship yard. They are now correctly lit with a white light as per original FFE.
      • The “1st Encounter” Quest ship now displays throughout the intro sequence.
      • Chasing Quest ship at end of intro sequence is swapped to be the expected police Viper when using models.



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      Look like some of those long standing problems are starting to get sorted out. :biggrin:

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      My long held dream of all 3 of the classic Elite games re-make and fully operational for the modern day, draws a little bit closer with this news. A wonderful thing to see.

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      AndyJ is just making a few final adjustments, such as getting the three dashboard lights (red, blue & green for under attack, landing gear down and autopilot engaged) working again, plus a few rather more technical matters.


      A few more days at the most, methinks  :yahoo:

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      Hello everyone !


      Well I think I’ve made the final (final, final) adjustment and have decided to draw a line under what Steve can attest to become a never ending v1.01 build of FFED3DAJ!

      Sorry about this – it was for good reasons – so I hope the wait will prove to be worth it! :ninja:


      If there’s an admin about, I may need a little help with the uploading… it’s grown “a little” way beyond the 9MB posting limit … please can you drop me a PM?


      Cheers,  AndyJ



      The final change log ended as this:


      2013-08-11 – Version 1.01:

      • New options to enable Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing to smooth model & line edges. (
      • Enabled support for global model shaders. This was disabled in the first release because it gave everything

        a dark and metalic appearance, so individual models required their own shader effect.fx file.

      • There is now a ships.fx, asteroids.fx and models.fx within the Models folder to provide a generic shader  for

        ships, asteroids and everything else. Individual model shaders will be used where they are available

        to permit customisation.

      • Added multiple skins support for objects. Each can have up to 10 different skins and in the case of Police Vipers,

        they have their own dedicated skin. Implementation is via new shader variables/

      • Improved the atmosphere shader so that the sky and clouds obscure the stars during the daytime and then fade

        to reveal them at night, with just a faint cloud layer visible in the night sky.

      • Reworked part of the rendering code so that when inside an atmosphere, the sky is now drawn before the sun,

        which in turn is drawn before the planet – so the sun can now be seen in the sky of a living planet.

      • In case your PC is unable to load the high-resolution cloud textures, or to save memory, there is a new setting in

        .cfg file- hiresCloudTextures=1. Set this to 0 to use lower resolution images.

      • The current sun colour was being applied when drawing your ship in the Equipment view and when viewing other

         ships in the ship yard. They are now correctly lit with a white light as per original FFE.

      • The “1st Encounter” Quest ship now displays throughout the intro sequence.
      • Chasing Quest ship at end of intro sequence is swapped to be the expected police Viper when using models.
      • Extended the option to hide text on loaded models so that it can apply to bases and stations too.
      • Anisotropic version now reads shipdata_aniso.txt to load the ship configuration values.
      • Correction: re-enabled specular lighting so that objects will reflect light. This was accidentally left disabled in the

        2013-04-02 release.

      • Correction: Replaced lua.dll because it required Visual C++ 2005 runtimes to be installed.
      • Added patches to allow the number of credits to be altered for each start point. Feedback was that the Anisotropic

        mod is particularly harsh – so if you want to cheat and play as a millionaire, now you can!

      • Ships now display their radar dishes and antenna. Added temporary model 197 for the Naval ECM antenna which is

        just a copy of 196 with a different texture. The new Panther Clipper and Lynx engine models are now used as well.

        (problematic equipment submodels can be hidden)

      • Additional fixes for characters in names, e.g. du Prรƒยฉs’s Wreck at Lawacan, Kรƒยถhl’s Hole at Zeiocan etc.
      • The final line of each of the initial journal stories can now be scrolled up into view and read.
      • Console warning lights now illuminate when under attack, undercarriage is lowered or auto-pilot is active.
      • Updated the “Hints” messages in the start-up script to be in-keeping with the game.
      • The Eagle Mk2 and Mk3 now use their separate models correctly and won’t draw the long range variant over the top

        as well! Models 24 & 25 in FFE inherited the base Eagle from model 23. The change supresses drawing of model 23

        but retains missiles, ECM and thruster pines. (Primitive models of the ships render as before)

      • Model 271 (spaceport) and model 302 (hangers) can now have their name labels hidden by specifying notdrawtext=1

        under the [MODEL] section of their tris.ini file. This can be used to finally hide the “Old  Blackelk” text on the replacement

        spaceport model.

      • Cargo containers on Lifters (model 153) now have a color/skin value passed to it so that it can change its  appearance

        using a shader effect.fx file. (Example provided of programmatic color changing of default skin)

      • Fix for Nic mod “NoMassMissiles=1” hack: ship doesn’t gain 1t cargo space when launching a missile now!
      • New option in .cfg file “modelPreLoad”. This defines whether to pre-load models during start-up sequence.
      •  0=no pre-loading, 1=intro models, 2=intro & default start position models.
      • Application is now responsive during start-up. It can be moved/closed, and doesn’t show “not responding” in the title bar.

        Resources are loaded by separate worker-threads.

      • Proximity mines don’t display the missile object as well now.
      • Added texture1-5 tga/png for models which shaders can use for bump maps etc
      • Sub-models will also hide text as well now if specified in tris.ini, e.g. Aggy’s wind turbines.
      • Mouse pointer doesn’t jump to top left corner now when right-clicking in full-screen mode.
      • Shutting down will now wait for the model manager thread to terminate first!
      • Only supported Textures present in the range above tex600 will be loaded to safeguard memory.
      • New checks for out-of-memory when trying to load a model and its textures. Stale objects will be dropped immediately and

        a re-load of the model attempted.

      • Found and fixed a memory leak when passing colors over to the planet shader. (dates back to r8 of the original ffed3d source)
      • Rewritten model cache management thread. This will now limit the number of models loaded into memory to avoid running

        out of resources. Settings are available in FFED3DAJ.cfg to customise …

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      :girlimpossible:  WOW. What a massive amount of work you put into this Andy. I think I speak for most on here by saying thank you very much for this. :curtsey:  I am sure Pinback or Darkone will be around shortly to sort out the upload limit for you. Once again, space sim fans prove why they are the best in gaming! :fans: :girldance:


      Oh one more thing, could any Russian speakers out there please spread the word over on the Elite games site? I think those guys would really like to see this too.

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      Hello everyone !


      Well I think I’ve made the final (final, final) adjustment and have decided to draw a line under what Steve can attest to become a never ending v1.01 build of FFED3DAJ!

      Sorry about this – it was for good reasons – so I hope the wait will prove to be worth it! :ninja:


      If there’s an admin about, I may need a little help with the uploading… it’s grown “a little” way beyond the 9MB posting limit … please can you drop me a PM?


      Cheers,  AndyJ




      Excellent work AndyJ looks like you have squashed the long standing bugs ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      You will need to contact Darkone/SSCadmin or a post here http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/forum/3-ssc-administration/ although you should be able to upload 1.95GB to the download area http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/files/

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      :girlimpossible:  WOW. What a massive amount of work you put into this Andy. I think I speak for most on here by saying thank you very much for this. :curtsey:  I am sure Pinback or Darkone will be around shortly to sort out the upload limit for you. Once again, space sim fans prove why they are the best in gaming! :fans: :girldance:


      Oh one more thing, could any Russian speakers out there please spread the word over on the Elite games site? I think those guys would really like to see this too.


      Thanks Geraldine & PINBACK ๐Ÿ™‚


      Actually I was able to get in touch with the Russian folk overnight and v1.01 is uploaded over there already.

      I’ve already had some feedback that there’s an issue with the Anisotropic build cycling ships in the Sol system when a new day starts. Easily reproducible so taking a look at that now and have a probable cause for it – seems the FFED3D guys replaced some AI function calls for their own… :wacko:


      This issue doesn’t affect the ‘standard’ FFE game though, so I’ll try and unwind their changes and issue a new patch to update aniso in the next couple of days.


      I didn’t realise that I could upload to a downloads area, sorry – I’ll try and sort that out right away!


      Edit: Wish I’d realised it was that simple, sorry… The patch is in the downloads area here:  http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/files/file/1036-ffed3daj/

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      Nice one AndyJ :good: will definitely have a look at this but will not be able to do it till the weekend.

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      I’ve just updated the patch in the downloads area to v1.02; the anisotropic mod should now be playable for those who want to do so!

      The textures and skin packs are unaltered.

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      Any chance of access to the source code of your version? I have been playing with the FFED3D source code from the google code project myself, as well as with the original JJFFE… There are a few mods that I like to make for my own enjoyment, in particular an old bug that was fixed by John Jordan which I like to reintroduce… It’s easy with the source code, not so easy with the binarues only. ๐Ÿ™‚


      IMHO the most stable revision of the Google code project was r65, that’s what I usually compile and play with.

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      I am very impressed with the way FF3DAj starts… unfortunately the package misses bass.dll

      Any way I added the dll from another FFD3D package, and it starts up. Starting screens look very impressive.

      And then it crashes :((


      COuld it be I need to add some more DLL’s? Ittiz’s FFD3D seems to run just fine. except for distant planets being drawn /OVERBEFORE the nearby spaceship ..


      It crashes on my dev PC, my Laptop . Heres the crash ,message:



        Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: BEX

        Naam van de toepassing: FFED3DAJ.exe

        Versie van toepassing:

        Tijdstempel van toepassing: 520e6dbe

        Naam van foutmodule: FFED3DAJ.exe

        Versie van foutmodule:

        Tijdstempel van foutmodule: 520e6dbe

        Uitzonderingsmarge: 000c20f9

        Uitzonderingscode: c0000417

        Uitzonderingsgegevens: 00000000

        Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.1.7601.

        Landinstelling-id: 1043

        Aanvullende informatie 1: e39a

        Aanvullende informatie 2: e39a95b388da1176da7870165ec491d1

        Aanvullende informatie 3: c685

        Aanvullende informatie 4: c6856b97feb6f7465c874beaac7db3f1
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      Managed to fix the crash by adding FX,DATA and COmmandr folders…


      Better said: I took Ittz folder, and overweriiten/merged it with the FFD3DAJ archives. Now it runs stable.

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      Great! Maybe I will find some time to check this version out. Big thanks Andy!!!

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      v1.04 of the FFED3DAJ patch has just been dropped in the downloads area – <a href="here


      This fixes the DirectX issues that were blocking switching between full-screen and Windowed mode, or restoring a minimized full-screen game.


      Oh, and sorry but in the rush to head off on holiday, I obviously forgot to actually post into this thread that I’d uploaded v1.03! :pardon:

      I hope that it was spotted as it had a lot more fixes!



      Just to re-iterate, seeing the earlier crash reports… This is just a “patch”; it is not a stand-alone installation that you can drop into a folder and run. You must add it over either a full FFED3D beta v1.12++ or Ittiz install for it to have the required assets!


      And if there are any problems, then please take a look first in the ffed3daj_readme.txt file that’s included in the main patch zip, as this’ll document & often answer the known issues.





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      Strange. I’ve downloaded both versions (with the AndyJ’s being the latest version); it fixed the missing HUD icon bug (I’m playing on default windowed mode – 800×600) but for some reason, the planets’ textures are seems way too dark (or worse, some are totally black – still cities have brighter ground terrain though).


      …or is it just me <_<



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      No, it’s not just you – it’s the effect of the Planet shader applying lighting. (I don’t think the original FFED3D beta had/used them)


      The usePlanetShaders setting in the .cfg turns it on and off, but the shader file itself is Modelsplanet.fx.

      You could open that up in notepad and experiment with the float4 P_Land() function; e.g. find the line that says:


         float nrmd_light = dot(normal, lightDir) * 2.0f;


      and perhaps change to:


         float nrmd_light = max(0.2f,dot(normal, lightDir) * 2.0f);


      which would give a minimum light level … but… the trade off to changing this or switching it off is that it will reduce/remove the shadowing of planets on the side that is opposite to the sun.


      From a ‘realism’ point of view, objects in space should have completely black ‘shadowed’ areas

      But obviously from a game play point of view, it’s not much fun flying over or trying to land on a completely black terrain on the dark-side of a moon etc. (or is it?)

      I’m thinking that perhaps the “max(0.2f” part could be written to take gradual effect within a certain height so as you get closer the ground lightens slightly. (On the other hand, perhaps spaceships should have had landing lights to help illuminate the area below them?!!)


      I’ve only just started to dip a toe in the area of shaders with the water and cloud changes, they’re still largely a big unknown to me at the moment. One thing that strikes me is that the landscape has become so dark before the sun has actually set, which seems ahead of when it should happen? I’ve also had a quick experiment with a sky shader to replace the outer atmosphere and again, the sunset colours and darkness that shader generates seem to be well ahead of the sun position – so I think there’s possibly a wider issue to track down with the vectors that the shaders are receiving.


      The replacement base models can also be shaded (horribly so IMO) if the useglobalObjectShader setting is enabled too, but it gives a rather metallic effect which is not too good for grassy areas(!) and why at the moment I’ve disabled that one by default. (That shader is Modelsmodels.fx)

      This is why the field near the base is much brighter, because it is not affected by a shader.

    • #97107

      Just wanted to point out that AndyJ’s patch has reached v1.04 and now includes – amongst other things – the ability to return to the desktop and go back to the game without messing everything up! The download page is at  http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/files/file/1036-ffed3daj/

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      v1.05a of my patch has now been uploaded into the downloads section here:



      Lots of fixes and enhancements – especially to the drawing of the original polygon graphics as well as enabling 64 bit Windows users to load everything into memory with >2GB.


      Large asteroids, which previously didn’t display in any of the FFED3D versions have also been fixed:




    • #97109


      v1.05a of my patch has now been uploaded into the downloads section here:


      Just to be sure. Can I use Ittiz’s build with your patch?

    • #97110

      Indeed you can! ๐Ÿ™‚

      In fact I’d recommend that combination for simplicity as Ittiz’s build contains all the latest models and textures and the videos…

      The full beta v1.12 FFED3D packs that are currently here are also very old – the original release I think – so don’t contain many of the updated textures/models (such as the control panel). The alternative to Ittiz’s pack would be the updated beta v1.12 pack (24.05.11) that’s over at the Russian elite-games.ru forum, this is slightly lighter on resources as it has lower resolution and original game textures, but none of the videos.


      Just extract the patch and core textures zip over the top of your ittiz install, and then optionally add the multi-skins examples zip as well. (core textures are required additions)

      Configurations settings are found in the ffed3daj.cfg file (edit with notepad) and you have the choice of executables: ffed3daj.exe which is based on JJFFE (i.e. original FFE game play) or ffed3daj_aniso.exe which is based off the Anisotropic 0.9c mod – but does change a lot, especially difficulty, and isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

      I’d point you towards the ffed3daj_readme.txt file that’s in the patch zip for more information – it’s worth a quick read before you extract everything!


      If you’re running on 32bit Windows then be aware that you’ll need to use the model manager loading models on-demand if you use the multiple skins as well. This is mainly because a lot of the textures are so large that everything doesn’t quite squeeze into the 2GB that the game is limited to. The user Zak Gordon is currently putting together an optimised texture mod to reduce those that don’t need to be such high resolution so that 32bit users can also load everything at start up. If on the other hand you have a 64bit install of Windows and at least 2GB then you don’t need to care and can just turn everything on for maximum bling!  (there’s been a lengthy discussion about the model manager & memory usage over on the Frontier forum <a href="here so I won’t repeat everything here, the readme should explain too, but I’ll answer questions if anyone needs help)

    • #97111

      Thank you very much, for your answer. I have a x64 Win7 with 8GB.

    • #97112

      Just uploaded v1.06 – mainly fixes in the .asm code, it fixes the issue with repeated clicks during video playback (no more accidentally buying a ship!) as well as fixing the assassination mission crash in the Aniso mod (pretty sure I’ve found the source of the stack fault!)

      Otherwise, a minor shader change to fix transparencies in model textures. A short list of fixes I know, but 2 significant ones that I know people have been waiting for, so I didn’t want to delay a patch too long while I’m investigating other areas   ๐Ÿ˜€


      (regretting the upgrade to IE11 this week, no copy + paste or ‘smilies’ selection working here now ๐Ÿ™ ) 

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      FFED3DAJ v1.11 has now been released.

      This build focuses on stability fixes as well as adding translations for French, German, Italian and Russian.

      It is available in the downloads area here.

      Extra notes:
      I’ve run the patch file through VirusTotal: Results
      Bkav gives a “false-positive” fail for Bass.dll. I think that this has been the case for several versions now.

      To switch translation to a language other than English, edit ffed3daj.cfg and change the value “language=EN”.
      Supported values are: DE = German, EN = English, FR = French, IT = Italian and RU = Russian.

      Enjoy and fly safe Commanders!

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      Thank you very much AndyJ. Keep up the good work!!

    • #97115

      Wonderful news Andy! Thank you for your tireless work in keeping FFE3D flying! :curtsey:

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      hi everybody

      sorry, i opened a new account simply because the former one was registered to a no longer existing e-mail adress.

      **THANK YOU ANDYJ!**

      very well done, you’re a sort of wizard.

      your release brought me back to life (in frontier).
      after loosing so much of my work (for pioneer)….. i’m happy to run a lousy FFED3D.

      i started to (re)create a couple of models, some are new onesy i made especially for FFED3D, some are conversions of models i made for Pioneer.
      most is work in progress, some more some less.

      ![](http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy187/potsmoke66/sshots/FFED3D/ships%202016-12/new%20models/2016-12-11_143725_zpsp7ppde9z.jpg “”)

      **INSTEAD** to overload this thread with screenshots of my models,
      i opened i own thread for my new and old FFED3D models (or whatever else).


    • #110009

      @gernot66 “after loosing so much of my work (for pioneer)”

      Losses? Never! Your ships are more alive than ever, check here:



    • #110008

      Hey Gernot!

      Great to see you back and thank you so much for converting your ships back to our lousy FFED3D! :tongue:

      I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun playing with these – the Kestrel looks absolutely GORGEOUS! (downloading now!)

      I’ll take “work in progress” as that you might continue to improve and create more? Looking forward to see what else you do!

      Best wishes AndyJ

    • #110012

      Gernot!!!! So happy to see your back making your wonderful ships again! <3

    • #110037

      hi walter ar

      **OFF TOPIC!**
      i peeped into your clips and pioneer looks great
      (with some restrictions).

      recently i can’t play pioneer, thus it has no use to write just one line of a script.

      maybe as soon as i’m able i will pick up my puristic “Sputnik” project and bring it finally to a end.
      i had the idea to concetrate more on procedural generated stuff – you know me – my idea of generated missions…. however, this isn’t the right place.

      well we have nice (kitschig) colored nebulas, but i assume except of your fine work little to do in pioneer.
      a game certainly attracts with it graphics
      but gameplay is something different and works even with a plain vector graphic.
      i assume the cities still look like out of a pepper shaker and we still have no way to seperate between hostile and outdoor worlds –
      am i right?

      promise (to you)
      as soon as i’m able to play pioneer again i will also start to work on my models again.

      **that’s it so far for pioneer.**

      my task is to fill FFED3D with models, i’m maybe not the best modeler but a productive one and two models a week are to expect.
      after it was such greatly enhanced by Andy there is the urge to finally replace all models, to use as much as possible of the sub-models for the cities to keep the random look.

      this is in my mind since long,
      long ago i felt i was only a fifth wheel to FFED3D, they had a team of modellers and i was the nube,
      this has changed much,
      elite-games.ru cancelled development of FFED3D and finally someone picked up the remnants,
      which brings little me back on the floor.

      v0: 2, 1, 0
      v2: 2, -1, 0
      quad: v0, v1, v3, v2

      besides, the task to analyze and use the city structures of FFE will also give me some experience to what i like to do for pioneer.
      analyze -> copy -> develop own
      just like the our friends from Nippon
      i know 100 years ago gemany was feared for this
      but that’s the way it works and i see no reason why copying shouldn’t be good, you copy, you learn and finally you can make your own.

      have phun!

      and never forget “diesen hier” ๐Ÿ˜‰
      ![](http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy187/potsmoke66/IMG_20161218_204501b_zpsjbfq8wdi.jpg “”)

    • #110064


      do you solved the “pond problem” (i’ve read this on elite-games.ru)?

      sure i can take a look at such problems.
      buildings have a funny attitude in FFED3D, since the game is righthanded and in what i call “architectural view” with the Y axis pointing upwards. if you centre a object on the X/Y plane it will be completely wrong because the model will be centered on the X/Z plane. rotation and position can also be altered within the models toplevel frame, a mesh oriented lefthanded will stay lefthanded only the orientation matrix of the toplevel-frame changes by adding a animation this can lead sometimes to problems if one is oriented in a different way as the other.

      thus instead to alter the rotion of the part in blender i would try first to rotate the model with the matrix, that’s maybe the best way.

      (kinda like that the chappel from “Schmerikon” goes around the world)

      i guess the pond is never called alone he’s always submodel of a larger model if i remember this proper.
      on the other hand it should play no role in which orientation it’s been called….

      object # 248:
      “2E6E 4061 ; Subobject(371:Swimming pool, Vertex(97), Orientation(40h))”

      object # 277:
      “2E6E 000A ; Subobject(371:Swimming pool, Vertex(10), Orientation(00h))”

      however once it’s oriented the same as subobject # 371 it should appear the same as it.

      i will take a closer look at this at home, i can’t run FFED3D on my mothers mac.

    • #110066

      Hi Gernot!

      I presume the pond issue that you saw over on the Russian forums is this one:
      ![](http://s11.postimg.org/lzbg2ukn7/pond_models.jpg “”)

      The .x model is rotated compared to the original vector models, and it’s slightly too large.

      I solved it though in v1.11 by adding a tris.ini file for the model and extending it in FFED3DAJ so that some additional values could be specified within it apply a rotation (rotate_x, rotate_y and rotate_z). Theses are then applied prior to drawing the model and meant that I didn’t have to find someone to actually fix the existing model. (btw if you turn off .x models and then on again to reload them, tris.ini is also reloaded. This might be useful when working on a model to save completely re-loading the game – toggle on/off with CTRL+F6)

      The two models that you mention, 248 and 277 are “city blocks” that contain various sub models such as houses, ponds, hills etc. These are themselves sub-models that belong to the local star port model (81-96) and are repeated to create the appearance of surrounding towns or cities.
      I noticed in your model thread that you are using Donik’s “FFED3D AJ” pack from reddit and noticed there are missing models such as the Hawk. It’s not a pack I had anything to do with putting together myself, but presumably it followed my instructions on the now missing project page. ([archived here](https://web.archive.org/web/20160406074750/http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/files/file/1036-ffed3daj/))

      I did DL the pack to double check it was virus free but didn’t look too hard at it otherwise. I did think it was based upon the Ittiz pack which is more up-to-date but actually it looks like it used the original FFED3D Beta 1.12++ pack as it still has the “Mods” files but no videos. The pack on reddit has included Nanite2000’s terrain and ship texture packs.

      I’ve held off putting together my own “complete download” pack for FFED3DAJ whilst I was still fixing things, but perhaps it would be an good idea to start pulling everything together now. I do have a cleaned-up installation with an updated Mods folder that I made earlier in the year – I was intending to add a new “options” program for editing the .cfg file first, but got a little side-tracked with “real life stuff”. I should probably create a new thread here with the instructions on too if the downloads here aren’t going to have their own description pages again in the future.

      So I guess that you are probably still running v1.10?
      The latest version of FFED3DAJ is now v1.11 and if you need to update to this version then you’ll need to grab [FFED3DAJ_v1.11.zip](http://spacesimcentral.com/%23-F/FFED3D/FFED3DAJ_v1.11.zip%5D) and [FFED3DAJ_v1.11_CoreFiles.zip](http://spacesimcentral.com/%23-F/FFED3D/FFED3DAJ_v1.11_CoreFiles.zip).
      These just get unzipped into your FFED3D folder. Backup your ffed3daj.cfg file first in case you need to look back at it and copy any preferences into the updated version.

      You may not know if not running it yet, but in v1.11 I’ve added the original FFE translations (French, German, Italian) but also the Elite-Games.Ru members have helped me add their own Russian translation too – something they really wanted from the early days of FFED3D and it was always my intention to try and implement for them once I realised that I could move the project forward and fix the outstanding issues.
      Not sure if I should be asking this in your own models thread to keep things “on topic”, but if you would like to revisit a model Gernot, please could I ask if you’ll take a look at the animation of the clock face on your church model, 369?

      I have already tried to tie in the animation so that it displays the computer’s time as it did in Frontier: Elite 2, but it only works correctly between 12 and 2 am/pm – there are then glitches later in the animation with the hands freezing or even moving backwards, so it gets out of sync.
      In my current “work-in-progress” build I’ve added overrides to set the animation relative to the current hour and this forces the hand positions to better reflect the correct time, but this is at the expense of seeing that the hands constantly move, which I think was your original intention. If you are willing though, perhaps if you could separate the animation of the hour and minute hands so that they each do a single rotation, and I would then be able to smoothly step their positions relative to the current time.
      If you have a need for secondary animations that aren’t linked to the landing gear sequence then they should already be processed in v1.10/11 relative to time elapsed. I think that the requirement for a model having an animation is also fixed – although I’ve not got a model to test this with.



    • #110086

      hi andy,

      i have to take a look at what version it is, but i’m sure not 1.1 because i didn’t noticed such a change to the tris.ini

      to the church (how could this tiny model hold one this much up?)
      i hope i fixed this with my new model, but i can’t tell exactly i never waited twelve hours to see what happens
      and since it shows the your machines time….

      but yes i quickly changed the time on the system and it alwys reflected the proper time, thus i assume it’s ok now.

      before i worked (for what reson i forgot) with a speed of two frames per sec, now it’s 1 frame per second for the clock
      if i remember it right i edited the previous models animation because i’ve made a mistake (besides i made one even this time and stupidly my clock showed seconds and minutes instead of minutes and hours).

      well only thing is it should show the game time….

      however if one likes to know what time of day it is for real he can fly to the next church – if that makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

      and well i removed the cross and replaced it with a weathercock – that’s much more neutral.


      good thing to give the possibility of rotating a object with the tris.ini, however i took a look at the pool and quickly fixed it.
      (sometimes but that’s typically gernot, i transform models in the X mesh, whereelsefore you have a top level frame to translate, rotate and scale the whole model?).
      but i can’t remember that it’s a little to large (or really just a tiny bit), i compared it with the exported pond (or pool) model.
      i guess i even compared it with the original vectors (finally i got it how the models in FFE are scaled, i didn’t understand it fully what’s the reason but it has something with the hex system to do and that you have no floating point and must multiply and/or divide always integer numbers.
      however the table i wrote me down compared to the “metrical” output of FFED3D shows this,
      scale 7 = 0.0128
      scale 8 = 0.0256
      scale 9 = 0.0512
      scale 10 = 0.1024
      an so on).

      btw SCALE


      really, it’s something i would really like to see solved, even if i’m not sure if there is a way to solve this problem.
      but it would be more as just cool if the submodels would be scaled like the original geometry

      this would solve at least two issues,
      the scanner which is either to small or to large (even other antennas fuelscoop and such)
      and the dome model for which i find no acceptable solution except it’s scalable.
      but personally i guess it should be possible,
      there is a scale for it in the model who calls the submodel
      though this number (or table) can be read.

      or am i wrong?


      well i have a lot of questions – really, also some issues i stumbled over

      something is annoying in the shipdata.txt

      besides it’s not your fault you’re not responsible for the way the shipdata mod

      first the main and retro thrust is mixed up
      retro thrust gets a bigger value when the hex value it’s simply translated to a decimal number
      but mr. braben is a killer
      he splitted 0xFF or 0xFFFF or 0xFFFFFF into two sections (when needed for coordinates and such values
      which can be negative, even and also the rotation of the turrets works in this way)
      a lower range up to 80 (as example for a word) which reflects positive numbers
      a upper range counted downwards from 0xFF to 0x80 reflecting negative values
      this system stays in the whole game if it is for the galactical coordinates
      as for thrust values or many else.

      the values are proper but the description of what is main or retro is wrong
      unfortunately the bigger number is a negative value.

      this translating to decimal leaves more issues in the shipdata.txt
      and i guess the hex values would be better
      however it could be read different (better) – no?

      next mistake in hex numbers is the hyperdrive
      there are only type 0x0 to 0xF possible
      thus numbers will range only from 0 to 15, i’m very sorry for this.
      i assume when this had been made for FFE the following 0x80 has been mistakely taken as leading 0x80
      this value hardly changes and 90% of the ships have this value on this position
      it doesn’t belongs to the hyperdrive type anyway

      the output of 0xnn80 makes it very difficult to determine which hyperdrive it will be and
      to be sure i have to take the output of “show(FFE)mesh” at hand and compare the real content
      to this number – in general translate it back to hex and discount the **** 0x80 (if it’s 0x80,
      in very rare occasions this value changes and i don’t know what for it is, i assumed once
      (what is now even listed in shipdata) “elite points” because the value stays on 256 for most ships
      ok 0x80 is only 128 but 128 is half of 256 but such stinks to me…
      however if i change the value for the hyperdrive in the shipdata.txt,
      i probably even change a value which doesn’t reflects the hyperdrive and does anything else – anything…

      to take instead of a dblword a word is problematic because you know this the value will be wrong
      this 0x80 FOLLOWS another word and it’s not a dblword which will be read different
      0x0A80 isn’t the same as 0x0A 0x80.
      but i remember that “theunis de jong” moaned much about this behave in FE2/FFE
      “once it’s word next time a dblword or a longword or it’s bit encoded, it looks like it was made randomly but it isn’t”

      then i stumbled over a doubled output for turret and gun positions
      it’s a mess and i liked to show a example but i haven’t it ready here in my moms place.

      besides what i would like as much as gun positions
      would be a possibility to move the thrusters or labels if needed
      it’s not a problem which has any priority but i would like it.

    • #110095

      Hi everyone, maybe that’s not exactly the right place to ask this question but that’s the latest active thread on FFED3D so I thought I could ask here, feel free to move it if it’s not, here’s my question :

      I downloaded the ittiz pack and it works, I have yet to install AJ’s stuff on top of it, at the start of the game it tells you that it’s based on JJFFE 2.8a6 version, but elsewhere on internet there are mentions of a 2.8 a7 version, I’m just curious as to what are the changes between the two versions, wether AJ’s version includes those changes, etc…

      and of course bravo to the great community that’s working on FFE, fantastic job you all !

    • #110097

      Hi LostJameson

      Ittiz’s pack is a good source for a base set of updated models and graphics compared to the original Beta v1.12++ pack that the Russians put together, but neither of these versions (FFED3D.exe) are that stable. (no memory management or any code to cope gracefully with alt-tab or switching between fullscreen/windowed etc, so expect crashes to desktop).

      My own builds did update the base game to use the final JJFFE code 2.8a7 as well as an additional fix that JJ published on usenet to prevent the throttle flipping into reverse if you accelerate for too long. I don’t recall the difference between JJFFE 2.8a6 and 2.8a7 now to be honest, I think that there was a fix to pause game time during the playback of videos (in case it affected missions) but I’m not sure if there were other alterations.
      I’ve also included any additional fixes/enhancements that were made by other authors (e.g. Nic’s mod/GLFFE) and it also has stand-alone executables for the Anisotropic mod and Russian’s Hellmod. And well, there’s 2-3 years of fixes and enhancements by myself too!

      It looks like the links that I posted earlier in the thread aren’t working, so hopefully you can find the FFED3D folder via the WP File Manager. I’d recommend that you grab the 3 FFED3DAJ zips that are in there for updated exe’s/shaders/graphics (although the example skins zip is optional) and also grab the 4 nanite2000 zips as well for improved planet surfaces and ship textures.
      If you do apply my build, remember to run FFED3DAJ.exe instead of FFED3D.exe, and to alter configuration settings – edit ffed3daj.cfg in notepad. There’s a readme file with more info as well as a version history text file too.

      If you get stuck, this thread is as good as anywhere to ask at the moment. I probably need to create a new thread for my build with instructions if there aren’t going to be description pages for the downloads any more. The old description page is [archived here](https://web.archive.org/web/20160406074750/http://spacesimcentral.com/ssc/files/file/1036-ffed3daj/).

      Hope this helps!


    • #110098

      @Gernot66 ๐Ÿ™‚

      Probably it’s best if we take the conversation about models over to your thread, otherwise it’s going to get confusing here I think.

      Regarding the shipdata.txt values – yes you are right, they are not straight-forward and can be improved. They were put in mostly to support the “Nic Mod” changes from GLFFE and also to enable some experimentation.There’s definitely room for improvement; the user does need to understand the hex value data equivalents at present and I’ve not sat down to try and improve this. For example – internally thruster values are signed words so for example, +/-32767 max – if you go larger then the value is going to be wrong. I do know this – I rewrote most of the code to figure out if it was really altering the correct values (think I switched a couple) and used it to patch a couple of blocked camera views – but ultimately it was low priority to make it more obvious, when compared to resolution/memory management etc.
      And I’m thinking that these settings allow a user to modify the behaviour of a ship – so perhaps they also have a need for per-model values in .ini files that can then be packaged up separately – but anyway, they won’t deal with gun placements or engine flares as those are defined by the model’s draw commands. The shipdata values that seem to relate to gun positions are actually for placing the camera views, and not where the models will appear.

      Anyway… there is some good news… I may have made some progress with those pesky scaled sub-models ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • #110099

      Hi AndyJ, thank you for the clarifications, I managed to download and install all your mod and Nanite’s but now I’m stuck with a game that crashes to the desktop as soon as I hit a key to leave the intro movie… I tried various resolutions, windowed and fullscreen, plus a few other things like reducing antialiasing, using original FFE models etc but it’s always the same… I get to see the starting view with the starport but Windows instantly tells me the game “stopped working” without more details (windows 10). I notice that while Nanite’s textures are working I still have the original FFE cockpit thou I’m sure I have installed it too… I’m using a HP laptop but the keyboard specs don’t seem to have the Media Center stuff mentionned in your README.

      I’ll keep trying stuff this week-end.

    • #110100

      Hi LostJameson

      I think perhaps you haven’t installed the FFED3DAJ_*.zip archives and Nanite2000 archives over the top of your Ittiz pack that you already had set up? It was designed to go over the top of that or the complete FFED3D beta pack to keep the download sizes to a minimum when new patches were more frequent.

      You should only see the original FFE dashboard when the cockpit model is missing – unless you actually edited the .cfg file to ask to use it. The model is usually in the models subfolder (panel.X) if it isn’t then I’d guess you extracted everything into an empty folder…
      Can you let me know if it was that and I’ll make sure that the next build catches it during start up and displays some instructions to rectify the situation.

      Hope this helps, if not let me know.


    • #110101

      Hi AndyJ,

      I had one panel.X file in the models folder (as well as many other files), and the cockpit textures those from nanite in the textures folder (incidentally I noticed that while I get the original FFE cockpit, I have a more modern-looking red triangle on the right panel (the thing that tells you you can’t take off when you haven’t asked for clearance…)).

      if it can help : during the intro sequence, I get the very nice jupiter texture on the big planet, but when the earth-like planet appears in the distance at first it’s only triangles, no textures, then when the camera gets closer that planet has textures but the athmosphere is too bright, completely white, on the sunlit side.

      I don’t think it’s a windows 10 issue, as I gave administrator rights to the executable.

    • #110102

      Hmmm, actually I just tried a “bad install” without having a base FFED3D pack and that isn’t the issue causing the crash. I’m mistaken about it defaulting to the graphics console if the model isn’t present – I thought I’d hardwired it to do that a while ago, but I’m forgetting that if the model isn’t there then the bitmaps aren’t likely to be either so there was no point … duh.

      OK, so if it’s crashing this is probably memory or video related. If you can bear it, would you work with me to try to find out why?
      Forum member Steve (of FrontierAstro website) has posted that it does run ok on Windows 10 so it’s not necessarily that.

      Can i ask what the spec’s are of your laptop? particularly system memory, processor, video GPU dedicated/shared graphics memory – or if you aren’t sure and it’s an “off the shelf configuration” maybe a model number that google can point me to?
      And are you running 64bit Windows 10 or 32bit? If you are running 32 bit then we might need to look at model cache settings and if you have shared graphics memory.
      Could you also confirm what it is you’ve installed – and ideally if you can, could you PM your ffed3daj.cfg file to me so that I can see the settings you are running with? (I think if you click my name you send a message by clicking “Message” on the right . Contact me that way anyway if you prefer)

      Ideally… it shouldn’t really crash at all now – even when my nVidia drivers crash (meh!) it still recovers itself on my Windows 7 box and carries on – so I’d like to find out why it’s locking up on your laptop. If you can provide some more info then that may point me at a possible cause.

      I can run it ok on my old core2-duo laptop, and there are users out there on even older XP boxes… so hopefully we can figure out what the issue is and get you running too!

    • #110103

      Thank you,
      I’m running a HP pavillon, 64 bits windows, with 6Go memory, Intelยฎ Coreโ„ข i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz ร— 4
      the graphic card there’s a Nvidia in it but I don’t know how much memory it has.
      I tried various settings with it I’ll PM you the latest ones,
      Install was all taken from the repo on this site : Ittiz, the 3 AJ files, the 4 nanite files, and an other one called Stars and planets (and the replacement sound FX too), I just extracted your files over the Ittiz stuff, then followed instructions from nanite to put the textures in the textures file.
      All this is in a FFED3D folder in my desktop folder on hard drive C:
      I also tested with the alternate starting positions and they crash too. If I hit th key “‘4” I can access the game menu to try to load a saved game, but the graphics are blurry around the text, and it crashes too.

    • #110104

      Update : I remade a clean install with only Ittiz and your stuff, the other difference with this install is that beside the Bass.dll file I refused to overwrite the various files when asked (for model.X etc).

      Now I get the new version of the cockpit, I also get the nebulas in the background of the intro movie that I didn’t have before.

      But it still crashes when I hit a key to begin the game.
      Is there a way to make windows give more precise data on crashes ?

    • #110105

      Hi LostJameson

      I’m a little confused how you are setting it up.

      A basic installation process should be as follows – extract the ittiz base pack first, followed by the ffed3daj v1.11 and core zips.

      You must allow files to be overwritten if asked – there may be a couple of texture clashes as ittiz had added some new ones for his own build, and there are certain models I’ve updated in the core pack that FFED3DAJ needs to fix issues such as docking bays.

      And when you add the primary ffed3daj zip over the ittiz set you must allow it to overwrite bass.dll.
      FFED3DAJ uses a later library than FFED3D/Ittiz did. (2.4 vs If you have the wrong version then this might be why the game is crashing. I’m thinking it is trying to play the ‘bing’ sound when opening the load-game screen or when it displays the 1st daily message in the game and this is what is causing the crash.

      You could try renaming the FX/Music folders temporarily or change the pathnames in the .cfg file to false paths to see if not loading the sounds stops the game crashing.
      It also sounded like you have created the FFED3D folder on your desktop. I’m wondering if this might be causing any issues – are you able to cut and paste the game folder to the root C: path and try running it from there?

      And you are running FFED3DAJ.exe or are you running one of the other modified builds?

      I do have some logging built into FFED3DAJ that helped me track down a whole heap of other issues in the past. If you are still getting crashes after a proper setup then we might have to turn it on to see if it highlights what it does just before falling over.

      If the textures are now loading OK then I suspect that perhaps you had switched on the experimental settings to load textures into video memory last time. nanite2000’s textures use a lot of extra memory to load and it’s probably failing to load them all. That would explain the white planet and why the cockpit fell back to using the bitmaps – it must have failed to load the skin texture for the panel.x model.


      (btw I didn’t get any .cfg info in the PM, sorry, it was just 2 lines long.)

    • #110106

      I did use your Bass.dll in the new install, but not the textures…
      I’ll try to move the folder to C: and use all your new textures.
      I’ll change the name of sound directory too, but I get proper music in the intro movie.
      I run FFED3DAJ (tried all each other once, to same result).

    • #110107

      forgot you could also try switching off sounds in the .cfg file to see if this avoids a crash: In [GAME_SETTINGS] section::

    • #110108

      Cheers for the .cfg file.

      As you are on 64bit windows you can set these back to 0 … they were more useful to 32bit users who were struggling for memory and were having to run fairly minimalist installations based on the original FFED3D beta. By shoving textures onto the video card it left more room for them to load in the replacement models.


      Also unless you actually want the bitmaps for the console – change

      I’ll have to get around to tidying up these graphics and making sure they are separate from the one that the model version uses.
      I think some of them, such as the /! launch warning symbol were overwritten in the early days of the FFED3D project though, so they’d probably have to be extracted from FFE again

    • #110109

      I’ll try that, but maybe next week as I’m busy tomorrow.

      I’ve tested with the FFE folder directly in C: and changing FX folder name etc, and it still crashes, tried various compatibility modes that Win 10 proposed me, to no avail.

      Thanks for you tips anyway.

    • #110114

      Thanks for your patience LostJameson.

      If you could continue to work with me when time allows, to try and find the cause/resolution, then that would be much appreciated. As I’ve said, unfortunately someone has to be the first to fall over a new problem so thank you for for highlighting it. I don’t think that I’ll be online over this weekend, but some more thoughts/things to try:

      My money at the moment is on some sort of issue between the sound library FFED3D uses and Windows 10. But it could even be driver-related given this is the first report and others seem to be able to play with out issue. (I’ve tried it on my old laptop with Win10 64bit and it worked OK)

      First of all, can you make sure that the sound/music folders are both back to their original names and/or the .cfg has the correct names for them, depending what you altered.
      My first suspicion was perhaps it’s crashing when playing the first sample. But in both cases, it also stops the song that is currently playing, and then starts a new song playing. It sounds like you are still running it with music playing, and I wonder if there’s some issue with stopping the music track.

      Could you try the .cfg overrides to switch the sounds and music off

      Find the [GAME_SETTINGS] section and below it set:

      This should stop the underlying FFE game from trying to play anything, and so the sound routines in the wrapper won’t be actioned at all.
      It’ll be helpful to know if this is at least a temporary solution. If it does stop it falling over, could you then try again with soundEffectsOn=1 to see if you can get sound effects without issues – navigating the menu (Escape) or load game screen should ‘bing’ at you.

      And if you are willing – could you then set the sound/music values back to 1 and try updating the bass.dll file?
      There has been a new version since the one included in the current release, so if there has been a known issue then perhaps it’ll contain a fix.
      The download for the sound library is [here](http://www.un4seen.com/download.php?bass24) at Un4seen Developments and it should download a bass24.zip archive.
      There are 2 variants of the .dll that you can try if you would.
      The one that is in the root of the zip – this contains its own routines for playing the MP3 music.
      If that still crashes, then there is an alternative version inside the folder “mp3-free” which uses the operating system to play MP3 music instead.

      I know that’s a lot of steps, but if you could work through it and report back that’d be much appreciated.


    • #110116

      Hi, and thank you for working on this, I’ll be trying all that when I’ll have some time this week-end (as I don’t have much time aside week-end and on top of that I’m using Linux and have to reboot on windows to make each test with FFE).

      EDIT : I checked one thing that bothered me : the d3dx9_43.dll file that’s needed to run the game, I do have it, one in the windows/system32 folder and one in the windows/sysWOW64 folder, but they are spelled in capital letters D3DX9_43.dll while all the other versions of the file (d3dx10_43.dll etc) are named in lower case, could that be a problem ? I’m not daring to touch anything in those folders to check…

    • #110118

      It’s the same on my Windows10 laptop, I have the dll in both folders and in upper case.

      I’m assuming that you have installed the “DirectX9 End-User Runtimes” as per the instructions/readme file to add DirectX9. In which case it’s nothing to worry about – for whatever reason, the install script for this particular DLL copies it with an uppercase name, it was originally lowercase in the CAB file that contains it.
      Windows doesn’t care about the case of the files, unlike Linux, so it won’t be an issue. The files are in both folders to provide support for both 32bit and 64bit applications. It’s overkill, but if you ever want to play another old Windows DirectX9 game on that box, you’re completely covered now!

      And yes … there’s not usually a good reason to manually copy/fiddle with anything in the system folders. There are websites about that offer “missing dll downloads” but avoid them, you can’t be sure what you are installing. That’s why I point users to the Microsoft site for the official runtimes pack.

    • #110119

      Tried with the FX and music folders back to normal and sounds off in the settings, still crashes, I’ll PM you the log file, but aside from two “non-lethal” errors while loading model 25 it reads entirely like a success story, so I wonder if it might just be Win 10 mistakenly thinking the game has ceased running while it has not (when I hit the spacebar to quit the intro sequence, my laser does shoot and I get the message from New Rossyth police that I’m fined, but there’s the pop-up message that tells me the game “has ceased functioning” and then no keyboard input is taken in account and all I can do is click in the message, which terminates the program for good).

      EDIT : also, Bass.dll is the version from your pack (last modified in 2014 while Ittiz’s is from 2006), I’ll try downloading from the latest from Un4seen Developpement.

    • #110120

      Well it’s sounding like it’s possibly not sound related.
      Out of interest, is it quite happy to play the intro sequence all the way through and then repeats?
      And what happens if click the mouse on the first text ‘splash-screen’ and then again to interrupt the intro and start the game. Is it OK until a key has been pressed?

      I have to be honest, I’m scratching my head a little as this isn’t something that’s come up before. Windows should only decide the application isn’t responding if it’s not handling event messages for 5 seconds – and it should be as they are checked for every frame.. :confused:

      When the “not responding” dialogue appears, is the game still updating the screen (e.g. time still changing) or has it frozen/whited out?
      If you leave it does it disappear and leave the game running, or are you able to choose to wait for the application to respond rather than closing it?

      Do you have issues with anything else hanging on Windows 10, able to play any other games ok?
      Have you checked for viruses/malware, any system errors reported in the event log?

    • #110121


      I can have the intro repeat several times no problem, I need to check for mouse (well, pad as it’s a laptop), when the dialogue appears, the game seems to still be updating as the text about the fine comes up and down and seconds are still counted during this (didn’t check how long that can go on), but the laser beam doesn’t vanish…

      as soon as I click to close the pop-up message (either on the close app button or on the red button with a cross in the up-right corner to closer its window) the game is terminated (it also does that if I try to click somewhere in the taskbar which does re-appear with the pop-up message), so I don’t know how to leave it (I tried leaving the session entirely but obviously that closes everything).

      I don’t know if I have other problems with Windows, I almost never uses it except for when I need to transfer some files via a bluetooth device which Ubuntu can’t handle at the moment and so I also do a bit of text editing and (very few) internet with it. But for the few times I use it there’s no problem.

      I’ll check what I can.

      I tried the first updated Bass.dll, the game froze at the splash screen. I’ll try the other.

    • #110122

      Hmmm. The basic laser should only appear on screen very briefly for a single shot, even if “fire” is being held. Does the message scroll very slowly and it’s jerky? Is the intro smooth or quite jerky?
      Perhaps if you press CTRL+F twice during the intro, first to start the game and if the 2nd is as soon as the city view appears you’ll be able to get a FPS indication up before it’s deemed to have hung. I wonder if it’s running extremely slowly “in game” for some reason.
      I think I remember it running very slowly on my laptop because Windows 10 was still using the default video drivers at one point. Could you check if it’s using the nVidia display drivers if this sounds likely?

    • #110123

      Hi, if it can help : the error code I found by looking up the event viewer is 0xC0000005 (access violation) it’s given by FFED3DAJ, not by a dll, apparently that can be related to either :
      – Hardware 3D acceleration (but all the graphic setups I could find on my machine mention either performance optimisation or quality optimisation, so I don’t know how to diable “hardware” stuff only)
      – Data exรฉcution protection, I looked up to disable it, but all I could find was that it’s already setup to only apply to windows programs so that should not be a problem, and anyway my machine has it implemented through Hardware so I would need to dabble with the boot (BCD) files to do that which I’m not sure how to do.

      graphics in the intro are not jerky at all even at max settings.

    • #110130

      hi folks
      something i didn’t read about here
      the “opengl32.dll” and “glu32.dll”
      on my odd old XP it appears i won’t need the ones which come with FFED3D for AJ’s builds
      it works (now) fine with the default xp ones
      while in the past it needed the especially it’s own “opengl32.dll” because of a few instructions that where different to the
      standard one.
      i simply assumed it’s because yep you preferred to use the genuine microsoft libraries to build your build.

      however by reading this problem it reminded me of a crashing FFED3D when i didn’t used it’s specific “opengl32.dll”.

      the new build reported me sometimes therefore (but i haven’t seen this message for a while)
      “the game will run only on a 32bit windows” (i guess) while hmmm…
      old XP IS ONLY 32bit.

      another test to try is to move some classic XP libraries to the game folder
      windows will search for libraries first in the programs root folder
      before it searches in the system folders this allows to use special build libraries.
      by putting stuff in the games root folder your’e also on a safe side
      you didn’t alter the system you only alter what’s used for a specific software.
      usually this is the default behave of windows even for a 64bit to give priority to the root folder
      however when i tried to run old games on my 64bit win7 i needed sometimes the compatibility mode
      or used the more advanced compatibility “wizard” (i guess, it’s a free software from microsoft but you need to download it)
      which gives you exact control about the settings for compatibility.
      sometimes they already ran by putting the proper (old) dll’s in the games root folder
      typical stuff is
      msvcrt(various versions).dll

      for certain games, but this won’t be the case for FFED3D, i simply had to limit the RAM to a max. of 2GB.

      to sad i have no win10 64bit because i guess i’m quite good in getting old 32bit games running on a 64bit platform
      at least i ran a lot of games which was told to be “unplayable”.
      most of all it’s the incompatibility of certain 64bit libs, expected DX version or visual-c version.
      but i guess all this shouldn’t be the case for FFED3D, but well shouldn’t….


      the only thing i can say is – it crashes – sometimes often (in my case while loading the models) then again it can run very smooth, but i don’t mind as long as it’s that randomly neither it’s really bound to the models or the cache size it just crashes sometimes 2 or 3 times then again it starts proper while i have more models or loaded more that’s why i say “randomly”.


      i would have some technical questions, not espeacially models related but also,
      but i guess i better start a new thread for detailed technical questions
      to keep the space here for the heavy problems.


      something else
      does FFED3D depend on the presence of FIRSTENC.EXE and MISSION.DAT?
      for the firstenc.exe i’m sure it doesn’t depends on its presence
      but about mission.dat i’m not sure – i never removed it to see what happens.

      the shareware FFE version is handed out without mission.dat and will of course run without it.
      thus if i remember right JJFFE does also you only can’t hire for any of the FFE typical missions.

      >! even if i obtain the mission.dat also in german, i never played FE2 or FFE in another language as english. it makes no sense to me, i feel “Elite” has to be english, but i “feel” this for many games… still this or that wil remain of the original language it was made with, for FFE this are the “cheesy” clips, they remain in english and thus the game has to be played in english ๐Ÿ˜‰ – or not, it’s a matter of choice. else yeah, but that’s just a stupid idea, it would had to be esperanto or another artificial language made especially for a thought future community of mankind. but on the other hand, if the francophones and chinese like it or not, with a very high chance english will be the only language in future to be understood by all mankind. see that’s what i guess about “translations” i also thought they are needless for pioneer but i know not everybody shares my opinion.

    • #110132

      another Q.
      you still got the midi soundfiles in your build (?)
      i noticed they won’t be played by ffed3daj (anymore)
      but neither i really guess that they will be the reason for the crash (?).

      >! i found midi ffe tracks which was “pimped” on a real roland keyboard by somone named “Mike Cook”, i mp3’ed them using good old soundblasters software midi interpreter which sounds far better as the software midi player of ms. imho they sound better as the “hq” versions which elite-games distributed. if interested this is the link to my “[FFED3D Music](https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhX1Ed1178sOhRTWgj9bDdgq72SKhttps://1drv.ms/f/s!AhX1Ed1178sOhRTWgj9bDdgq72SK&#8221;)” folder on OneDrive: [FFED3D Music](https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhX1Ed1178sOhRTWgj9bDdgq72SKhttps://1drv.ms/f/s!AhX1Ed1178sOhRTWgj9bDdgq72SK&#8221;) the original FFE music is in “MUSIC – Mike Cook”, while there will be a second quite large file named “MUSIC – Modules”, it contains a lot of soundtracker modules from years ago plus the “mike cook remix” in mp2 (22050kHz, it’s far enough for a midi or especially soundtracker modules which use 8bit samples in 11kHz) for reasons of filesize. it’s partwisely weird music though use it by choice, listen to it otherwise or trash it. but i guess there is at least one who is lunatic enough to like this music. i like it even if i usually listen to rock music – only classical music suits better to ffe but this i’m not allowed to share as much as i would like to. i already get problems with some PD classical music i used from archive.org. the damned stupid robot of YT classifies a bach organ transcription from “respighi” as a copyrighted one from “stockovski”, shitty robot. anyway the struggle with classical music is a riddle to me, it’s a riddle overall because i feel the organ compositions belong to j.s. bach and not to a damned lawyer or a company, ergo even mr. jackson compositions would belong only to him and if you’re dead they belong to mankind, i guess it’s spoken fair if i say real artists think this way, if not you must be one of the parasites or opportunistic enough to deal with them.

    • #110152

      OK let’s be clear: FFED3DAJ is not the same as FFED3D beta 1.12 (2010) and I’m the “AJ” who’s been developing it and is trying to help LostJameson get to the bottom of the issues.
      My build was probably based on an older version of the source code originally as it had issues that were not seen in the beta. I’ve been developing/enhancing both the DirectX3D wrapper as well as the FFE assembly code for 3 years now. I would ask that you could put aside any old experiences with FFED3D , treat my build with a fresh outlook and refer to it by name if indeed you are reporting an issue with it.

      I’ve said it before, the “complete FFED3DAJ” installation from Reddit was not put together by me.
      FFED3DAJ does not need any DLLs from XP, nor does it need the opengl32.dll or glu32.dll files from FFED3D either. I don’t distribute either file in my patches.

      >the new build reported me sometimes therefore (but i haven’t seen this message for a while)
      >”the game will run only on a 32bit windows” (i guess) while hmmm…
      >old XP IS ONLY 32bit.”

      I can only assume that you tried to run it in real MSDOS mode or DOSBox if you’ve seen that message, that’s what you’ll get trying to run a Windows executable in real DOS mode.
      FFED3DAJ will run on both 32 bit and 64 bit windows. (and there was a 64bit version of Windows XP Professional, I bought it for my old Pentium4 rig and it was a nightmare at the time it launched to find drivers for it)

      > another test to try is to move some classic XP libraries to the game folder
      > windows will search for libraries first in the programs root folder

      No. No. No. It is a current build. I can run it on Windows 10 fine once I’ve installed the mising DirectX9.0c runtimes. I provide the official link to download these in the “read me” file.
      In this day and age it’s a very bad idea to suggest to a user that they should add an old DLL file, especially if they are not likely have an old PC of their own to copy it from – not that it’s needed anyway. Worst case scenario is that they will try to download them from some dodgy “fix your PC” website and end up installing Malware or a virus. Please don’t offer advice such as this!

      >but this won’t be the case for FFED3D, i simply had to limit the RAM to a max. of 2GB.

      I’m assuming you are talking about FFED3D.exe now, I’m not sure.
      Whilst it’s a 32bit process, FFED3DAJ is “large address aware” and definitely can use additional memory for loading textures and models when it’s running on a 64bit version of Windows. (up to 4GB).

      > the only thing i can say is – it crashes – sometimes often (in my case while loading the models) then again it can run
      > very smooth, but i don’t mind as long as it’s that randomly neither it’s really bound to the models or the cache size it
      > just crashes sometimes 2 or 3 times then again it starts proper while i have more models or loaded more that’s why i
      > say “randomly”.
      Again, are you talking FFED3D.exe which is known to crash when it runs out of memory?
      It’s my understanding from your post that you have are running on a 64bit version of Windows 7 – which is what I develop on- so FFED3DAJ definitely should be able to load everything in. If you are running my build and switching DLL’s, setting compatibility etc then first of all please undo all of that and go back to a clean set up.
      If you do think that you have found an issue with FFED3DAJ then please report it with some details/files so that I can look into it. If perhaps it’s related to a model that you are editing, could you give me a copy of it so that I can debug and see what might be causing an issue.

      > does FFED3D depend on the presence of FIRSTENC.EXE and MISSION.DAT?
      No, it doesn’t need either to run. However if mission.dat is not present then the journal/stories will not be present to read.

      >the shareware FFE version is handed out without mission.dat and will of course run without it.
      >thus if i remember right JJFFE does also you only can’t hire for any of the FFE typical missions.
      I also have a memory that the shareware version didn’t include this file. But when I checked in the mirrored file available from Steve’s FrontierAstro site, it does include it. Perhaps there was a botched release when it was first made available by Frontier. And as far as I’m aware, if the file is missing it only prevents the stories from being available to read, I don’t think it affects the game-play as such.

      > you still got the midi soundfiles in your build (?)
      > i noticed they won’t be played by ffed3daj (anymore)
      > but neither i really guess that they will be the reason for the crash (?).

      The original FFED3D beta 1.12 did not support midi files either. The BASS sound drivers do not support the midi format. It won’t matter if there are .mid files in the Music folder as they won’t be loaded anyway – it will only load mp3 files.

    • #110154

      I think it’s got a bit confusing in that the original FFED3D got up to build 1.12 and FFED3DAJ is up to 1.11 with 1.12 in beta! ๐Ÿ™‚

      One problem I’ve had with the AJ version is that as from the full 1.11 release I was getting very poor fps around planet type 121, which was a pain because bombing missions often occur on them. The issue seemed to creep in after v1.11 beta 4 so until now I’ve been using that version (and carefully avoiding any bases named like du Pres City where the accent above the e in Pres would cause the game to crash). The same issue is present in the 1.12 beta 1 (haven’t tried beta 2 yet) but i found that it could be cured by setting preoptimizedDistantDivides to 0 instead of 1 in the Experimental Planet Settings section of ffed3daj.cfg. Which was fine, except *that* caused massive fps drops around planet type 134 (eg Saturn)! As I spend far less time in the vicinity of those kinds of planets I’ve settled for this.

      By the way Andy, would it be possible for you to state with each new build whether ffed3daj.cfg and any other files also need to be updated? I don’t mind copying the settings I prefer from my previous cfg file to the new one but if is just a case of dropping the new main exe file into the folder then that saves a lot of time B)

      As ever, many thanks for your hard work!

    • #110158

      Hi Steve.
      With the final v1.11 betas, I stepped back slightly on the pre-optimisation settings as I had a test case that was starting to look too much like a 50p coin and was worried that I’d gone too far. It was a fairly late idea as I recall and I needed to draw a line somewhere.
      If you have any examples of the FPS issue could you throw some saves my way? (I don’t think I’ve got as far as bombing missions either)
      I’ve had a look with the example save that nanite2000 includes with his planet textures pack to demonstrate planet 121, but I’m not seeing low FPS, perhaps it’s the base/ships causing it?
      Anyway I’ve added some per-planet settings in with the “experimental” values so that the pre-optimization can now be turned on/off for individual types. I’m not sure it’s worth trying to expose or expand upon the distance/division values that get used internally, it’s probably a bit of a dead-end anyway trying to improve performance this way.

      I always try to to list any new .cfg settings in the ffed3daj_versions.txt file – that’s the place to look for new options between versions.
      Normally the new option name is there along with its default value and any alternate values/behaviours where appropriate.

      Regarding upgrades/conflicts – the clashes are with the ffed3daj.cfg file, the musiccustom folder, and potentially the shipsdata text files and textures.cfg file if they have been edited by the user.

      If the user wants to add custom music & textures and safeguard against them being overwritten by an upgrade, then the easiest thing is to copy them to new names and then edit the values in ffed3daj.cfg to point to the new directory/texture file.

      Similarly to protect your game settings from being overwritten, you can copy ffed3daj.cfg to an alternative filename.
      The game checks the command line at start up so you can tell it to load a specific config file. If you create a short-cut to the .exe and open its properties, the “Target” path can be edited to load your own protected version.
      e.g. Target: “C:FFED3DAJFFED3DAJ.exe” -config my_settings.cfg

      I’ve made a pass through the code to double check that the default settings are initialised internally to match the values in the default ffed3daj.cfg. Moving forwards, it should now be able to run and look the same even if the .cfg file is missing, but also it now means that the user can specify an alternate .cfg file via a shortcut which only contains the changes that they require. (e.g. resolution/key mappings etc)
      To trim down a copy of the default .cfg, first of all leave any line that starts with text inside square brackets (section headers) and then remove any options below them that haven’t been customised. At the end of this process, if a section header doesn’t have any changes below it, it can then be removed or just left there in case you want to add a customised value in future.

      As far as other files go in the main ‘patch’ zip file, I’d normally expect the user to update their existing files.
      If users are updating the shipsdata text files themselves then they should keep copies of their alterations and reapply them should a more recent file be included. They’re not files I really intend to be updating now to be honest, most of the past changes that I made were to correct the values for camera positions. I’d comment on any further alterations in the ffed3daj_version.txt file if I did need to update them again.
      With the ‘core files’ zip, it’s a little harder if a new version is created as there may well be clashes if something like a texture pack has been added. I’d probably expect changes with this zip to be the inclusion of new files here though.

      Anyway. There’s a new v1.12 beta 3 if you’d like to try it [here](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z1m3gwj2hsb93va/AAB3NT-jbopMnj_xjOeSVL3sa?dl=0).

    • #110159

      Thanks for the suggestions re the config file Andy. I’ll look into that.

      I’m now running beta3 and all looks good so far. Thanks to you separating out all the objects which can be subjected to preoptimised distance divides, I now have 121 and 134 running at good fps ๐Ÿ™‚ Curiously the best combination is when they’re both set to 0, so I don’t know what’s going on there! Also, planets like Io (122) also benefit from having usePDDivides switched off, so it looks like a bit of trial and error to see what works for each object.

      I’ve uploaded a zip file containing save games for objects 121 and 134 which can be found [here](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105186179/FPS.ziphttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/105186179/FPS.zip&#8221;) so I hope that’s useful.

      Running out of time tonight but I’ll keep plugging away on beta3. One last thing… love the new deeper engine noise! B)

    • #96151

      Just to return to LostJameson and the crash… well to be honest I’m a little mystified. I don’t believe it is a game issue otherwise I think I’d have had it reported from other players. (but then I have no real idea how many there still are these days!)

      In the error message(s) that you found in the event viewer – 0xC0000005 (access violation) do they give any information other than it was FFED3DAJ that crashed? Does it name a faulting module perhaps?

      It sounds too inconsistent from my point of view to suspect that it might be one particular area of the game. It’s probably not sounds related, it crashes in both the 3D game view and at the load save-game screen, but will happily loop through the intro sequence -which calls the same routines as the 3D game view. I can’t explain either why the laser would ‘stick’ on screen but the game time text is still being updated in real time – this would imply the underlying FFE game is still drawing it every frame – which after a point … it simply shouldn’t be. :confused:

      The only thing that does strike me is that it happens shortly after a key is pressed, so if you could try clicking your laptop ‘pad’ to start the game (left-button mouse click) and avoid the keys – does it then start the game … and is happy to sit there if left alone? if you do then press a key does it crash soon afterwards?

      As you don’t really stress your Windows 10 installation, I think I’d have to suggest checking the disk/system files for errors, running a virus/malware scan etc. A failing drive can cause lockups and crashes in Windows, as I’ve recently found out… and when I tried Win10 on my main (but still OLD PC) it was terribly unstable with the nVidia drivers causing crashes – to the point I rolled back to Win7 after a month of swearing. :angry:

      This may not help at all – well I’ll be surprised if it does – but you could try updating to the current beta build I’ve mentioned at the end of my Jan 31 post. Just grab the beta3 zip and extract into your FFED3D folder. You’ll probably want to take a copy of ffed3daj.cfg first – you can either drop it back afterwards or look for the differences, probably the “customTexturesFilename=textures.cfg” setting will need to be changed if you are running stock settings but using nanite2000’s enhanced planet textures.
      I’ve rewritten the joystick routines for v1.12 and as a consequence it’s also using DirectInput v8 for keyboard/mouse – previously it used DirectInput v5. If the crash is somehow related to keyboard input, perhaps it is worth seeing if it makes any difference… beyond that … device drivers are all up to date?

    • #110164

      Thank you AndyJ, I was too busy to make many other tries recently, what I can tell you is :
      – the load screen does not crash (it had a weird graphic glitch before I managed to get the upgraded cockpit gfx that’s all), it crashes once I select a save file to load (any save).
      – I was mistaken about the timer, it doesn’t count on, and the message about the fine doesn’t go down, I’m sorry for this bad report, I mentioned that from memory before re-trying, the message about the fine is already up there when the screen shows the 3D view, so in fact probably no new frame is drawn.
      – all the event viewer gives is hexa values which I’m not sure what they are, I’ll get them if it can help.
      – trying to read stuff on this memory access violation thing it sounds like an antivirus thing, could it be related to that hardware protection I have on my model ? I’ve tried disabling all I can in antivirus on my system but there is some stuff that I can’t touch, apparently I would need to go into the BIOS/EFI to do that…
      – I haven’t run across anything that would suggest a problem with the hard drive when using the computer under Linux (which is on the same drive as windows).

    • #110185

      Andy, could you have another look at the fix which prevents the commander from dying in January 3317? I have a save game at Eta Cassiopeia dated 15-Jan 3318 and when I try to hyperspace anywhere, Crashy McCrashface appears. If I use Buffet to advance the in-game date by around 7 days or more, the game is fine. Any less than that and… crash :'(
      It may be an unrelated bug, of course. Depends on how your fix avoids the game’s built-in quietus.

    • #110186

      If that patch is enabled then it just checks for a different number of elapsed days.

      You suggested the change by PM over on the Frontier forums (11/11/2015) as an assembly change attributed to John Jordan to give an extra 100 years. I just wrapped this with a check to use it or not and used a larger value that the Anisotropic mod uses in “Frontierman” mode (start position 4) instead. (0x13e13e for 1000 vs 0x130b22 for 100 years)

      I presume you probably got it from the Elite newsgroup at some point? It’s discussed with JJ here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.fan.elite/jSSJVUzmh2w
      Perhaps you could copy a jjffe/glffe .exe, patched it and see if the same happens with the save game?
      By all means email the save game to me too and I’ll see if I can spot where it’s crashing.

      I know that the extended game time in the Anisotropic mod (playing from 3500) switched off the journals & hand-coded missions. I wonder if perhaps there was a reason for this…
      If you increment the time a week & are able to hyperspace – does that actually solve the problem I wonder, or if you time accelerate for a month will it crash again?

      *** Edit ***
      Actually if I stay docked at the start station and use BUFFET to set your date and then accelerate a day it also hangs.
      I’ve just hex edited a JJFFE .exe with JJ’s values and it does the same. Perhaps it is BBS missions/news related…

    • #110190

      i shouldn’t comment when i’m sober ๐Ÿ˜‰

      thanks steve, what would i do without your fine website.
      it was and it’s still the adress i will return to if i need some info,
      recently it was “where to hell can i download AJ’s build”
      (i didn’t expected it on SSC, yet)

      of course a big hug to Andy who keeps the project alive.

      it took me a little onger as expected to return and recently i downloaded 1.11 and i hope i’m up to date.

      things didn’t turned out as expected and i’m somewhat frustrated with the result of the “back to work project”.
      on the other hand it will be to the favour of the few FFED3D players, i got more time left now.
      that won’t interest you much, i guess, but it’s of interest that, in despite of all the electrical and meteor showers, i’m here.

      right now, after it didn’t turns out like i suggested, i said to myself “if you don’t find a job then do what you can do best”
      and that’s creating funny spaceships and talking bullshit.

      i got to scramble what is on my models thread and hope i can fix all the reported issues for you, steve.

    • #110193

      Do things in your own time Gernot, it should be fun for you too – not a pressure to deliver for others. I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in the past with this project, and created stress for myself. Don’t do that! If it gets too much – just take a step back from it and have a break. Maybe work on things quietly and announce when you’re ready to – that’s what I’ve done for the last 2 builds after 1.10 where I was trying to enhance the landscapes :sweat:
      Remember: this game has been around for 20+ years and will likely be around for many more – and with Elite: Dangerous released, well I guess it is now a caretaker project more than keeping dreams alive of a better Elite.
      I appreciate your situation more than I’ll explain, big hug back to you and keep well our friend.

    • #110194

      Hope Andy does not mind me butting in here, but I feel something has to be said.
      Gernot your ships were never “funny”, they were created with a keen eye on their details and designs. Even now what Frontier calls an Imperial Courier in Elite Dangerous has nothing on your beautiful design.
      ED’s IC
      ![](http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/elite-dangerous/images/4/47/Imperial_Courier_bodyshot_01.png/revision/latest?cb=20150527015515 “”)
      Ok I guess but now compare it to the “real” thing!
       photo 2016-12-11_161030_zpstqudepcg.jpg
      Now that is what I call an Imperial Courier! B)
      I am gonna say it here and now folks, Frontier ought to have given you a job Gernot, the ships you could create with the tools they have…. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      Gernot you have a rare talent for creativity in your ship designs. You can take what is basically a rough guide provided by the primitive shapes given in the older Elite games and breath life into them. Make them look like real functioning ships while still staying true to their original designs. Your an artist Gernot, and never let anyone tell you different.

      I also agree with Andy’s great advice there, yes do things in your own time, when you feel like it. If it stops being fun, then stop and go do something else until you feel like having another go at it.

      Much of what I said there also applies to you Andy. It’s simply amazing what you have achieved with FFE3D. If Gernot is a true artist when it comes to ship designs, you are too when it comes to coxing so much more out of the old game code of Elite III.
      I just look at both of you and can only wonder how you both do it (it might as well be called magic to me at least) and I am forever grateful to both you and all the others (the Ooliters, The Pioneer Devs, must not forget Vuzz & Walterar either, and the Russians for their early work on FFE3D) who refused to let a 30 plus year old game die. You guys are a big part of reason why there is a new Elite game today, you all kept that dream alive for all those years.
      Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #110196

      grabbed the latest stuff, downloaded pages for offline reading
      i’m ready for take-off.

      return in a couple of days,
      everything is running cool.

    • #110197

      Have you grabbed the beta .exe build too Gernot? (v1.12 beta 3 is current)
      This adds scaling for .x sub-models which you needed to have for your Dome models to work.

    • #110205

      Ctrl * doesn’t seem to be working for screenshots in v1.12 beta 3, unless it’s started saving the pictures somewhere other than the Screenshots folder (and I’ve checked the cfg file is correct) ๐Ÿ™

    • #110206

      Works OK for me, with & without a .cfg file. I probably haven’t changed anything around that feature since I added it. :confused:

      I don’t suppose you know if there’s a date after which the newspaper/journal stories dry up? It looks like the date-related crash can be avoided but I don’t want to shut the stories off too early. Haven’t had time to sit down and try to figure out the date ranges that trigger the 700 stories!

    • #110208

      Thanks Andy. The screen grab is working perfectly today, whereas yesterday no matter how many times I did Ctrl * it didn’t save. Computers eh? Especially when you want to show nice pictures…

      ![](http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/temp/FFED3D/2017/Purple.jpg “”)

      Regarding the journals. As there are just under 700 journal entries spread over 5 publications, that’s around 140 entries each, which is around 11 years worth (as they update every 28 days). But my commander is in the year 3319, nearly 70 years after the game starts and “new” stories are still appearing each month! The only logical explanation is that they repeat after 10/11 years or so? Sorry I can’t be of more help.

      Buffet certainly does some strange things as whatever date you set, stardream to the next day and you always get the message that a new edition is out, but nothing appears.

    • #110213

      There definitely seem to be some issues (excuse the pun!) with the journals when the game clock is around 70-ish years from the beginning.
      I’ve uploaded a save game [here](http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/temp/FFED3D/2017/Steve180317.zip “frontierastro.co.uk/temp/FFED3D/2017/Steve180317.zip”) which is set in the year 3319. When I access the journals and flick through a few of them ie. Universal Scientist, Imperial Herald etc. and then access the stockmarket, all the commodities are messed up, like this…

      ![](http://www.frontierastro.co.uk/temp/FFED3D/2017/stock.jpg “”)

      …and it can’t be fixed by reloading a save game. You have to exit the game and re-load ๐Ÿ™

    • #110214

      Yeah I’ve come across similar effects in testing too – it’s the journal screen setting something that then stops the screen repainting properly, probably falling through a path it wasn’t expecting in the assembly code. It could even be corrupting the stack given some of the odd values that can appear.
      I’m going to put a safety check into the journal/mission routines similar to block them from the date the Commander is meant to have expired… the journals won’t be available from that point onwards. I did try it the same way as Anisotropic however found the save I was testing with would crash under a strange situation – I was docked at an underground station and an enemy comes for me during time acceleration, crashes and occasionally my ship scoops some cargo! If I go to the cargo hold page it’d then crash… oddly it didn’t seem to crash if the Anisotropic style “fix” was backed out and the same thing was replicated. It may be a completely unrelated issue, I’m unsure – and it takes ‘luck’ to reproduce the circumstance anyway.

      You may have to play a bit of E: D whilst I sort it out …

    • #110215

      Awww, it’s a shame the journals will be blocked. I still enjoy reading the stories on R.I.G.! Guess I’ll have to use Buffet to rewind my save game back to within the intended Commander lifespan. I just hope doing that doesn’t have any side-effects…

      E: D? Well yeah, I’ve spent some time playing the 2.3 beta but I still much prefer FFED3DAJ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #110216

      Urgh. Setting the year back to 3255 with Buffet didn’t cure the problem. Neither did setting ExtendedLifetime=0 in the cfg file.

      Indeed, setting the date back seems to break the journals completely. They don’t update every 28 days, or at all.

      Hope you can figure this one out Andy!

    • #110224

      I’ve done some testing/digging into the Journals display issue in case it was related to the crashes, and found the cause of that was a separate issue. It was being caused by the new translation routines for 2 stories that were active in your timeline. They were using 1 more instance of variable-driven text than I’d expected was likely to appear in a single story (21!) and unfortunately this blew an array that I’d missed putting an out-of-range check on. Anyway I didn’t fancy scanning through 700 stories in each language to decide a new safe size, so I’ve reworked that bit of code to remove the array usage so that it can’t happen again.

      I also took the opportunity to give the story texts a drop-shadow too which makes them a little easier to read against the backgrounds, as well as fixing a little FFE bug that could let you into an unknown journal if you did a ‘scroll down’ action on the journal selection page.

      It’s also looking like the game is crashing when executing the main “event” related to missions in the later years after the commander should have died. This gets called several times after a load and on a new day, and with a variable input parameter. Not all input values cause a crash. It’s a pretty complicated function that triggers other events, does calculations using the number of elapsed days since the start of the game (which seems to be exceeding max integer size in one case) and I’m not entirely sure yet what the purpose of the event function is… possibly it’s generating new missions or perhaps as it creates system information it is something to do with AI for mission destinations.

      That said, I’ve tried disabling this event completely, and have then played out the first assassination mission in your 3319 save Steve, and it still seemed to play out with the target ship arriving in system, departing to the destination – getting shot down – and a successful mission paid upon returning to the issuing system.
      It looks like It’ll take a bit of time & effort to figure out this function & I’ve been full of cold & lacking sleep all week so no ETA on when my brain will take it in! If the number of elapsed days are a problem though, getting too large, I’m not sure that’ll have a solution other than turning the event off. Anisotropic turned this and several other mission-related events off in 3500, so perhaps it’s not vital – there’s a separate piece of code in that mod which I’ve also not figured out yet that “turns off hand coded missions” but again, I’m not sure what effect it has… do the hitchhiker and dreamware missions also potentially repeat with the stories I wonder?

      Steve – If I add a .cfg flag to switch off the event, would you be interested in giving it a test too to see if you can spot what might not be happening when it’s disabled? (and obviously – does it cure crashes or can they still occur)

    • #110225

      Ooh, Beta4 you say? Beta4? :p

      Any time you want a new build testing just show me where to download it from Andy. Always delighted to help wherever and however I can, plus I’ve got a few days off work which I can spend at least part of hunched over the computer. Sorry to hear you’ve got the lurgy again. Sounds like you’re a bit of a bug magnet, while I just seem to sneeze twice and carry on :/

      I did think something was awry with the new system of loading in the journals from an external file in different languages, because setting _enableTranslations=0_ in the cfg file seems to rectify the issue of the stockmarket items getting messed up. It doesn’t cure the journals getting “stuck” if I use Buffet to go back to, say, 3255, which suggests a different problem. But anyway, I do like using the external files for loading in game data, as I can have Achernar spelt correctly and change CD -37ยฐ15492 to Gliese 1 (don’t ask!) And of course it allows the game to be played in other languages, which is pretty cool…

      Good luck with fixing the event bug. I remember JJ saying a long time ago that the event and mission code was giving him a major headache. But yeah, as I say, drop me a new build and I’ll test it B)

    • #110226

      Steve – I’ve uploaded a beta 4 [here](https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z1m3gwj2hsb93va/AAB3NT-jbopMnj_xjOeSVL3sa?dl=0).

      This should work with your earlier 3319 save game. I’ve completed one assasination and returned to Fomault to claim the reward, advanced time to get new journals & eventually upset the passenger who left complaining loudly.

      The mission board there also had an entry for the Federal Military. Opening it triggered the other piece of code that I noted the Anisotropic mod disables in “FrontierMan” mode (3500).
      Turns out this generates the “CLASSIFIED” high risk missions such as photographing planetary bases (protected by a defense satellite) so I’ve left the code enabled.
      I’ll be interested to hear though if they still play out OK given the disabled mission event.
      And if you can keep a few saves for test cases (before accepting mission, approaching satellite, base etc as you play through each step to conclusion, that’d be helpful in case of any issues)

      Hopefully there won’t be any problems, but keep a safe copy of your position before playing on into 3318 just in case issues do occur.

      As for the journal entries not appearing if you go back in time, well the same seems to happen if you jump forward too. FFE seems to have a buffer for all 700+ stories in the save game, and I’m not sure if its holding date ranges they should be displayed. I’m a bit surprised that advancing to the “next edition available” doesn’t add a story so perhaps it’s not that straight-forward. It’s not really something that I would want to spend time investigating to be honest, I think the time travel in BUFFET was really intended to help meet mission deadlines rather than jump forward/backwards years/decades in game time!

    • #110250

      Testing of beta 4 had been going really well, with no issues apparant until….

      # OMG!!!

      Ok, maybe not so dramatic, but I happened to notice that the bulletin board only gives me subscription offers for RIG and Universal Scientist. No matter where I go it won’t offer the Federal Times, Imperial Herald or Frontier News, irrespective of whether I go to an Alliance, Federation, Imperial or Independent system.
      Curiously, if I load in an old save game the subscription ads for all the journals are there, but not with my current Commander.
      Other than that, all good ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #110257

      STEVE i know what you ment with “computers….!”
      > “I really hate this damn machine, I wish that they would sell it. It never does just what I want, But only what I tell it.”
      i guess this describes your problem with computers well

      >! quotes = {
      >! “Ill play with it first and tell you what it is later. MILES DAVIS”,
      >! “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. HASSAN I SABBAH”,
      >! “Dont let your mouth write no check that your tail cant cash. BO DIDDLEY”,
      >! “The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. NIELS BOHR”,
      >! “Just because everything is different doesnt mean anything has changed. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ORACLE”,
      >! “The most merciful thing in the world … is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. H P LOVECRAFT”,
      >! “Take what you can use and let the rest go by. KEN KESEY”,
      >! “Its not the size of the ship, its the size of the waves. LITTLE RICHARD”,
      >! “I never loved another person the way I loved myself. MAE WEST”,
      >! “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. SIGMUND FREUD”,
      >! “When choosing between two evils I always like to take the one I’ve never tried before. MAE WEST”,
      >! “Honest Officer, had I known my health stood in jeprody I would never had lit one.”,
      >! “It is a rather pleasent experience to be alone in a bank at night. WILLIE SUTTON”,
      >! “Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs painting. BILLY ROSE”,
      >! “The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs. KARL MARX”,
      >! “If Karl, instead of writing a lot about capital, had made a lot of it … it would have been much better. KARL MARX’S MOTHER”,
      >! “When I sell liquor, its called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, its called hospitality. AL CAPONE”,
      >! “Anything anybody can say about America is true. EMMETT GROGAN”,
      >! “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles. FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT”,
      >! “If you’ve seen one city slum, you’ve seen them all. SPIRO AGNEW”,
      >! “If you’ve seen one redwood, you’ve seen them all. RONALD REAGAN”,
      >! “Use it up … Wear it out. Make it do … Or do without. US WORLD WAR II MESSAGE”,
      >! “You cant underestimate the power of fear. TRICIA NIXON”,
      >! “The whole earth is in jail and we’re plotting this incredible jailbreak. WAVY GRAVY”,
      >! “The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun. BUCKMINSTER FULLER”,
      >! “Things are more like they are now than they ever were before. DWIGHT D EISENHOWER”,
      >! “You smash it – and Ill build around it. JOHN LENNON”,
      >! “College isnt the place to go for ideas. HELLEN KELLER”,
      >! “Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories. ARTHUR C CLARKE”,
      >! “America, how can a write a holy litany in your silly mood? ALLEN GINSBERG”,
      >! “It is necessary for me to establish a winner image. Therefore, I have to beat somebody. RICHARD M NIXON”,
      >! “Any smoothly functioning technology will have the appearence of magic. ARTHUR C CLARKE”,
      >! “Justice is incedental to law and order. J EDGAR HOOVER”,
      >! “Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms. GROUCHO MARX”,
      >! “The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it. ABBIE HOFFMAN”,
      >! “Stay out of the road, if you want to grow old. PINK FLOYD”,
      >! “Here I am, fifty-eight, and I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up. PETER DRUCKER”,
      >! “How can you be two places at once when youre not anywhere at all? FIRESIGN THEATER”,
      >! “I think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability. OSCAR WILDE”,
      >! “We are what we pretend to be. KURT VONNEGUT, JR”,
      >! “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. OSCAR WILDE”,
      >! “The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong – but thats the way to bet. DAMON RUNYON”,
      >! “I could prove God statistically. GEORGE GALLUP”,
      >! “Real wealth can only increase. R BUCKMINSTER FULLER”,
      >! “Anyone can hate. it costs to love. JOHN WILLIAMSON”,
      >! “In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true. JOHN LILLY”,
      >! “Time is an illusion perpetrated by the manufacturers of space. GRAFFITI”,
      >! “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible. ALBERT EINSTEIN”,
      >! “Nobody can be exactly like me. Even I have trouble doing it. TALLULAH BANKHEAD”,
      >! “A physicist is an atoms way of knowing about atoms. GEORGE WALD”,
      >! “Dont lose Your head To gain a minute You need your head Your brains are in it. BURMA SHAVE”,
      >! “It was always thus; and even if ’twere not, ‘twould inevitably have been always thus. DEAN LATTIMER”,
      >! “Burnt Sienna. Thats the best thing that ever happened to Crayolas. KEN WEAVER”,
      >! “We dont know who discovered water, but we are certain it wasnt a fish. JOHN CULKIN”,
      >! “Try to be the best of what you are, even if what you are is no good. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “I waited and waited, and when no message came, I knew it must have been from you. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “Please dont lie to me, unless youre absolutely sure Ill never find out the truth. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “Please dont ask me what the score is, Im not even sure what the game is. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “I either want less corruption, or more chance to participate in it. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “If you cant learn to do it well, learn to enjoy doing it badly. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “I dont have any solution, but I certainly admire the problem. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “Maybe Im lucky to be going so slowly, because I may be going in the wrong direction. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “By doing just a little every day, I can gradually let the task completely overwhelm me. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target. ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT”,
      >! “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between. OSCAR WILDE”,
      >! “The flush toilet is the basis of Western civilization. ALAN COULT”,
      >! “If the aborigine drafted an IQ test, all of Western civilization would presumably flunk it. STANLEY GARN”,
      >! “The world looks as if it has been left in the custody of trolls. FATHER ROBERT F CAPON”,
      >! “Sure there are dishonest men in local government. But there are dishonest men in national government too. RICHARD M NIXON”,
      >! “We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it. DWIGHT D EISENHOWER”,
      >! “If we make peaceful revolution impossible, we make violent revolution inevitiable. JOHN F KENNEDY”,
      >! “‘Contrariwise’, continued Tweedledee, ‘If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isnt, it aint. Thats logic.’ LEWIS CARROLL”,
      >! “It takes a long time to understand nothing. EDWARD DAHLBERG”,
      >! “To know the world one must construct it. CESARE PAVESE”,
      >! “Eeny Meeny, Jelly Beanie, the spirits are about to speak. BULLWINKLE MOOSE”,
      >! “The mistake you make is in trying to figure it out. TENESSEE WILLIAMS”,
      >! “An object never serves the same function as its image- or its name. RENE MAGRITTE”,
      >! “All I kin say is when you finds yo’ self wanderin’ in a peach orchard, ya dont go lookin’ for rutabagas. KINGFISH”,
      >! “He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder. M C ESCHER”,
      >! “Law of Computability Applied to Social Sciences: If at first you don’t suceed, transform your data set.”,
      >! “When more and more people are thrown out of work, unemployment results. CALVIN COOLIDGE”,
      >! “The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts. PAUL ERLICH”,
      >! “Sex is hereditary. If your parents never had it, chances are you wont either. JOSEPH FISCHER”,
      >! “Fourth Law of Thermodymanics: If the probability of success is not almost one, then it is damn near zero. DAVID ELLIS”,
      >! “Frouds Law: A transistor protected by a fast acting fuse will protect the fuse by blowing first.”,
      >! “The meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights. J PAUL GETTY”,
      >! “Give a small boy a hammer and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding. ABRAHAM KAPLAN”,
      >! “The fault lies not with our technologies but with our systems. ROGER LEVIAN”,
      >! “Under any conditions, anywhere, whatever you are doing, there is some ordinance under which you can be booked. ROBERT D SPRECHT”,
      >! “Thoreau’s Law: If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intent of doing you good, you should run for your life.”,
      >! “Vique’s Law: A man without religion is like a fish without a bicycle.”,
      >! “If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization. GERALD WEINBERG”,
      >! “Zimmerman’s Law of Complaints: Nobody notices when things go right.”,
      >! “Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance. CONFUCIUS”,
      >! “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein. BOOK OF PROVERBS”,
      >! “It usually takes more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech. MARK TWAIN”,
      >! “The unnatural, that too is natural. GOETHE”,
      >! “I used to be indecisive; now Im not sure. GRAFFITI”,
      >! “I had a monumental idea this morning, but I didnt like it. SAMUEL GOLDWYN”,
      >! “He hasn’t one redeeming vice. OSCAR WILDE”,
      >! “I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous. GRAFFITI”,
      >! “‘Martyrdom’ is the only way a person can become famous without ability. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW”,
      >! “Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof. ASHLEY MONTAGUE”,
      >! “Birth, Copulation, and Death. That’s all the facts when you come to brass tacks. T. S. ELLIOT”,
      >! “Make no little plans. They have no Magic to stir Men’s blood. D. B. HUDSON”,
      >! “Bradley’s Bromide: If computers get too powerful,we can organize them into a committee… that will do them in.”,
      >! “Civilization Law #1: Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations one can do without thinking about them.”,
      >! “Ketterling’s Law: Logic is an organized way of going wrong with confidence.”,
      >! “Whenever ‘A’ attempts by law to impose his moral standards upon ‘B’, ‘A’ is most likely a scoundrel. H. L. MENCKEN”,
      >! “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion. GEORGE WASHINGTON”,
      >! “In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to Liberty. THOMAS JEFFERSON”,
      >! “Money, not morality, is the principle commerce of civilized nations. THOMAS JEFFERSON”,
      >! “We must all hang together, or we will surely all hang separately. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN”,
      >! “Where a new invention promises to be useful, it ought to be tried. THOMAS JEFFERSON”,
      >! “Assuming that either the left wing or the right wing gained control of the country, it would probably fly around in circles. PAT PAULSEN”,
      >! “An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself. CAMUS”,
      >! “Six years for possession of a cigarette?…I got six months for possession of a deadly weapon! S. HARRIS”,
      >! “The Swartzberg Test: The validity of a science is its ability to predict.”,
      >! “What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? A stick! BILL KIRCHENBAUM”,
      >! “To err is human, to compute divine. Trust your computer but not its programmer. MORRIS KINGSTON”,
      >! “I’ve seen many politicians paralyzed in the legs as myself, but I’ve seen more of them who were paralyzed in the head. GEORGE WALLACE”,
      >! “You don’t have to explain something you never said. CALVIN COOLIDGE”,
      >! “A little caution outflanks a large cavalry. BISMARCK”,
      >! “A billion here, a billion there, sooner or later it adds up to real money. EVERETT DIRKSEN”,
      >! “I like a man who grins when he fights. WINSTON CHURCHILL”,
      >! “There are a lot of lies going around…. and half of them are true. WINSTON CHURCHILL”,
      >! “Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most times he will pick himself up and carry on… WINSTON CHURCHILL”,
      >! “Pioneering basically amounts to finding new and more horrible ways to die. JOHN W. CAMPBELL”,
      >! “That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest. THOREAU”,
      >! “Life is not one thing after another…. it’s the same damn thing over and over!”,
      >! “The meek will inherit the Earth….. The rest of us will go to the stars.”,
      >! “After all is said and done, a lot more has been said than done.”,
      >! “Beauty is only skin deep, but Ugly goes straight to the bone.”,
      >! “There is no remedy for sex but more sex.”,
      >! “Any given program, when running correctly, is obsolete.”,
      >! “Sex is like snow… You never know how many inches you’re going to get or how long it will last.”,
      >! “What matters is not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick.”,
      >! “Love is a matter of chemistry, but Sex is a matter of physics.”,
      >! “Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought. ALBERT SZENT-GYORGI”,
      >! “Revolution is the opiate of the intellectuals.”,
      >! “I really hate this damn machine, I wish that they would sell it. It never does just what I want, But only what I tell it.”,
      >! “Fantasy, abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters; united with it, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of marvels. GOYA”,
      >! “Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it. GORDON R. DICKSON”,
      >! “Civilization is a movement, not a condition; it is a voyage, not a harbor. TOYNBEE”,
      >! “We have met the enemy and he is us. WALT KELLY”,
      >! “You know, of course, that the Tasmanians, who never committed adultery, are now extinct. M. SOMERSET MAUGHAM”,
      >! “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. BERT LANTZ”,
      >! “The one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception a neccessity. OSCAR WILDE”,
      >! “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh. VOLTAIRE”,
      >! “There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them. HEISENBERG”,
      >! “It takes all sorts of in & out-door schooling to get adapted to my kind of fooling. R. FROST”,
      >! “Confound these ancestors…. They’ve stolen our best ideas! BEN JONSON”,
      >! “Avoid quiet and passive persons, unless you are in need of sleep.”,
      >! “Rotate your tires.”,
      >! “Speak glowingly of those greater than yourself, And heed well their advice – even though they be turkeys.”,
      >! “Know what to kiss – and when.”,
      >! “Remember that two wrongs never make a right, But that three do.”,
      >! “Wherever possible, put people on ‘HOLD’.”,
      >! }
      that’s quite a spoiler!
      it’s in fact a lua script i use in “Sputnik” (my personal pioneer release), the quotes i took from a ancient amiga program named “Quotes”
      which does nothing else as to randomly select one of the above quotes, to use it i.e. in the startup-sequence for the workbench.
      these are not all of the quotes, the longer ones i didn’t used because it should be placed in a single string of one line length.
      well of course they can be used in FFED3D as well since we have the quote at start of the game
      they will fit well i guess since many are computer related or at least able to put a smile on your face.

      > “It takes all sorts of in & out-door schooling to get adapted to my kind of fooling”


      yes i guess i downloaded the beta you ment, at least some sub-models (the scalable ones) appeared out of scale which tells me something has changed to them.

      you saved my soul!
      of course they aren’t “funny”, well i call them this but i know in some i put a lot of work and yes my imagination is – let’s say legendary.
      truely the courier for elite dangerous doesn’t looks like a courier to me, the only thing which makes it sister to FE’s courier is the name.
      but well i see also it’s far more modern or recent in design as mine.
      “funny little space ships”
      i’m well known for my understatement, maybe sometimes it’s even annoying.
      see i guess the reasons are:
      im just a craftsman and son of a craftsman i studied nothing and my educational degree is rather low
      i was told when i was a child “you get nowhere because you are a nobody”
      never, really never one of my friends in my youth would have seen my in such, everybody thought “he’s a idiot”
      they thought they know it all while i thought i know nothing (but guess…)

      dunno if the “tool” makes a big difference, “if i haven’t one i made me one, if i still haven’t one i use my fists”
      but the size of the team and the affordable money makes a difference for sure.

      further i found out we are in europe (certainly we are)
      i mean i noticed a young dude from USA on “deviant art”, and they (i guess a film studio) offered him a education as animator
      just because they noticed he’s very good in posing (he created LEGOrobots and presented them)
      i guess such only happens in USA, here no one will recognize you if you haven’t a name already or the right education.

      to all of them who are responsible for this
      if you wonder why USA has such brillant designers and engineers, well this is the key to it
      take a nobody and make a somebody out of him/her.

      i close this reply, more in the next reply

    • #110258

      you will have to excuse me that i’m already again running on two tracks simultaneously
      means i started to resurect “Sputnik” from it’s remnants and i got right now i idea for a proper name of the project “Phoenix”

      ![](http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy187/potsmoke66/sshots/0000_zpsxlk3jzop.png “”)
      no not this one!

      i’ve been to al kinds of troubles with my machines
      you might know i lost one and a complete HD with all my stuff on it about 3years ago
      i have to work with my rotten old machine running a 32bit XP
      i completely disassambled the machine last month and reassambled it,
      from time to time you have to ๐Ÿ˜‰ (what a bullshit)
      set up the XP new and god what a problem – registered it with a hack
      and registered it as “POS ready” which allows me to be updated until 2019 (intentionally ment for industrial & business servers)
      which means YES
      i have acces to the internet, i have no idea how long it will last because i’m a “free rider”, means i found a uncrypted wlan i can use.
      however, my trustworthy old workinghorse “kentsfield” is like i said trustworthy.
      i haven’t had a right graphic card since my old one is in machines nirvana,
      the one i used for the newer machine won’t work (it’s a pcie2 while i got only a pcie1 on the kentsfield board).
      thus i had to use a my old “ATI” which is really old and i even couldn’t play a FFED3D

      but lucky me i found a old computer which someone placed at the rear of a discount to be recycled
      since that i’m working on my models again, because i can use blender or similar softs, which won’t have worked on the “ATI”.

      the boys (often) and me (not so often) we use to seize the truck which is placed in the rear to keep the waste of the discounter
      usally just food, but food is money for us jobless and certainly they noticed it else they would be stupid, but i guess they let us.
      now this old machine had a fitting graphic card, nearly as good as my old one a NV7300GT (i owned a 7600) on a “presler” board.
      the machine was in a bad condition and i guess it refused to run because the processors ventilator was completely stuck with thick dust
      thus it won’t have worked and if the ventilation doesn’t works the computer won’t start.
      i removed the dust (mouses) and well who expected this, it runs.
      that’s why i disassambled it, tried this and that but i the end my old one is better, well a short refere tothe web would have telled me this,
      but then i wasn’t internet ready yet.

      now i have a clean machine, almost new, but rather slow comparted to the state of art.
      and well i have now a second machine, the “presler” board is complete and would run (even when the CPU was once overheated i noticed brown
      spots on the side where the pins rest, which is a sign for me that it was running to hot once, no wonder when the ventilator was stucked with dust)
      i would have a third board a old “MCI” which was one of my first machines, i kept it once i had the idea to make a multimedia centre out of it,
      just to listen music on it and things like this, it won’t need a screen for this. or perhaps a pure MAME machine to put in a table or arcade hall case.
      a fitting beefy joystick with beefy buttons i found in the waste (well i even found a RC helicopter in the waste, absolutely “new” still in it’s box
      we really live in a world of plenty – for some at least – so much plenty people throw new things away and i told this already if you work in recycling
      you are not even allowed to think of taking it for yourself. very intelligent system, there is one who can (re)use it but he ‘s are not allowed to,
      yeah better make trash out of it disassamble it throw 90% away and keep the few material resources instead to keep it all, some gain money with this
      and finally that’s the reason why you are not allowed to touch it, because of stinking money. it’s a comlete wrong understanding of “recycling”
      and this won’t help us to made it to the future, believe me we have to change minds, money we can’t eat! money is good for nothing and playing
      monopoly is killing the future of the whole human race, but well “as long as i have my profit”….. – idiots real idiots, blind and selfish idiots).
      i still kept the broken “medion”, for a brief moment it was running again, though there is a chance to fix it, it’s still some “life” in it.
      and since a year i hold a “rampageIII” with a fitting processor, but i fear none of my old (or even not as old) power supplies won’t work for it,
      i have to take a search in web now that i have connectivity.
      with the “rampageIII” (“republic of gamers” i like) i would be state of art again – i guess

      on the other hand it has also at least one advantage to work on a old computer,
      you have to keep your projects running fine on a low specced machine
      what i output will run on most machines no matter if you reside in the heart of africa and own only a rotten old computer.
      i never liked that they made out of pioneer a game which runs only on recent hardware,
      not even industry is that stupid to support only the latest crap, they like to sell
      and open-source shouldn’t be at all fixed on recent hardware, because who uses open-source?
      ppl with a small wallet, it costs nothing.

      thanks here even to “daniel” which i lost contact to (not “our” dan), he contacted me when i was argu hard with pioneer devs
      and i never forget this “you are absolutely right in every point”
      he’s not a nobody, he said he worked in professional game design and liked to start a commercial fork of pioneer with little me.
      i feared this much and that’s why i started “sputnik”, just to see where i get with it.
      but then my machine died and everything was flushed down the drain.
      because of that i lost interest, just to think of pioneer or FFED3D made me headakes and also i started to check my psychic condition
      of which i can say now it never was better, proofed and labeled.

      after this quite long pause, i feel alright and well to pick up the remnants of my old projects, even when certain things still will produce nausea,
      looking at pioneer will remind me of all the things i argued about, it still gives me problems, thinking of “why have they done this?”.
      e.g. i commented “hey the terrain looks flat and there is to much ambient light” i wasn’t understood
      now i looked at the shader scripts and oh what a surprise (or even not)
      “add starcolor to objects emissive color” (comment “it’s a bit odd”)
      i changed it to “add starcolor to objects diffuse color” and no surprise the flat shading is gone – bye bye (comment “if it’s odd then why do it this way”).
      and if you remember this was always the case, something odd was made and it was to solve witha little of proper thought.
      pointing on such odd changes made me a enemy of robert and continuing he never changed on what i pointed.
      which made me believe of “safety bolts” in the program, because it was often this way and daniel even saw this as a option for the “errors” in the game.
      someone else will need a very long time to find and remove the “safety bolts”, you as head-developer know exactly where they are and can remove them in given time.
      imho that’s not the way to lead a open-source project, that looks to me like a “hostile takeover” from Tom Morton’s project.

      ONE rebel-pilot is still alive and with the help of the force he will bring balance to the universe.

      who will read all this tard gernot?

      stop writing – read the previous posts you son of a scabby bitch…

    • #110259

      Great post Gernot! B)
      Thats great you built another PC to get online again with. Yes the Unofficial SP4 XP update is very handy is it not? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Right now, I am rebuilding my retro PC (a dual boot with Win 98 & XP) with bits scavenged from here and there. Having a modern all singing, all dancing rig is great, if you can afford it, but for many (myself included) we do what we can with what we have.
      As for your work in Pioneer & FFE3D Gernot, it might well have given you head aches as what you created wasn’t easy to do but it still stands as a testament to your creativity and that will always be so.
      Fly Gernot Spaceways, always get you there on time….

    • #110260

      yes i am a artist, i know this by the fact how a artist looked at me when he saw me drawing.
      he’s got a good reputation as artist in carving wooden statues and leads now the arts studio of the “psychiatrische klinik wil” in switzerland.
      part of this institute is in wattwil where i live and where i stayed for “cure” for one year.
      like i said when i was drawing he was amazed by it, my imagnation and how i draw, complete different to him.
      if he works out a person or face, he scribbles and overscribbles, that’s typical for a carver i guess.
      but i start with a single line place the next line and with a few lines the drawing is finished, no scribbling, no erasing, mostly all of one continuing line.
      ok i always liked t reach this thus i reached this.
      drawing mostly curves has also amazed our “arts therapist”, she liked to get that on linoleum like i do – but never finished the attempt.
      we’re to different, she works with the help of chaos and let things happen
      i thought i let the chaos rule, but in fact it’s vice versa,
      if she gave us a task i already had a imagination of it, it seems i can’t work without to have already a idea of what it will be in the end.
      it’s surprisingly hard for me to let the chaos rule.
      she is orderly and can let the chaos rule in her paintings
      i’m disorderly and can’t let the chaos rule in my paintings.

      nonetheless, my main problem the so called “minority complex” or inferiority isn’t “cured” no matter how artists look at me,
      nomatter how many compliments i get, that was also a roblem in my childhood, even my friends thought sometimes i’m just fooling them
      and that i just like to hear the compliments over and over again – but that’s not the case.
      this seems to be bound to something deep inside of me maybe even the part of my character i can’t change.
      it’s evil and i have such little selfrespect that even my paintings and drawings i made i this year i handle like rubbish,
      they just rest in a corner, get dirty and stay in the risc of being destroyed, it’s well crafted stuff but it’s made by me though it has no real “worth”
      unless i would gift it to someone, yes i’m a strange character i know.

      **long text simple meaning – thanks geraldine!**

      thanks again, you know you play yourself a important role on what you pointed on, steve also, all of us
      steve keeps up his site since many years and it will have attracted countless players to this old game
      together with all the rest of FFE related sites which he most are closed now.
      the whole community on Frontier.forums, all of us we played a role in this, that’s what i believe
      there is no more or less important, even one who contributed nothing except perhaps some jokes or stupid questions plays a role.
      all this keeps a idea alive and not one or two persons, we encouraged us that we believe in the right thing, that we play the right game.

      of course yes andy’s great and without his restart i wouldn’t have restarted, FFED3D comes to something really good now i believe.
      a lot of whishes we had he already fixed for FFE3D, 30 years old or not the engine is good if you like a open ended single player space game.
      certainly not as flexible as pioneer, but reliable and it’s still “the mother of all space sim games”.
      FFE has what many haven’t, spirit, if you like such games it can still fascinate you even when you play the original in DOSBox.

      hmmm… i have a question to FFE maybe you, yes you know this.
      is it a fact that i can’t use in the original FFE the “roll” commands?
      even it looks like the manual control has been added later by john jordan,
      because it refuses to work in the original game
      but i’m not sure if it had to be this way and can’t remember if this was really the case.
      of course in FFED3D and all other derivates of JJFFE it works.

      **”QWERTY”** i mean **ANDY**

      besides not working issues, yes i even can’t make screenshots, i gave that up and made mine using “faststone capture” that’s where the watermark comes from.
      (besides if you like “FSCapture” and doesn’t use it because it’s now payed software, i still hold a free to use version of it, ask me if interested
      i hold several old softs which i even used on my win7x64, when it runs fine why take another? i know (see quotes) “every running program is obsolate”
      but you know “new doesn’t equals to better”)
      the key “asterisk” in games often doesn’t works for a swiss-german keyboard layout, thus i gave a damn about it.
      some keys that shouldn’t be used to be international compatible
      asterisk, (asterix, where is his buddy?) either on the numpad or shift + 3 but this varies
      brackets [ ] and { } – very important these are displaced because of “รจ/รผ” “ร /รค” and only to reach with “ALT GR” + “รผ”/ “!” or + “รค”/”$”
      – and +, the badest idea of all shift + 1 won’t work as + (diff keycode) and numpad + doesn’t equals keyboard + in the key code
      while numpad + / – is fine – if you got a numpad, probably on a notebook you haven’t a numpad.
      numpad * should also work, but “should”, i don’t know why it fails for some games, it must be bound to the interpreter (selected codepage)

      all latin letters are fine and should be used even if that complicates things sometimes
      in general , ; . : – _ ? ‘ “ = + * # @ % & [ ] { } are not good they change by keyboard language and the even have sometimes a different keycode
      free for most games would be PgUp/PgDwn, Home/End, they are good to use and i often use them if i can map the keys to my choice
      also the never change no matter what keyboardlayout or if it’s a notepads layout they are always present.
      but best are the latin letters, then i get no problems even on my moms MacBook
      and “Solomon” from Liberia shouldn’t have problems neither.
      as long as you don’t have to use a complicated key combination to reach a symbol which in the end doesn’t works
      and it’s apart from that, even if it works, very bad to use while playing.

      i see the rest of the talk is about missions,
      not that i wouldn’t like them
      but i have no time left for playing (that’s a lie)
      mostly i’m busy with my models, recently not FFED3D, but like you said andy, by choice.

      maybe i can repeat here that i still can’t reproduce your error for the station model steve
      a possibilty would be if i could examine your installation, i’m pretty sure something is messed up
      what i use is in general* a plain FFED3D, means the basic installation had only the needed stuff in it
      no additional textures no additional models
      based on this i made my mods and one by one i added the new stuff
      later i moved some mods to the models folder, but later.

      in general*
      i have i slight idea what the reason could be, but only a slight idea
      i can imagine that first some models can interfere with others, this i know, models in FFE are build of many sub-models
      especially larger objects like stations and cities.
      some submodels we don’t use and use only the slot for the final model.
      sometimes this had been already mixed up by our russian ancestors
      of course you can i.e. place a station in the slot for the sub-model of the station it will appear in FFED3D the same.
      now “gernรถtli” comes along using “mesh view” and guesses “hey that’s wrong this model belongs to a different slot”.
      what i did once to be sure of surprises and this still stays in my installation is the use of dummy models
      the russians also used them, empty models or just a single triangle to avoid that a certain model is displayedor loaded
      of course we can now thanks to andy disable many of them in a far more elegant way.
      but still some models shouldn’t be handled and it’s best to place simply a dummy model in the respective folder.
      thus this model or submodel will never appear.
      (i removed once the rings for the gas giants and wondered when i digged out FFED3D where the rings went to
      well they went to hell (disabled by a dummy model, the reason why i did this once i forgot like the fact that i did it once)
      place a dummy model in the slot (folder) for a planet and be surprised of the effect! (usually they aren’t present, but if you know the models # you will know it’s folder)
      you get a planet and a displaced atmosphere, very strange.

      however if you like that i should fix this issue and even that i can tell exactly what produces it i had to snoop through your installation
      which means it would be good if you could pack your whole FFED3D in a zip and i could download it somewhere.

      as a option
      setup a new installation, use only the latest crap and a very basic installation, no models installed really no models not a single one.
      make mods of the models, groups i.e. original FFED3D install, gernots ships, gernots buildings.
      the enable one after the other or disable and sooner or later you wil know which group of models produces the error.
      if you got this information you can furthr split this group to evaluate which model it is exactly.
      you wrote already which ones you suggest
      to be honest still i have to check that, because well in my installation the error doesn’t appears.
      though i guess this won’t help me much if i have noting to compare.

    • #110264

      > The given device operates until the smoke is released from it, at which point the device ceases to operate. Ergo, the smoke is an essential part of the device’s operation, through undetermined means.

    • #110269

      Love your wall of text Gernot, and those quotes are wonderful. I’m tempted to cut and paste them into my startup, to replace the slightly straight-laced ones Andy and I produced!

      I think the problem we have at the moment is that we’re all playing slightly different versions of FFED3D. Personally, I don’t see any point in running any version other than Andy’s FFED3DAJ because it has improved so many aspects of the game it’s just crazy. That’s not to denigrate the work of Dreamzzz, Ittiz, or anyone else but Andy has really moved the program onto a different level.

      One solution might be to put up a file on SSC which includes a definitive version of FFED3DAJ which we can all work from. By that, I mean the whole install,; models, textures, everything. That way, we can be sure that we’re all encountering the same issues with the same program. Also, if we’re ever going to interest a wider gaming community, a single download that can be extracted and run is an absolute must. I’m sure most people aren’t interested in programming, or hacking, or bug fixing. They don’t want to be hunting around for various files and paste them into their game folder. They just want to get out into space!

      Andy, if v1.12 is nearing completion, is this an option? I don’t want to lump everything on you, but since JJ you’re the man with the in-depth knowledge of the game code. Ultimately, incorporating the options in the cfg file into an options screen would be best, but I guess that’s not easy? But if we can get an out-of-the-box game available for download, that’d be great!

      One last thing Gernot; yeah JJ introduced roll with the [ ] keys in JJFFE ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #110271

      Gernot, your absolutely correct about Steve. His site played a big role in keeping the original games (and FFE3D) in everyone’s minds, and still does to this day, and his knowledge of them is vast. Like us, one of the original members of the Frontier Forum. B)

      And Steve, I also agree with you on a single definitive version of FFED3DAJ; one download that works right from the off, the other versions can still be available too, but it would be nice to have a definitive “Andy” version as he has added and fixed so much. Keeping it as just the one download means Andy can update it when he feels like it, yes a great idea Steve! ๐Ÿ™‚
      I must have about 6 different FFE3D versions on my hard drive right at this moment as well as GL FFE, GL Frontier, Pioneer, Scout, Genesia, Oolite and Elite TNK! ๐Ÿ˜€
      Love em all! <3

    • #110279

      thanks for the info steve, yes i thought it must be that way, but really couldn’t remember it.

      yes and no
      of curse i still have my old installaions of FFED3D some at least, but usually with every, or almost every release i open a new folder for it.
      but it’s true that’s the proper idea and i guess i already did a step in this direction when i uploaded the default installation to my onedrive
      it needs a review because i changed quite a lot which maybe not everybody likes, that is mainly to reduce the textures of the ships wherever possible to 8bit.
      from my point of view it makes no differene, you won’t notice if it’s 24bit or 8bit depth in a running game.
      the pioneer devs decided once to prefere dxt that’s a special “compressed” texture format. now what is this compression? reducing the shit to less as 8bit, to keep i assume at least 32 colors for the grayscale of the alpha channel. in this way it is possible to have a near to 8bit depth “quality” and a useful alpha blending.
      personally i would prefere something else. when you create a dxt you have no control over the dithering which is used to convet the 32/24 bit picture and dammit it steals many many bits from a texture. you create a texture maybe in double size of what is needed in the game and finally you have to “destroy” it with such a format and it steals the magic of your work. 8bit/256 colors is ok but i like to decide how i dither it, a alpha channel truely doesn’t needs 256colors 32 are really enough for a alpha blending.
      i would prefere to split the alpha channel from the 32bit texture for a 8bit texture and to use a greyscale for it, you can decide if you like to reduce it to 4bit depth. it is besides not for all a alpha channel needed, many models have no semitransparent parts.

      but i won’t decide such for myself, i really would like to know what andy & ittiz who created the new textures thinks of such. it’s a vital thing and certainly you loose already much of the “magic” if you convert them to 8bit. personally i feel it makes them crispier and i have no problems reducing mine to 8bit, at least they are loaded faster and need less space, about the rest i can only speculate.

      thus if i upload such a clean installation, preferably here on SSC, then i have to use until it’s decided, the 24/32bit textures.
      it will be split like i did that already, using the “proofed” stuff from old FFED3D as basic installation and the rest are mod packs,
      e.g. new buildings, new ships, replacement bld, replacement ships, which are in this case ment as replacement for a existing FFED3D model.
      new models can stay as a single mod for a while and after some time you can add the proofed ones to the default install.

      this i can offer you already, it won’t contain a executable we could still ofer it seperately, because to the default textures and default models won’t happen much
      they will stay mostly the same, the rest are mods in the way i split that already are all of my models only mods until it’s certain they make no problems or are accepted by “everybody”. neither i have a problem to keep this, i could still only update “new ships gernot”, but i like to have as less as possible mods to exchange, that’s why i think a pack is the better solution as 50 single mods.
      recently my build is a tohouwabohou because i started to change the models in my installation instead in the mod because i started to get bored of change something then zip it, activate it, test it.
      but to use a “fresh” download is no problem.
      really that was my intention with the default installation, further i didn’t uploaded it here yet because i want to know first if they run fine for everybody.
      but ok i can start the same in the download area of SSC (unfortunately without a thumbnail, but that won’t matter) unfortunately without the possibiluty to describe them as i did on my onedrive. erm yes it’s possible if i open a folder for each i can stuff a description.txt in it you can read before you download xy MBytes to find out that they are not what you want. and very important to see what revision or release date the mod has. AND i have to keep myself to this system, i know it’s a bit a boring work to write descriptions and respect always this and that rule, i have enough problems myself with such.

      further i like to know how i should go on with my “lightweight” models, i did that because i’m aware that semitransparent cockpits and a tiny humunculus (pilot) use some extra fps, cockpit and all this boosts the polycount and one could say righteously it’s not needed because rarely you look at them when you play the game, a black cockpit is as good as one you can see a pilot in. not exactly but almost as good.

      back to the splitting of the textures
      the disadvantage is i guess that you need a texture more and i see or asked already about a specular map.
      still also i would like to get a reply to that and to the screenshots i posted where i simply used the diffuse texture to reduce specularity.
      unfortunately i couldn’t workout how to use a greyscale, i tried but failed, but i managed it to reuse the diffuse texture as specular map which is a possibility.
      not the best one because especially dark blue or black windowparts will loose all specularity while a white building will be glossy.
      with a specularity map i can control this and in my humble opinion a specularity map can even replace a bump mapping, not fully but you can produce depth to the texture and that’s what is the goal of a bump map if you don’t have to cheat LEGO studs, this goes to far imo.

      more vital changes, once i started and i personally kept this (i guess) to convert the atmosphere textures to a greyscale i think the result is good (not every sky is blue then while earth’s blue sky is less blue then) but even here i’m standing in the desert, i have no idea what the rest of you thinks about such.

      further is this not my task, i should care about the model stuff and i’m more then satisfied if i get a specularity map to play around with.

      shall we use compressed .png or uncompressed, maybe only targa?
      this is a thing of the past, i found out once that a targa is loaded much faster as a.png even as a uncompressed .png, what the reason for this is i have no idea.
      (probably that to load a .png the machine needs to know first compressed/uncompressed? .tga is always a simple uncompressed bitmap)
      however to have a comparison i started once to conver all textures to targa and i gained on my old (but now even recent) 20seconds in loading time.
      and 20 seconds is quite a lot.
      recently i’m not sure if that is still the case, andy’s build loads quiet fast anyway, i havn’t tested this with andy’s builds and also i feel it makes no difference, but well i only “feel”.

      **in general this is what i like to be sure of before i upload a default installation on which we can build up**
      – should my models be heavy or light? (with or without use of semitransparent parts)
      – does it makes sense for you to reduce the bitdepth of the texures?
      – and oh yes, i would like a specularity map, i know i’m close to, but i can’t manage it right, whatever i tried the result was a model with absolutely no specularity when i tried to read a greyscale with the shader script. ok i have web now and could learn how to do it right but i’m sure that’s not needed, or is it?
      it woud cost not to much time to update even the old models with a specularity map, a bit a boring very repetive work but they don’t have to be perfect this would cost me to much time
      usually a overworked greyscale is ok, it’s not as good as a specially made spacularity map, but anyway if you don’t hold the project of the texture, you can’t do it much better.

      and well you will agree that a matte black cobra mk3 looks much better, apart from matte rusty or dirty sections.
      that the city floor tiles would look far better without specularity (a little bit i reached this by reuse of the diffuse texture)

      in creating the many specularity maps i guess anybody could support me, it’s not a big thing just a lot of work

    • #110280

      without secularity map
      ![](http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy187/potsmoke66/sshots/FFED3D/screen_170108_111546_zpsc75ux4dn.jpg “”)

      with simple reuse of the diffuse texture as specularity map
      ![](http://i790.photobucket.com/albums/yy187/potsmoke66/sshots/FFED3D/screen_170108_112428_zpsoqgbddvw.jpg “”)

      i know the latter has a slightly different angle but i did best to show at least a little specularity because it really lowers it much

      float4x4 viewprojmat; // view*proj
      float4x4 worldmat; // world
      float4 light; // light source
      float4 lightcol; // light color
      float4 ambient; // ambient color

      int skinnum; // the skin number for this model instance

      texture skin; // skin.png
      texture spec; // spec.png

      sampler s_tex = sampler_state
      texture = ;
      AddressU = WRAP;
      AddressV = WRAP;

      struct VS_OUTPUT
      float4 position : POSITION;
      float3 normal : TEXCOORD1;
      float2 tex_vu : TEXCOORD0;
      float3 lightDir : TEXCOORD2;
      float3 eye : TEXCOORD3;

      VS_OUTPUT Vexel_Sh(
      float4 pos : POSITION,
      float3 nor : NORMAL,
      float3 tangent : TANGENT,
      float2 tex_vu : TEXCOORD0
      VS_OUTPUT Out = (VS_OUTPUT)0;

      float4 vertex = mul(pos, worldmat);

      Out.position = mul(vertex, viewprojmat);
      Out.normal = normalize(mul(nor, (float3x3)worldmat));
      Out.tex_vu = tex_vu;

      Out.lightDir = normalize(light);
      Out.eye = -normalize(vertex.xyz);

      return Out;

      float4 Pixel_Sh(
      float2 tex_vu : TEXCOORD0,
      float3 normal : TEXCOORD1,
      float3 lightDir : TEXCOORD2,
      float3 eye : TEXCOORD3
      ) : COLOR0
      float4 ut;
      float4 tx_base = tex2D(s_tex, tex_vu);
      float3 diffuse = tx_base * lightcol;

      ut.rgb = saturate(max(0.05,dot(lightDir, normal)) * diffuse * 2.0 );

      float3 R = normalize(reflect(-lightDir, normal));
      float VdotR = saturate(dot(R, normalize(eye)));
      VdotR /= 128.0 – VdotR * 128.0 + VdotR;
      float3 specular = lightcol * VdotR * tx_base;

      ut.rgb += specular;
      ut.a = tx_base.a; //Take alpha from skin to allow transparent glass etc

      return ut;

      technique PixelLight
      pass P0
      VertexShader = compile vs_3_0 Vexel_Sh();
      PixelShader = compile ps_3_0 Pixel_Sh();

      as one can see the use of the code format is a little difficult (hrmpf)
      but ok that’s how i changed it for the models, the declaring on top for a spec texture is still present but not needed for this
      the rest of my experiment i removed except for the reuse of the diffuse texture, which is
      float3 specular = lightcol * VdotR * tx_base;
      instead of
      float3 specular = lightcol * VdotR;

      probably my experiment still exists but i’m a bit afraid to show it off

      in the 2.nd picture of the eagle it looks quite matt but when you (could) move the camera it gives you a different impression.
      the texture uf the eagle is made to be as crispy as possible for such a reuse of a diffuse map, in this simple way for years the pioneer models was shaded,
      with the difference that in the script the diffuse texture first has been converted to a greyscale map to lower the specularity.
      if i liked to have something glossy i had the possibility to set this in the material i use for a untextured material.

      but i’m a absolute beginner when it comes to shader scripts, i did some experiments already many years ago when did my first steps in modelling
      i know that i already for the courier changed them back then to have a less synthetic look and i guess i even added the star color to it and removed
      the reflection of the thruster flames and such lights loosed therefore the semitransparency.
      i used back then the shader output of 3dsmax for it, the output doesn’t varies much to what was used for FFED3D.
      thus i had at least a idea where to start.

    • #110354

      is that common that the beta builds display no tips at start?
      i noticed they won’t need the lua libraries (apart of not displaying the tips).

    • #110360

      If you have no tips appearing then I’m guessing you haven’t got a Translations sub-folder?
      If you have/are setting a new game folder up from scratch remember then you need to start with either the original FFED3D beta or Ittiz’s pack and then add the FFED3DAJ files over the top of that… which means the beta or release runtimes (FFED3DAJ_v1.xx zip), the core files (currently FFED3DAJ_v1.11a_CoreFiles.zip) and optionally add FFED3DAJ_v1.01_ExampleSkins.zip.

      And yes, FFED3DAJ had a new “tips” system added in v1.11 to potentially support multiple languages, but also to remove the lua dependency as it was a candidate for causing a crash and otherwise unused.

      The old “Scripts” folder from FFED3D is not used any more. You’ll need to edit the “tips.ini” file which is within the Translationssub-folder for the language code you have defined in ffed3daj.cfg. (default is EN)
      It’s in slightly different format to the old script file but it should be fairly obvious how to edit it. Don’t forget to update the count at the end of the file to match the number of tips that you want to use. There is also a test value that can be enabled by removing the preceding #

      – – – – –

      The ‘reminder’ wall-of-text belongs in its own thread and is Off Topic here. You have already posted something similar elsewhere – but I haven’t responded as I haven’t had time to look into it – and I’m also very much a shader newbie.

      If there’s any moderation powers on this new board, it’d be helpful to move that post into a new thread called something along the lines of “Ship shaders” as I don’t want to discuss it further in here.

      – – – – –
      There was a question about keyboards layouts too – again, this belongs in a separate Question thread if you want to discuss futher.

      The game uses DirectInput for reading the keyboard and doesn’t know anything itself about the physical layout/language.
      In the key re-mapping I’ve stuck to the standard key names that DirectX uses, but in practice some of these names will mean different keys if you’ve a non-US keyboard. The assumption that DirectX makes is that ALL keyboards can basically map their layout to the QWERTY key positions.
      So, for a mapping that uses TILDE, this would be the key that is normally to the left of the “1” button on the main keyboard area.
      JJFFE added specific roll inputs on the square brackets [ ] , which will be the 2 keys immediately after the “P” key- I think the รจ/รผ and the !/” keys on your keyboard Gernot, if the pictures I’m looking at on Google are correct.
      Screenshots can be taken by pressing CTRL then the multiply key (*) on the number pad – assuming you have a number pad of course!
      I should probably add an alternative key key combination for users who do not…

      – – – – –
      To answer the earlier suggestion about putting together a base pack – yes this is something that I want to do and I have a ‘clean’ set of files ready and waiting with the patch enabler for some of the alternate models/textures. I’ll need to check with nanite2000 though if he’ll be ok with me including his textures which are currently separate downloads.
      I’m not sure that I’ll do this for 1.12 though as I’m mulling over the idea of splitting the main .cfg file too so that certain features are controlled by a stand-alone file. I’m thinking of perhaps deploying a base set that has static FFE faces taken from the videos enabled by default with the videos as an optional download and installation.
      I also want to do some tidying up with textures to separate the legacy cockpit graphics from the icons used on the 3D model. Anyway I’ll have a think at the weekend about this as I should have some clear time…

      – – – – –

      ***General request to everyone*** – because this thread has gone a bit off the tracks lately…

      If we want to start discussions about things like the “tips” and other side-topics, please can we start creating new threads to do so, rather than take this one Off Topic. It’s turned into a bit of a free-for-all now and it’s at the point where it needs multiple answers per-post to address all of the topics, and I don’t think it’s a great idea to be trading walls of text as more and more topics open up.
      Personally – if it’s me having to answer all these questions in one place – it gets a bit daunting to sit down and cover everything, and takes long enough that I invariably get cheesed off and go find something else less taxing to do!
      And if there are multiple people having separate conversations – well it all gets very confusing.

      We have a whole sub-section of the forum to make use of here and it is far easier to track a single topic or discussion when they have a dedicated thread – not least given the very basic “quote” functionality here. There are several topics of conversation in the last few pages

      OK I’m taking my ‘headmaster’ hat off now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • #110365

      right, i will take more care what i will post here.

      i see, first i disabled translations, that might be cause no.1, i will see, present should be all it’s just a tohouwabohou recently (wherever i go… chaos isn’t far)
      nah, keep that hat on, it suits.

      one last thing, though i have to investigate myself how to use a specularity map

    • #110367

      As well as being offered subscriptions to Universal Scientist and RIG everywhere I go, the bulletin board message which reads “INFORMATION FOR SALE: I have information for sale that may be of interest to friends or colleagues of Jo Merion of Olwain” popped up a few game-months ago and appears everywhere, all the time. Not sure if this is normal game behaviour, but I suspect not :/

    • #110369

      If translations are disabled then it’ll default to the “EN” language folder for the tips.ini file.
      Even if you are playing with English (language=EN) then I’d still recommend enabling translations. This allows it to use the external story files which have had a few corrections made to them, and also it will dynamically adjust the story layout for the screen width and font size. Otherwise it just displays the lines of text as however FFE decided to split them up.

    • #110375

      Andy, again thx for the info, i will try this out, i will inform you if it worked out (by a pm prefrably), issue closed ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • #110382

      You’re welcome. yes, feel free to send me a PM with the file contents if it’s still not working and I’ll take a look at why that may be. Probably something else that needs an improved explanation in the ffed3daj_readme.txt file!

      @Steve. Can you chuck me a save file – with this entry – hopefully one where it’ll still be present the next day if you forward time. Again – might be worth creating a new thread for this – as I guess other issues might pop up?
      Perhaps “Commander Steve’s adventures in the afterlife” ? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      (maybe with a quick pre-amble in the opening post that the thread is for feedback regarding the extended life feature)
      Obviously normal game behaviour is “You died!” at your current game point, but I don’t know if that message can still pop up after completing the mission chain…

    • #111056

      Hi can anyone help me ive tried to download ffe3d from here and i wont download it gets about half way through and fails everytime



    • #111059

      I have been unable to find find working links to download either FFED3D or AJ’s mods to it.
      The links I’ve found all point to somewhere on this site but are all broken.

      It’s possible I’m missing something really obvious but I’d love to have a go at this version of frontier as I’m not too impressed with ED at the moment (and I’m not sure why either).

      Is there a full mega download somewhere of the new FFE ready to go? (ok, thats asking a lot I know but…)

      Many thanks.

    • #111060

      Hi I can download all of the mods and patches ok it wont let me download FFE3d-ittiz and the andyj ones which are the complete ones i have found a working version but its not the modded one but it is in higher res the only thing is there are no videos when you get to the stations/ planets starports but this does not really effect the gameplay here is the link and it works http://ffeartpage.com/ffed3d.htm I have tried to patch this one with the andyj patches but it does not work, but as a standalone its full screen and works quite well and I am running windows 7.



    • #111061

      Hi fwibbler download the one i said in the link then download the patches from here and copy and replace into the ffe3d folders and it works i was obviously doing something wrong and the 3 andyj versions work really well I love the custom music folder its great to have your own tracks playing you will need to edit your mp3,s otherwise you will have to listen to the whole track.



    • #111066

      Thanks for the help Mike.
      I now have the necessary downloads and FFED3D is now working fine.
      I’ve installed the AJ patches but not sure if they’re all working properly yet.
      I’ll have a tinker with the config files over the next few weeks and see how I get on.
      Thanks for your help.

    • #111068

      Hmm I tried to download one of the larger files ‘FFED3D-beta3-Ittiz.7z’ at work and got a disconnect on both tries around 160MB into the download. I will look into this issue, no one has reported download issues yet. But I find this strange

      • #111084

        Thatโ€™s the exact same issue I had I can download the other files ok but ffed3d Andy j and ittiz would only get so far then stop

    • #111088

      I made a few tweaks to the PHP config on the server to increase timeout/size/memory usage, maybe this will help download the full file.

    • #111116

      Hi thanks it worked with the andy but not with the ittiz

    • #111117

      Hi Just tried it again it got to 210mb the stopped

    • #111118

      Hi, I’m also experiencing the abovementioned issue. Can’t download neither the FFED3D-Beta3-Ittiz nor the FFED3D_complete; the download aborts somewhere after the first 100mb.

    • #111129

      Ok, I added a download area to the main menu. It is crude for now, but I was able to download larger files without issue. I believe I secured the directory up (for you hackers out there let me know if there is a security issue, pls) and I will customize the view a bit more when I have time, let me know if this solves your download issue?

      Looks like these WP plugins have issues with php requests timing out or something. I went around that so now your doing a simple http request. Its irritating this issue, because I pay for these plugins grrr so they look more professional and blend into the site well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #111416

      Hi Andy, i have a question, you “corrected” the animations for FFED3DAJ 1.12 it seems, due to that there is no second animation possible anymore.
      if it’s vital i won’t mind but it was nice to do things like this:


      First i started ffed3daj1.11 (for this clip) and in this release the “second channel” (in principles when there is no animation) still works and i can use it to rotate the engine (part), unfortunately when i start ffed3daj1.12 this won’t work anymore.

      i’m just asking because if that stays i will have to remove the animations from a few models ๐Ÿ™ and have to keep in mind that this won’t work anymore. recently only two models use this trick, the stud-city ip-shuttle and the kestrel (as far as i remember).

      I just like to know if you like to keep it or if you will revert it to the previous state, no matter how i will accept it.

    • #111421

      No need to remove anything!
      I disabled it because I wasn’t aware of anything actually using it. The primary animation for landing gear & doors is tied to an in-game value but the extra animations weren’t. I figured it was a bit dumb just to keep stepping through the animation without taking the current stardreamer (time) setting into account. I can take another look at “doing it properly” now that I know there’s something to test with. (also, v1.11 steps through any number of extra animations if you need more than 2!)

      BTW, I recall that you had a replacement dome model that you were working on. Have you had a chance to try it again in the new builds as these *should* be scaled now.

    • #111426

      The scaleing of the submodels works perfect Andy!

      The Domes have the proper size now after i placed it in the proper directory and after i noticed that i had to size it down very very much.
      The Scanner (i assume ECM as well) appears now proper on the Ships, smaller on small fighters much larger on carriers.

      True yes it’s not ideal and i guess it was never ment to use the time where is no animation as a second channel (i stumbled over this issue), thus it’s really not a big thing if it stays like it is for 1.12. If i really like to rotate the engine of the Kestrel i would still have the option to hack this i guess.
      As far as i remember it’s just rotate over y yes/no, also this would be affected by the stardreamer equal to the rotating engine pods of the courier. For the “StudCity Shuttle” it’s really no problem, i won’t complete a LEGO FFED3D in this life, maybe in my next and the Kestrel will be a Kestrel with or without this little extra. I neither planned it i just thought, “hey i have for this ship so many unused submodels, let’s use at least one and do something with it”.

      I “abused” the animation for certain stations even i didn’t feel really comfortable with them, they are useless imo and as you stated they won’t be affected by the stardreamer (i guess the robot can stay but the shuttles are really not to see if you don’t go close to them).


      I like to place a wish or a thought (or two) here, much more of importance as a second animation will be.

      I noticed that the Domes have now a collision detection or a collision mesh of some sort, personally i wonder where it comes from because the original Dome submodel are only edges and it has no collision detection, everybody knows you can fly through the Domes. The “mesh” (i assume a bounding box) is quite larger as the model itself, i collide with the dome long before i reach it. Now i was always wondering if collision detection is based on the original geometry or if it’s taken from the replacement models. This because i would like to lower or lift certain ships which are positioned wrong now when landed, but this would mean they leave the boundaries of the original geometry, but if it’s a bounding box (or diameter) based on the dimensions of the replacement model it won’t matter.

      I would like to know if it’s safe to reposition the ships even when they leave the boundaries of the original geometry.

      The second is an experiment i made with the shader, i guess i posted this already last year. Recently i “abuse” the texture to influence specularity of the materaial, this works so and so and neither i know if i did that in a proper way, it works that’s all.
      But if i use the texture as specularity map all dark colored areas will be flat shaded, dark windows to.
      Thus obviousely a specularity map would be the right thing, it’s just that i couldn’t get this working, whatever i did (last year) when i used a greyscale the model had no texturing at all afterwards or was lit in a strange way from inside, most probably i have no idea what i’m doing.
      Already the use of the texture as specularity map makes a big difference, buildings i lowered much in specularity using the shader, for the ships i re-used the texture which let’s them look less synthetic with the drawback that i.e. windows will be flat shaded.

      I noticed that i have changed one city groundtile in specularity, this i will have to check out i forgot what i did but it looks quite good almost like a bumpmap, the terrain looks bumped (due to varying specularity).
      Thus maybe i have a solution but forgot it already, i will have to see.

      These two things would make me much more happy as a second animation ever can because they are well to notice and for the specularity it makes a big difference in appearance. i neither would need a bump map, i can replace this well with the effects of the specularity map, a bumpmap i would need if i like to get studs on the LEGO bricks but not to give a surface a certain structure.
      As default the shader could still fallback to use the texture as specularity map, certain models will look alright in this way (buildings or stations).

      I guess that’s all – i will remember what else i thought of when i’m at home where i have no web, as usual.

      • #111461

        I โ€œabusedโ€ the animation for certain stations even i didnโ€™t feel really comfortable with them, they are useless imo and as you stated they wonโ€™t be affected by the stardreamer (i guess the robot can stay but the shuttles are really not to see if you donโ€™t go close to them).

        That’s a shame as I quite like them. Good fun watching the little vehicles buzzing along the roads!

    • #111459

      Just a very quick post that I’ve dropped a new v1.13 beta4 build here:

      I’ve run the zip through VirusTotal and just a FYI it does trigger 1 of 61 antivirus tests.
      Ikarus antivirus which doesn’t like the anisotropic/hellmod executables for some reason, but I’m confident that this is a “false-positive” result.

      This build should restore the animations Gernot, and they’re linked to the speed of the stardreamer now as well.
      RE your questions. FFE shouldn’t know about the meshes of .X models. The only collision code deals with planet surface meshes and I think a simple collision ‘sphere’ for ships (and perhaps space-stations)
      You should still be able to fly through and land inside domes even as a .x model.
      IIRC ships also use the same collision detection when landing on planets. Speed and landing gear position determine a safe landing or collision damage I think.

      I can’t really go into the specularity/bump-map shader stuff tonight as I’m just typing this very quick response before I’m away until next week.
      Extra textures will be available to use for this sort of thing, it’s something I’m experimenting with and so haven’t documented yet.

      Anyway got to go. Back next week.

    • #111469

      That previous post was actually from last week (18th) but required moderation, not sure why.

      There’s a brand new beta7 here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sy63x0dk6puy3y/FFED3DAJ_v1.13%20beta7.zip?dl=1

      (For anyone just joining the thread, this beta build needs to be added over a setup that’s using the last full release of FFED3DAJ (v1.11) or has already had a later 1.12/1.13 beta build applied to it.)

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